Wednesday 9th February Online Learning

Good Morning Year 2

Today is Wednesday 9th February 2022

Here is our learning for today.


Today we’re going to watch the short video of Jesus teaching his friends how to pray.

In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit


Task: Create your own prayer. Start it with ‘Dear Jesus’

You can write your prayer about anything you would like to tell Jesus.

Finish your prayer with Amen.

Writer’s Workshop

Continue working on your amazing book making skills.

You can keep working on a book that you have already started, or you can start a new book.

Remember to be brave spellers, and to use your big 6- and 7-year old words.

RECESS BREAK 10:20-10:45


Click on the link to watch the story ‘How I Met My Monster’

Answer the questions:

Where would you find your Monster?

Draw your monster and show where you would find it by drawing a background.



Let’s get our brains ready for learning with our pattern warm-up song:

Today we are looking at ABC patterns. Watch the video below to explore some of the patterns we have already looked at and some new patterns.


Keep working on your pattern work.

Can you create some new AB patterns?

Can you create some new ABB patterns?

Have a go at creating some ABCD patterns.

Have a go at creating some AAB patterns.


When you’re finished, choose some of the online games to practice your Math skils.



LUNCH BREAK 12:30-1:30 



Let’s do our 5-minute breathing for mindfulness.




Have a go at doing a workout using the exercises from the picture.

Spell out your name and complete the exercise for each letter.


Start with just your first name.

Can you do it for your friends and family members names?

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