Going To Melbourne! ✈️

On Tuesday the 15th of January,I went on a plane to Melbourne to see my niece.The flight said it was going to take 1h and 25 m.I was going to Melbourne with my Aunty and my cousin.My Mum went and walked with me for a while before we had to say bye.And my little brother wanted to go to the little playground so my dad had to go back.My cousin got a little hungry so she ordered some chips at Hungry Jacks.After about 10 m, I went to say bye to my little brother and dad.After my cousin was finished we went of to the gates.Then I said bye to my Mum.We went on the plane and I got cold.when we went in our seats my cousin gave her jumper to me for me to wear.It was really oversized but I was fine with that because I normally wear oversized clothes anyways.My aunty put of the air con so that I wouldn’t get cold.Then all of us were getting cold so my aunty closed all the air cons off.I was a bit bored for a while and I had some paper and pencils in my small bag to draw but the paper would keep curling up because I rolled the paper up.After a few minutes I got tired so I took my seat belt and my cousin let me rest on her lap.I fell asleep for about half an hour.Then the rest of the flight I looked out the window and I was thinking about a lot of questions like “what are the clouds made of?”.After when we were told to put our seatbelt back on, my ears were getting blocked.My cousin told me to pinch my nose and blow out.It worked and it made a weird pop feeling in my ears.We arrived at Melbourne and I gave my cousin back her jumper and we were about 20 minutes early so we had to wait a lot longer the usual for my niece to come and pick us up.we waited in the middle bench.It was a pretty long time but they eventually got to us.When I went in the car, my niece told me about her making the fan that she had in her hands.She was talking about the funny parts in the movie reck it Ralph.It was also a long time to get to their house.My niece said that she wanted to make a song called “SLAP YOUR SELF!”, and I just agreed to try because it could actually be fun.When we got there my cousin (niece Mum) asked us where we would like to sleep.We answered “out here on a mattress”.So she started to set up the mattress for us.We were able to sleep the other way around so it would be like a king size bed.we had sheets and a blanket but we couldn’t share then because it was to small to fit all the way to the other side of the mattress.My niece had a whole list of what we could do.We where going to try to cross as many off the list as possible.I started to unpack all of my stuff and I put my torch next to the mattress for the night if we need anything.I put my Pusheen plush on the mattress as well.

It was really fun to be able to see my niece in a while.

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  1. Wonderful to see you’re still enjoying your blogging and having a great holiday Then-An. Look forward to seeing you next week. Mrs H

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