Book Week 2023 – Dress Up Friday!

Hi everyone! Congratulations on another wonderful celebration of Book Week! It was lovely seeing all the children excited to dress up as their favourite book characters and participate in our parade.

Book Week – Week 5 Friday

Next week we celebrate Book Week, an initiative of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. As part of Book Week, the library hosts a series of activities and events to promote and celebrate reading.  The theme for 2023 is ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’.

On Friday 25 August, students are encouraged to dress as their favourite character from a book.  Parents are welcome to attend the assembly and costume parade at 9am.


Catholic Identity Day – Kindness

The theme for this years Catholic Identity Day is Kindness. We celebrated this theme by creating posters where students recognised each others positive characteristics. The students has a very positive experience and enjoyed writing kind words about their friends.

Word Study

In Word Study this term we have been investigating suffixes. Recently, we have been exploring how to use the <ed> suffix and the three sounds which this suffix makes: Soft <t>, Hard <d> and <ed>/<id>.

Today, we worked as a group to revise our understanding of this suffix by writing down a word we could remember from each sound.