2CZ & 2JW Week 3 Assembly

Congratulations to all of the students for their hard work in our assembly!

A video link will be shared soon.


Reading Awards

Congratulations to our students who have been doing lots of reading over the holidays.

Term 2, Week 1

Welcome to Term 2

In STEM this week we used our problem solving skills to make our best paper planes.  At the end of lesson we tested our paper planes to see which design would go the furthest!

Term 1 Art

This term in art our we have been learning about Aboriginal art techniques. The students used symbols in their artwork to communicate their own story.

Book exhibition

This week the children of 2JW & 2CZ held a book exhibition within our classroom. Each child contributed a book for the exhibition. The children used sticky notes to highlight a section where they demonstrated “strong writing habits”.

This term our class has been working diligently and focusing on the process of what makes a good writer.

Week 6, Term 1

This week in Visual Art we experimented with the technique of cross-hatching. Below are some pictures of the class at work!


Week 5, Term 1

Below you will see some photos from our Week 5 Maths and STEM investigations.

Last week in Maths students investigated the most efficient way to count 100 pieces of macaroni. In STEM 2JW and 2CZ were challenged to build the longest paper chain, using only one piece of paper!