Thursday 10th February On line Learning

Good morning Year 2

Welcome back!
Today is Thursday 10th February 2022

Here is our learning schedule for today


Watch the video below and respond to the question.

In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit Amen

Task: Trace around your hand and write who/what you would pray for using the picture to the right.

Thumb: Family
Index: Teachers Middle: God
Ring: The sick and poor Pinky: You

Writer’s Workshop

Today we would like you to write a recount of something that you did during the holidays. You could write about 1 amazing thing, or you could write about lots of different things you got to do.

RECESS 10:20-10:40


Click on the link to watch and listen to the story “Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies”

What are your favourite foods?
Make a list and draw as many of them as you can!


Watch ‘Banana, Banana, Meatball’

Click watch on you tube link

Continue working on your patterns.
Have a go at creating new AB, ABB, ABC patterns.
Can you create some other pattern sequences?
Can you create your own “Blazer Fresh” inspired pattern? Be as creative as you can be.

When you’re finished, choose some of the online games to practice your Math skils.

Education Games

LUNCH BREAK 12:30-1:30


Click on the link to watch and follow along with our daily mindfulness.


Siniora has picked out two special activities for you. One is a simple dinosaur drawing task; the other is an interactive drawing and making task.

You can choose to do 1 or both. Drawing



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