What I Am Grateful for This end of Year ( Well Almost end of Year)

What I am grateful for is that I get to spend times with my friends and that I don’t waste time not playing with my friends and that this class was actually the best class I’ve ever been in and Mrs. Battifuoco if thats how you spell the name was a great teacher and taught me ways to do it easier then usual. At start of the year I knew some people and didn’t until I met Vu, Mason and Justin they changed my life and they got new games for example, BrawlHalla which is a game and we just started that game yesterday and Justin has become almost an expert and has beaten me in the game a lot, another thing is that Vu my friend won’t be here and be moving to another school which is sad and it won’t be any fun without him so thats basically every thing that mostly happened to my life.

What I want for Christmas + The review on the christmas carols

The thing that I want is money so I can buy basically anything well not the expensive stuff just enough to buy food, the other one would be a Google Pixel because it has new features than the iPhone and that it’s cheap then the other iPhones so the first thing that I am going to do if I get a Google Pixel is that I put new apps my account and many more and Ill test the new features on the Google Pixel. Now on to the review about the christmas carols, people were great but I mostly heard Paul he was astounding he did everything and had a big cheer and sing loudly so the audiences could hear while other I hear a bit. And I know that people would say ” You can’t do any better” and that’s true I won’t be but I’d bet Paul be the great one on stage and he’ll show out his singing and actions to everybody. So I’ll give it a 8.5 rating

My Weekend

On Saturday It was my mum’s birthday but not mine soon it will be on November 21st so on the start we started preparing for her birthday but she already knew it was her birthday so yeah she prepared as well by chopping some ingredients. I was just watching tv waiting I did some things and then just watched, people came after the cooking and bring cake so did my Aunty so we basically had two cake we started to turn off the light and lit up the candles on the cake and started to sing Happy Birthday To You then she made a wish who is my mum and then blew the candles there was chocolate cake and rainbow cake I chose the chocolate one because it had strawberry jam it was good but rainbow was better well aunty was the one who got the rainbow cake and mum’s friend was the one who bought the cake.

How was the assembly

I going to say that was 7.5/10 and I wanted to hear more puns and what I can do with them on a situation so if people didn’t hear the joke I can tell it to them. And I had to go with Justin to the toilet so I went and I was my hands when Justin was finished we went in to watch again. Then my nightmare has awoken because it was DANCING and I hated it I know some people like it and they will get annoyed since I hate dancing but I just don’t want to and I get embarrassed and people will look at me while I dance weirdly in the crowd so yeah I can’t dance and I don’t know how to. At the ending it was all normal and the same just get up and go to school and wait for the teacher to open the door and get inside for us to get inside as well to do our blogs.

What was my day on the Weekend?

It was better than I expected it to be because I get to sleep over at my grandma’s house well yeah and that I get to eat some of their special food and get to spend time with my grandma and grandpa. Sunday I waked up finding that I was alone because they already woke up so I went to the kitchen and look on my laptop, later on my aunty was cooking noodles for me and when she was done I ate it and watched youtube while I was eating. Then I get to play with my laptop and friend me and Vu we were the only one playing together which the game was a zombie survival it was very fun and prop hunt was fun as well it was hard to find he disguising as a prop so that was very fun until I had to go to Khmer school ;-;.

Today’s Assembly + My progress on Shellshock live

The Assembly was good but maybe they could have changed the music instead of  hardcore music and the animation was actually pretty amazing for a year 6 or is it 5 but the faces were so funny.  And I like the part where you can control the robot with the device and it could be your pet and that would be pretty cool. Now enough with the assembly now we go on Shellshock live so, I’m a level 22 and starting to come to the top 10 leader board someday I will become a professional and will beat anyone except the people who has a higher level and good angle skills. My friends also play it there’s one of my friend Named Justin who also plays it is near my level mostly my friends really don’t play it that much.

What I did on the weekend

I slept over at my grandma’s house firstly I waked up in the morning waiting and then later on my mum took me over there when I took my first step off the ground she beeped the car horn and I went to the door quickly only to find the door closed so simply I knocked the door they opened the door and welcome me in and by the way this is at my grandma’s house.So I put down my kumon bag with my things in it so I took out my laptop and charger and started to charge my laptop and play, later on I played Garry’s Mod with my friends we were playing base wars it is about building and getting the supplies while the other people were doing the exact same. But unlikely I lost mostly and think only won once ;-; So we tried to download new mods and more but I watched My Hero Academia which is an anime while my friends get new mods.

Shellshock live What I am aiming for?

This is a angle, shooting and strategy game you have to shoot your opponents to win you need them to explode and it has to be about angles you have to get it right to win. So it is a multi player game and single player so enough with explaining what it is my aim for the game is to be on the first leader board so I will keep practicing until I reach the top and I will get the nuke perk. The first thing I’ll be training on is angle it is important or you will not get any opponents so it is important to do so and other one is to predict what happens next and what the person will be using it could be anything exactly. So I will keep training to learn my angles and defeat my opponents and get to the top and be a professional pro.

The Holiday Blog

On the holiday I went crabbing other people were coming as well, well there was this one time  where everybody has to get in our van and I mean my family van I was squished and had little space so we went to the crabbing place when I first got off I went instantly to the waters it wasn’t cold but warm so that was good so I went looking for clam. Then I found one I checked it and it was real so I put it in the bucket the men was putting there boots and equipment on and went crabbing my brother James started to wear boots so I did as well and went with the men and including my dad. The water was not really deep but when I went further down it nearly went to my shirt so I went to the other side finding that James was following me so then I went to the van to remove my boots and put my shoes on and went to the water to swim it was deep but not so deep James was in the water as well swimming I couldn’t swim but when I let go I could float and learned how to swim after all that. My family had to go back and so do the other people we packed up ate and went. It was good maybe next time I bring a little boat!