V-T’s Reflection on Assembly

My reflection on the assembly, isn’t too bad. I like the idea of a The Chase in a Holy Family assembly. The props were almost perfect and well made. It added to the environment and how the show would be played out. Although the Chaser lost (a lot), it made the assembly shorter, and the icons and teacher guessing can kind of help to teach kids. Being in the audience was a good thing for people that had no roles, but had to be in the assembly somehow. Overall, the assembly was perfect for little kids as education, and a little fun and funny for slightly older kids.

It’s me!

Hi, my name is V-T, or as people call me…

I don’t have much to talk about, my favourite colour is purple, and my favourite subjects are Math and English.

I have tons of nicknames, so here’s a list of some:

V-T, T-V, V-Tree, Tree, Viet-Tr*o*ung

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