It’s Wednesday and… we’re on the move!

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Today we spent the day adventuring! We all hopped on the bus and headed to the Uniting Aged Care Facility in Grange. We had a chat to our friends on the bus and even practiced our carols along the way. We spent time with the elderly. We performed our Christmas Carols and then were invited to join in on some Christmas craft, cookie decorating, card making, board games and more. It was very very very very heart warming to see the way the children embraced this invitation and interacted with such kindness and love. 

We enjoyed and were grateful for some special morning tea snacks before having to say good bye to our new friends.

With our growth mindsets activated, we walked to Grange beach and set up under the jetty for lunch. Here we had the opportunity to enjoy some sand play, beach sports, beach comb and an opportunity to spend time with our friends making special memories.

When our bus driver returned, we hopped back on the bus and returned to school after an incredible day where so many Character Strengths and Learning Powers were on show.

THANK YOU to our beautiful parent volunteers who so kindly volunteered their time for us today!

TOGETHER Tuesday December 10 – Week 9 Term 4

What a year TOGETHER!

Last Tuesday, December 10

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This morning we went outside for another outdoor scavenger hunt. The children had to choose a partner and then with their laptop head out the oval. There was a lot of different activities that linked all different skills we have explored this year in many different subject areas. For example, religion, literacy, math and the arts.


Today for prayer we reflected on the night Jesus was born and how we would feel if we were there at the time….

  • Ava- I would congratulate the people who helped Mary get Jesus out
  • Libby- I would feel surprised because the baby was born in a barnyard
  • Cierra- I would feel excited and I would want to see it happen
  • Anna- I would be proud of Mary and say congratulations to both of them
  • Aidan- I would feel happy because baby Jesus is special
  • TT- I would feel excited and happy because a very special baby has been born
  • Jevan- I would feel happy because the saviour of the world is here
  • Makur- I would feel happy because the saviour of the world is here
  • Annaliese- I would feel happy because Jesus is nice to lots of people
  • Akem- I would feel excited because the saviour of the world is born
  • Mason- I would feel good because I get to see the child of God
  • Maddox- I would feel happy that baby Jesus was born
  • Lara- I would feel excited because Jesus was born
  • Holly- I would feel happy and excited
  • Joey- I would feel good because I get to see the saviour of people
  • Bella- I would feel happy because I get to see the saviour of the world
  • Iris- I would feel thankful for Jesus
  • Lynn- I would be happy and excited and surprised because Jesus got born
  • Aurora- I would feel excited because I got to see the saviour of the universe and also because babies are very cute


Together we played a Christmas Maths Kahoot!


  • Aidan – We played European handball
  • Kurt – I scored a few goals



Together as a class we write kind words about each and every one of us. We sat in a circle and passed our papers around. Our buckets were over flowing by the end! 

MILESTONE MONDAY December 9 – Week 9 Term 4

Welcome to our last Monday together in 3JM and 3IB!

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It really is a huge milestone!

Can you believe this is our last week of school for 2019!?

This week reports will be emailed home to families. Wednesday we have our excursion to Grange Beach and Uniting Care Home. Thursday we will celebrate our last assembly as a school and Friday is a Pupil Free Day!


Students in our class have shown the teachers an online game of Pictionary that they have been playing with one another! This morning we played our own version. Using our black books we drew our favourite moment of 2019 and had a partner guess what it was! 


  • Lynn – We sang the carols and played the carols!


Our Reflections:

  • Nate – Every time they light up a candle it gets closer to Christmas
  • Jevan – I learnt that the pink candle isn’t actually pink its rose
  • Krystian – Every time you light a candle they pray to God
  • Cierra – I learnt that the flame of the candle means Christ
  • Frankie – I learnt that purple is used a lot in Advent
  • Rhoda – The advent wreath has no beginning and no end
  • Aidan – Every time you light a candle it always happens on Sunday
  • Joey – There’s 4 candles and every week they light a candle on Sunday so they know how many weeks until Christmas
  • Jake – I learnt that the colour purple basically means lots to do with Jesus
  • Raf – I learnt the colour purple represents that God is the King of Kings
  • Noah – I learnt that at the end of time Jesus will judge if you go to heaven or hell
  • Akemjot – The colour purple represents that Jesus is the King of Kings if you see the priests in it
  • Kurt – I learnt that Jesus is the King of Kings and he will tell the people how good they are


We worked on all things Christmas! Cards, calendars, paintings, movies you name it! Some of us chose to continue on with our Christmas provocations on our laptop 🙂



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Can you believe today is our last Friyay together as school finishes on Thursday next week!?! Tonight is the school carols! Our classes are performing at 7:40pm. Please meet us by the OSHC room then! We can’t wait to see the beautiful Christmas colours and cheer on stage as we perform our two carol songs.


Choose one of the following clips to guide your writing!


  • Noah – In investigations I played with Raf and the sticks and I became a reindeer
  • Mary – In investigations me and Kiziah Miss Moore and you a gift
  • Eva – In investigations me and Ebony made a Christmas shop
  • Raf – In investigations I got a lot of people to join me build a sleigh and some people were reindeers and some were elves
  • Libby – In investigations I played Minecraft education and made a nativity scene
  • Nevada – In investigations me and Cierra built a Christmas building in Minecraft
  • Bianca – In investigations me and Annaliese made a God with paper
  • Lucas – In investigations me and Jaiden were playing Minecraft. We made a house
  • Aidan – In investigations me, Deakyn and a lot of friends helped making a Santa sleigh
  • Jevan – In investigations me and Darcy built a elf wearing a hard hat
  • Deakyn – In investigations me and Nate were building a Merry Christmas boat. Me and Raf had an idea to make a sleigh
  • Annaliese – In investigations I made a chatter box and Bianca taught me how to make a boat
  • Anna – In investigations I made a reindeer ears and you had to put it at the back behind your hair
  • Dion – In investigations me and my friends built a sleigh and I was an elf
  • Aurora – In investigations I built a Santa house. It was Santa in their house


  • Lara – At the park I used Zest, Bravery
  • Joseph – At the park I used creativity, mindful agency too
  • Jake – At the park me and Jevan used the Character Strengths of bravery and zest. We saw a spider and didn’t get too scared!
  • Krystian – I used bravery when we were all climbing the trees with everyone and Miss B
  • Tcross – At the park I used Zest by moving around and being active
  • Raf – I used bravery and perseverance because when I was climbing the trees, my fear is heights!
  • Kurt – I saw Mason use bravery by climbing up the metal thing!
  • Noah – I used bravery when I was jumping off the swings
  • Dion – I used bravery when I was climbing the trees
  • Aidan – I used bravery because I was climbing up the high trees
  • Ava – I used bravery and creativity by having a race with Annaliese

The carols night begins at 6:00pm and our classes are performing at 7:40pm! See you there!!

TRUE Thursday December 5 – Week 8 Term 4

Stay TRUE to you at Christmas time, it’s Thursday 

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For our last think outside the box for the year we completed the above.

Our second brainteaser for the morning was to think about our wants and needs at Christmas time. The children had to fill up two different sacks. One was with things that they actually need and the other was with things that they want.

We read the story Bridie’s Boots. This story is a beautiful story about giving and passing on things to charity when you no longer need them.

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After reading the story I asked the children what the moral of the story was. I didn’t give any clues, I just read and then asked. I was very proud of their mature responses and ability to take a message from a picture book and relate it back to this time of the year.

  • Joey- When you are too old to play with something or a pair of shoes don’t fit you, you should give them to someone who needs them
  • Cierra- I think the moral of the story was that its not always about receiving but its about giving
  • Akem- The moral of the story was if you don’t use anything don’t chuck it in the bin give it to charity
  • Mia- You can keep passing it on each time it doesn’t fit you
  • Aidan- I think the moral of the story was about giving at Christmas
  • Anna- I think the moral of the story was that if you have something for the long time you can give instead of just keeping it or putting it in the bin because someone else might need it
  • Ava- I think the moral of the story is giving your stuff a second life to someone who can try it out



We are performing around 7:30/7:40 tomorrow right after the raffle. Children will need to be meeting us after the last performance and before the raffle is drawn so that we are ready to go on stage.

As specified on the note that went home to families a couple of weeks ago, children are required to meet their teacher outside the OSHC room before they are due to perform (there will be announcements for parents and students to listen out for on the night). Students will need to assemble in the OSHC room and enter backstage with teachers via the OSHC room. Students will line up quietly backstage until it is time to go on stage and perform. Once students have performed, they will exit the stage via the back two wings and teachers must accompany the children out the back door of the stage area and then back around to their parents within the school grounds.


  • Kristina- Dear God, than you for my friends because if I didn’t have friends I would feel all alone
  • TT- Dear God, thank you for the school because if I didn’t have the school I wouldn’t have a place to learn at
  • Cierra- Dear God, thank you for the all the things you have done for me and I am grateful for the things I have that I need
  • Ava- Dear God, thank you for Jevan, Nate and Kurt for letting me join in their game at recess
  • Aurora- Dear God, thank you for all my teachers because they are really funny and they help me learn
  • Mary- Dear God, thank you for my family because if I didn’t have a family I would be alone for my whole life
  • Lynn- Dear God, thank you for my teachers and my friends at this school because I don’t have all of those I would be lonely and I wouldn’t know stuff


We went outside to complete an outdoor scavenger hunt. The children chose a partner and then had to complete a series of different tasks outside. Some of these included different math skills surrounding shape, multiplication and division, literacy skills around beginning letter and sounds of objects.



This afternoon the children completed some Nativity art. They have brought it home in their bag so have a look tonight.

See you all at carols tomorrow night!