6/7JW & 6/7PN ASSEMBLY!!!

(Assembly Reflection)

Good Morning/Good afternoon. It was 6/7JW and 6/7PN’s assembly. It was amazing, Our theme was ‘The Chase’ It’s a game show that plays every day/every weekday right before the news.

I got a chance to be one of the contestants out of the 3. (In the actual game show, there are 4 contestants) I really enjoyed it, even though I was quite nervous at first of speaking affront of 800-1000 people (I’m not completely sure if the school has 800-1000 students but I’m just going to guess that’s the amount.)

The dance at the end was also really cool but kind of embarrassing to me (I’m sorry if I’m offending you, the choreographers of the dance)

My most favorite bit about the assembly is seeing the younger students trying to guess/laugh at the caricature. They did make a ruckus, but it was still.. amazing! I haven’t seen this much noise in assemblies so…. I’m really happy that they enjoyed it.

I didn’t just be contestant, i got a chance to make a prop for the Assembly, me and my friends Loria and Jan all made a prop, we got chose to make a Button stand. Quite hard to explain but its a stand that says “A B C” and the contestants can press to pick a question. Quite confusing.

It took a while for the stand to stick to each other so when the assembly starts it won’t fall apart. But luckily everything went as plan! Thank goodness!

I’m sorry that this might seem like a long reflection to you.

I wish you all could see because this assembly is one of my favorites this year!! These are some pictures of the assembly. I hope you like it

Goodbye!! 😄

Hi… Welcome to my.. BLOG!

Um Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Thalia i’m a student from 6/7JW and this is my blog (Probably said that already sorry) I’m looking forward to be uploading and sharing my life with you all

My birthday is on February ( A.K.A This month ) My favorite color is Black and white, I love watching movies from Studio Ghibli, And i LOVE Anime❤︎❤︎ My most favorite Anime’s are Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ghoul and Amnesia.

I Hope you people do not get bored of reading my.. things that i upload on this blog. Enjoy and… Yeah Enjoy



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