Numeracy: It’s time to learn about the clock!

This term we have been learning all about time! We have learnt about different durations of time, such as years, seasons, months, days, hours and minutes, as well as how to read an analogue clock to the hour. To introduce the clock, we worked together as a team to place each number in the correct position as well as name and place the hour and minute hands in the centre of the clock.


Following this activity, we discussed how to read time to the hour. Students explained that the long minute hand points to the 12 and the short hour hand must point to the number of the hour (e.g., 5:00). We then worked in pairs to practice making the time to the hour.

We can’t wait to learn how to read time to the half hour next week!

Spring Fair donations

Dear families,

On Sunday 23rd October, Holy Family will host our historical and super exciting


We ask the Year 1 families to donate hamper items under the ‘baking and kitchenware’ category.

Please send donations to your child’s teacher or directly to the front office.

Welcome back to Term 3

Dear families,

We hope you have had a relaxing break over the holidays with your children.  This week has been such a wonderful time to see the growth and development of our students in the way that they have settled back into the routine of Year 1.

A few dates to remember:

Week 5Book Week

Week 61SD and 3EA buddy assembly

Week 71NP and 4DF buddy assembly

(More information to follow about these events)

In writer’s workshop this term, we are focusing on effective reading strategies when sharing our published books with our peers.  Children have gained an understanding of giving and receiving constructive feedback and being positive audience members.

Children have also practiced logging on to a laptop and accessing relevant applications and websites to support their learning. Here are a few photos from this week:



In Science this term we have been learning about the needs and features of living things. As part of our unit, we grew our very own plants: Broad Beans!

To make sure we gave our beans the best chance of growing successfully we ensured to provide it with the things it needs to survive.

‘Beans need water to grow. They need it to drink.’ – Alexander

‘Plants need air to grow.’ – Helena

‘Plants need dirt to grow in the ground.’ – Xavier

We loved being able to watch our plants grow in the classroom and can’t wait to watch them grow in our gardens at home!

Sea of Hearts

This term the children of 1SD and 1NP participated in the Sea of Hearts challenge, where the children were asked to design a heart which demonstrated their understanding of reconciliation. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to create their hearts, with many including words of significance in their designs: sorry, forgiveness, love, etc.

Once the children had designed and decorated their hearts, we participated in a whole school planting of the hearts in the garden beds of the Holy Family Drop Off Zone. Please see below some photos of the students planting their hearts.

Year 1 Mass Thursday 16th June

Dear families,

You are invited to attend the Year 1 Mass this Thursday 16th June at 11:30am in the Centre (previously in the calendar for week 8).

The theme for our Mass is St Aloysius and the Gifts from God.  Father Santosh will be leading us in Mass on Thursday.

All welcome – we would love to see you there to celebrate Mass with us.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Miss Dowsett

1NP and 1SD Assembly

What an amazing assembly today!  Well done to our wonderful Year 1 students who put on a fantastic and entertaining show.  The children should all be very proud of themselves in the way they spoke, danced and sang. The assembly is a great way for our students to showcase their achievements and learning in the classroom.

Thank you to all the families who attended the assembly today.  If you were unable to make it, please view the video of the assembly below and some great photos taken this morning.

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all next week back at school on Tuesday 14th June.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Miss Dowsett

1NP and 1SD Assembly link click here

Assembly this Friday 10th June

Hello everyone,

Please join us this Friday 10th June at 9am in the Hall for 1NP and 1SD’s assembly.  We ask that parents and caregivers continue to practice safe social distancing while entering the school and in the Hall.

Children who have speaking parts will be given a laminated copy of their reading on Friday morning.  When arriving at school on Friday, could children please place their schoolbags in their lockers and meet Ms Pinneri and Miss Dowsett in the Hall from 8:45am.  Children must not enter the Hall prior to this time without their teacher.

We have advised the children that they can bring a ‘fancy coat/jacket’ to wear while on stage at the assembly if they would like to – this is optional.

The assembly will be filmed on Friday morning if you are unable to attend.  We will send out the link to the assembly via email once it is ready.

We look forward to seeing those who can make it on Friday and we cannot wait to watch our students shine on stage!

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Miss Dowsett

Exploring 3D Objects

In Numeracy, we have been exploring 3D objects. To develop our understanding of their properties we investigated which objects are better at rolling and stacking. We then had the opportunity to build structures using a variety of different 3D objects. Students were asked to use each 3D object in a different way to investigate why some structures were easier to make than others.

Mission Day

Dear families,

Welcome to Mission Week! This Friday 3rd June is Mission Day.  Children must wear correct winter uniform on Friday.  This is always a great day where we raise money for local, community and global charities.  We will be supporting St Vincent De Paul, Catherine House and Catholic Mission.

Each class will be organising an activity or stall/product to sell on the day. 1NP and 1SD will be selling our Jars of Love for $2.  We have told the children that they are able to purchase their own jar before they go on offer for sale to the rest of the school.

Students will only be able to use tokens to purchase items and participate in the activities, as we do not take money at the stalls.  Children are able to bring money to their class teacher in exchange for tokens on Friday 3rd June.  Parents may also pre-order tokens leading up to the day using the Qkr! App and the teacher will provide the tokens to your child on Mission Day.

Tokens are available in 10c portions with each page of tokens costing $5.  All money raised for Mission Week will go to Fred’s Van, Catherine House and the Catholic Mission.

 Mission Day activities/selling of products will commence at 1pm on Friday.

Important Information:

Students will be able to order a Mission Day lunch of Vegetable Pasta Bake and water/fruit box through the canteen.  The normal canteen menu for lunch orders will not be available on Mission Day however the canteen will still be open at Recess. Order and payment for the Mission Day lunch may also be completed through the Qkr! App.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Miss Dowsett