5/6 Assembly.

Today was my brother’s assembly.My favorite part about the assembly was the circus and the magician .I like the circus because it looked fun to do.I liked the magician one because the magician was brave because he failed on one of the tricks.My least favorite  part was the body percussion because it was loud.What I want to learn in the assembly is juggling because it look’s fun to do.After the assembly we got a pair of gloves we put them on then went the classroom to get our hats.Then we went out the gate’s to collect rubbish.After we cleaned we went to eat.After we went to our activity my activity was art.After the activity wee ate lunch our lunch was salad rolls.The activity was illusion art,paper weaving,and origami.   

My Buddy Assembly.

Today was our classes buddy assembly.our buddy assembly was about Dwali there was alot of dances.I enjoyed the part when all the animals go across the bridge and when they find sita.I also enjoyed being with our buddy’s.the charater strengths i used was teamwork.

Dawalii Dia Lamp.

Yesterday we made a Lamp with clay. the clay was very hard so we had to worm it up by using are hands.i tried to make a shell but it was to hard so i used my imagination to create my Lamp it looks kinda of weird but i tried my best to create what i wanted.next week we are going to paint it  right now it is just gray or white i don’t know which one it looks kind of like a mix of gray and white.