2MA and 3AE Assembly

We celebrated our favourite learning from Term one  at our Assembly.

It was a beautiful celebration of our diverse cultures through dance and sharing our family language by speaking it.

Also some learning using Flat Stanley, The feels which helps us with our feelings and the book “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” by Mo Williams which helped us with Persuasive Writing.

We have some highlights to share with you from today.

Thank you to the parents who were able to come in yesterday to watch it live.

Our assembly was filmed so as soon as it is ready we will be emailing it to all families.

Making numbers in different ways using base 10 blocks

Today in numeracy the students engaged in using base 10 blocks to show different numbers. They recorded their findings using their laptops. The students used powerpoint and photo booth to help them.

It was exciting to see the students  use a variety  of ways to show and record the  numbers.


Let’s Play Poison

Both classes have been looking for patterns in numbers during some of their Numeracy activities.

One game that students really enjoyed was, “Who’s got the poison.”

In this game students had to identify and use different winning strategies to avoid being left with the poison.

As well as being a lot of fun, this game developed their adding ability and their understanding of number patterns.

Hundreds tens and Units

We are currently exploring Hundreds Tens And Units in Numeracy.  We played the Bankers game to help us understand place value.

For this game the Year 2’s and 3’s worked together.

Water Colour Painting

Many students recently had their first attempt using correct water colour painting techniques. All students experimented with some  showing different shades of the one colour while others used a base of wet paper to spread their paint and create some creative images.

Play based Investigations

Today the students engaged in different provocations  they were interested in. Some decided to use the batteries and electrical  circuits to light bulbs and operate  buzzers.  Other students played in the home corner making coffee and other delicious food.

Some  studentes decided to use straws to construct  tall structures. Some had a hand at creating hairstyles in the Barbie Salon.

All students displayed the following character strengths teamwork resilience and zest.