Welcome to My Blog

Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Tyson and I am a year 7, I will mostly post pictures or things about my learning and what I have learnt over the year. I am half Thai and half Australian, I have travelled to Thailand many times to see my family over there, I have also enjoyed the temples, waterfalls, shops and many fantastic things. I have also travelled to Sydney many times as well and seen my family and went to the Sydney Opera House, we even went on those boats so I really enjoyed spending my time over there too. My pets that I have at home are a cat named “Lucky” and 4 gold fishes along with 2 sucker fishes. The things I like are video games, the colour blue also my favourite sports is handball. I mostly play handball at School and I think I am pretty good. My favourite car is a Holden, Lamborghini, Ferrari and some more I can’t remember. My dislikes are spiders, snakes, olives and other disgusting insects. I enjoy playing at School with my friends, and talking to them, we play a lot of things. The subjects in School that I like are science, geography and literacy.

I hope that this year would be very enjoyable and I hope I will achieve my goals and things.

Thank you for reading.

From Tyson.

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