Thinking Thursday January 31 – Week 1 Term 1

Hi Bloggers! Welcome to the last day of January!

Today we started our day with a game of pass the parcel. BUT today was different… it wasn’t your usual game of pass the parcel. We had two parcels. One wrapped in newspaper and one wrapped in bright colourful wrapping paper. We first asked the children what parcel they would rather and why. We then started and went around and around with the two parcels at the same time. Anticipation was building and the children didn’t know which box was going to stop on them. The final boxes landed on Eva and Anna. The children opened them at the same time only to realise the boring newspaper box was filled with some prizes and the colourful box was filled with dirt. We put the two boxes next to each other and then asked for the children’s what they thought the thoughts and reflections

  • Mia– If they were people and you say that’s boring it would make them sad
  • Anna– I think bad people can turn into good people
  • Aurora– it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside people always love you on the inside
  • Jasmine– You decided to make the beautiful wrapping paper on the one that has dirt and the boring paper on the one that was the presents
  • Ann– Looks don’t matter only your heart matters inside
  • Lucky winner and you have the opportunity to share the prize
  • Anna– I want to give one to Aurora



Following on from our lesson this morning exploring who is God, we watched this video on creation for prayer. We then asked the children to reflect on their images of God created from this morning and if there was any of these things in the video.

  • Nathaniel– Stars
  • Jevan– Treess
  • Rehat– Sun
  • Rhoda– Flowers
  • Mia– Wind
  • Akemjot– Sky and sea
  • Aiden– Moon, stars and clouds
  • Darcy– Trees and birds
  • Cierra– Animals
  • Aurora– Land

Does anyone have any prayers they would like to share with us today?

  • Rehat – Dear God thank you for our teachers and the wonderful classroom, Ame
  • Mia– Dear God thank you for my lovely family and my lovely baby brother, Ame
  • Nate– Dear God thank you for creating us and without you we wouldn’t be alive
  • Aurora– Dear God even though my Nonna is in heaven I know you look after her.


  • Raf and Kurt used ICT to perfect their Dragon Ball Z drawing skills
  • Jaiden, Zac, Darcy and Krystian worked together to create an incredible marble run!
  • Nate, Akemjoy, Noah, Ash and Lucas used Lego to make a little city
  • Eva, Lara, Ebony and Nevada used arts and craft to create little accessories for their dolls
  • Joseph, Dion and Deakyn created an Origami shop!
  • TCross, Rehat and Kristina made a shop!



What are the Character Strengths? 

  • Keren – Creativity: Being creative like building a house
  • Nate – Kindness: Helping someone
  • Eva – Perseverance: Not giving up
  • Ava – Collaboration: Working together
  • Lucas – Teamwork: Working together

What is your Top Character Strength?

  • Mia – Social Intelligence
  • Joseph – Humour
  • TCross – Teamwork
  • Dion – Teamwork because I like doing things with my friends

What Character Strength do you most value and why?


  • Raf – My speck of gold is playing on my laptop
  • Jas – My speck of gold is dancing for Assembly with Ann
  • Zac – Probably making that marble track
  • Miss Moore – My speck of gold was hearing what children value in this classroom and remembering character strengths

Welcome Wednesday January 30 – Week 1 Term 1

Term 1, Week 1, Day 1… here we go!

Welcome to 3IB and 3JM!

We begin our learning journey together on this warm Wednesday morning. This morning we are headed to the Library for our first borrowing session and then to the Centre to see Signora Nunez for Spanish! We will spend the rest of our day getting to know each other through various different engaging activities!


Miss Michalak welcomed us back into the library for 2019. Our library time is every Wednesday in Lesson 2. The library is a quiet space to listen to a story that the teacher reads to you and then we have time to borrow and read them! In year 3 we are allowed to borrow 4 books. This could include our readers, novels, some non-fiction books or even some picture books.


Prayer Reflection: 

  • Zac- I think its about someone special 
  • Mia- He needs people souls to be nice 
  • Mary- The boy is scared but he knows God is protecting him 
  • Rehat- No body is scared because you know God is right next to you 
  • Aurora- He is going through death, but he knows God will support him with every choice he makes 

Holiday Reflections- What were you grateful for in your holidays…

  • Joseph: I went to Sydney with my family 
  • Aiden- I went to the Phillipines and then after I went to Singapore to stay in a hotel 
  • Lucas- Celebrating my mums birthday
  • Noah- My birthday that was two days ago 
  • Jevan- Going to Victor Harbour and boogie boarding 
  • Darcy- I was grateful to spend time with my family 
  • Annaliese- It was my step dads birthday and I had a pool party 
  • Cierra- Going to a caravan park with my grandma and grandpa 
  • Rafel- I went snorkelling at wool bay and I saw a sting ray. 
  • Zac- I went to New South Wales, we were in a cabin, I went down this big waterslide and we went somewhere else. 
  • Nate- I went to Pt Broughton and I saw a kangaroo there. 
  • Ashvarn- A few days ago I went to the big rocking horse and I fed a kangaroo 
  • Ava- I went to Sydney with my friends and cousins and we played lots of games together and saw Miss Moore on the plane on the way back to Adelaide. 
  • Aurora- I went to a town called Broken Hill and my dad grew up there so I saw some of my family. 
  • Dion- I went to West Beach caravan park. 


We have a super special task of presenting the first assembly of 2019. This assembly is next Friday of Week 2! Our assembly is based around the book ‘We are all born free.’ This book talks about all the different rights ew have as children. Together, we listened to this story.

The first part of our assembly preparation involves learning a new song and dance. The song speaks of feeling empowered being ourselves and living in the moment! This is exactly the kind of values we are going to celebrate in 3IB and 3JM this year. We showed a growth mindset towards our first challenge!


This year we will be using Class Dojo as a form of positive reinforcement for allllllll the inspiring, kind and positive behaviours we witness.

Each student has their own avatar in which they can control. We discussed what these behaviours might look, sound and feel like before brainstorming some whole class rewards! We loved hearing these quirky suggestions and are excited to see how this will support our learning community growing together.



  • Jake – Mindfulness is a little moment where you can just relax and have some time
  • Ann – It is time where you can relax and turn off to relax a little
  • Akemjot – It is a time where you don’t speak to anyone and just kind of lay down
  • Mia – You have your own space and listen to music


We spent the afternoon creating self portraits to match our instant photos that Miss Moore took of us today. We will post photos once we have all the blog permission forms back!

Thank you so much for a wonderful first day back! We will see your bright, happy faces tomorrow morning 🙂 

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We kindly welcome you all to…

We acknowledge that the lands we meet on are the traditional lands of the Kaurna people.


We welcome and celebrate all of our student backgrounds in 3IB and 3JM!

We are bursting with happiness and joy to welcome you to our Class Blog for 2019. It is here where you can keep up to date with everything that is happening inside our learning space as well as important dates and notices. In order for us to post images of you child learning, communicating and growing, we need the Making Learning Visible Form to be returned ASAP. This was sent home with your child today.

The first of those important dates is next Monday February 4! This is our Parent Information Night to be held in our classroom (Room 25 & 26). This is a casual meet and greet evening beginning at 6pm 🙂 We hope to see you then.

Our next special day is Friday of Week 2. This is our assembly! 9am sharp in the hall to witness our talents and first fortnight of learning on display.

Parent/Caregiver communication is paramount in building trusting and positive relationships. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us. Our email addresses are as follows;


Attached below is a digital copy of our Welcome Letter that was sent home with your child today. Please please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Beginning of the Year Letter-1mvhqcw

We are so excited for our year together. We cannot wait to create, grow, laugh, learn, wonder, love, sympathise, investigate, explore, inquire, smile and spread kindness together!