THANKFUL Thursday February 28 – Week 5 Term 1

It’s time to be THANKFUL on THURSDAY





Today we had lots of creative thinkers who thought outside the box to turn this image into many different things.


This morning we continue with our writer’s workshop books. The children’s focus was to develop the sentences in their books. Some children have finished their previous stories and are onto their next creation.


Today Jevan read this prayer for us and we repeated each line. We reflected on summer and the last 3 months.

Gratitude Summer Prayers- What are you grateful for this summer?

  • Libby- Thank you for the flowers that grow in Spring and Summer, Amen.
  • Jevan- Thank you God for making lots of sunshine for the plants to grow, Amen.
  • Joey- Thank you God for all that you’ve done for me these past 3 months I really appreciate it and I miss my Nonna, Amen.
  • Aurora- Dear God, Thank you for all these lovely memories and for a great birthday, Amen.
  • Jas- Thank you for the sun and clouds and plants that grow, Amen.
  • Holly– Dear God, thank you for all the plants and flowers and water to help them grow, Amen.
  • Akem- Dear God, thank you for the flowers that grow and thank you for my friends, Amen.
  • Kristina- Dear God, thank you for the flowers that grow that you can water and give to someone in your family that you love, Amen.
  • Cierra- Dear God, Thank you for the all the memories I have had with my friends this summer
  • Ava- Dear God, Thank you for summer because when I went to Sydney I got to play with my friends and go to the beach, Amen.
  • Mia- Dear God, Thank you for summer so we can go to the beach where it is fun, Amen.
  • Tcross- Dear God, thank you for this wonderful summer we have had and the sun to be shining bright, Amen
  • Rehat- Dear God, thank you God for the things you have made to make our life easier, Amen.
  • Miss Battifuoco- Dear God, thank you for the beach in summer so that we can go there with our family and friends and have fun in the water, Amen.


Today we started our lesson with this video from Ellen. Ellen is interviewing a boy called Nate. Nate is a preschooler whose love for geography, countries, flags, and more has really put him on the map!

We reflected about the video and what they thought about Nate-

  • Zac- I think he is really smart, smarter than Miss B
  • Kurt- He was using curiosity because he was thinking in his mind what is was
  • Bianca- I think he was creative because he was so smart
  • Dion- He was smart because he knew all the cities and countries and he was creative because he built with the lego
  • Ebony- He showed all the lego that he built
  • Akem- He used humour to talk and showed he was really creative

Questions from reflecting about Nate-

  • Zac- How is so smart with the lines (maps)?
  • Jevan- Why was he so smart, he is only 4 or 5?
  • Jas- How did he know those things, did he research it, did he know how to write?
  • Nate- How come he is so smart at all those things, he is smart than me?
  • Tcross- How did he remember and learn all those states?
  • Joey- I want to know how he is so smart and how he knows all the cities and stuff and how is he so creative and using humour

We talked about what a genius is and who we know who is a genius and how we can all be a genius in different things. We gave some examples of famous people as well as some examples of people that we know.

We then introduced what Genius Hour will be in the classroom and how their personal projects will begin.

Their personal project will need; Research, and Information report, and then 3D aspects made with their 100 languages to make a display.

Today the children had to make a detailed mind map plan of what their personal project was going to be on.


We introduced acrostic poems to the children with the word BELONG. We created one as a class and then the children had to create their own before lunch.


NUMERACY – Place Value

This afternoon we worked independently on some open-ended Place Value Investigations using ICT. 

These investigations included finding odd and even numbers on a 100’s chart, adding 1, 10 and 100 to random set of numbers, making different 3 digit numbers with a set of numbers then answering different questions about these, completing the pattern of numbers with random set of numbers, writing numbers in word form, ordering jumbled set of numbers, highlighting the largest number in a set of numbers.

Keep COOL tonight! 





Warm Wednesday February 27 – Week 5 Term 1

Welcome to Warm Wednesday 


Today in library we read the story- Ngana Ngai? Who Am I? 

This book explores fascinating facts about native animals in English and Kaurna language! It helps us learn how to pronounce simple animal names.


Today in Spanish the children from both 3JM and 3IB learnt two different dances to practice over the coming weeks and perform at the Harmony Day Assembly.



Reflection of prayer:

  • Ash – The sun with brighten all our neighbours
  • Mia- The sun helps you to be happy again if you have a fight
  • Jake- It is saying don’t be selfish, like being mean and only caring about your self
  • Akemjot- Don’t be rude and treat everyone like you treat your neighbours
  • Aurora- I think that its about that some people are your neighbours, some people live in all parts of the world but they are all your neighbours
  • Joey- It’s trying to tell you not be selfish and that you need to love and care about other people and not be selfish
  • Tcross- You want to see people as a neighbour not as an enemy
  • Eva- Treat your neighbours like you want to be treated

How can you help other’s people’s light to shine bright?

  • Holly- You can let them be first in line and let them sit infant of the teacher
  • Krystian- Letting people have a turn
  • Kristina- If you win first place and someone else wants to be first place you can let me do it
  • Ash- Helping people having a turn or sharing
  • Jevan- If your faster and better at stuff than them then just go easy
  • Libby– Be kind and let other people have a go
  • Rhoda- If somebody doesn’t know something let them try first then tell them the answer
  • Angok- Dont bully
  • Nate– Care about other people
  • Makur- Letting your friend go first
  • Ann- If someone dropped their ice cream or chocolate you can then give one to them
  • Dion- If someone is not good at someone you can help them to learn
  • Jas- If you got something and other people have not got that you can help them


ACARA – Science – Science Understanding -Earth and space sciences

Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day (ACSSU048)

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?

  • Nate-  24 hours

How many hours in a day?

  • Dion– 24 hours

Who can tell us a country where it would now be night time?

  • Angok– Africa
  • Cierra– London

How many hours of day light do we get a day?

  • Lucas- About 12

It is warmer when its dark or light?

  • Joey- In the day because the sun is out because at night we only have the moon and the moon is not hot like the sun

The children’s task was to show us the difference between day and night with their 100 languages.




We then worked independently on some open-ended Place Value Investigations using ICT. 

These investigations included finding odd and even numbers on a 100’s chart, adding 1, 10 and 100 to random set of numbers, making different 3 digit numbers with a set of numbers then answering different questions about these, completing the pattern of numbers with random set of numbers, writing numbers in word form, ordering jumbled set of numbers, highlighting the largest number in a set of numbers.

Please find a new page along the top of our blog called ‘eSafety Resources’. It has a number of different links to eSafety Resources. 

Tremendous Tuesday February 26 – Week 5 Term 1

Look out, it’s Tremendous Tuesday!

We sure are finishing off 2018/2019 Summer with a bang! This week temperatures are over 35 each day! Remember to stay hydrated and slip, slop, slap!


We began our day by exercising our brains! We had to try and find as many words as we would within the word BELONGING. 

  • Jevan – Log
  • Akem – Login
  • Mia – No
  • Jake – Gone
  • Nate –  Belong
  • Dion – Belong
  • Lucas – In
  • Jas – Go
  • Annaliese – Be
  • Lara – Be
  • Libby – Going
  • Bianca – One
  • Darcy – Be
  • Raf – Being
  • Aurora – On
  • Lynn – Longing
  • Kristina – Log
  • Joey – On
  • Krystian – Big
  • Eva – Leg
  • Rhoda – Long
  • Ebony – Lion
  • Aidan – Lie
  • Jake – Gong
  • Nevada – Belong
  • Akem – Belonging
  • Ann – Login
  • Rhoda – Belong

What an amazing list! Our longest word was belong – thanks Rhoda! We really enjoyed this morning’s brainteaser and look forward to another like this!


Belonging: knowing there is someone to turn to because I am part of a supportive learning community; the opposite is feeling ‘alone’”.

How did they look like they were belonging in the clip?

  • Raf -Theyre still trying to win even though hitit looks like they’re losing
  • Lucas – They’re cheering on for each other
  • Mia – They were working as a team
  • Aurora – They used collaboration
  • Cierra – They were clapping for everyone and the other team wasn’t
  • Akem – They weren’t fighting
  • TCross – Even though it was a tie they were still cheering
  • Eva – They used teamwork

What does belonging look like to you?


Together we sang the song ‘Do to Others’. We discussed how this song which we will sing next week at the Ash Wednesday Mass, connects to the Learning Power of Belonging.

  • Lucas – Caring for others
  • Kurt – Love
  • Ashvarn – Do what you want others to do to you
  • Eva – The song is about helping others
  • TCross – Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • Jake – It is being kind to God and it doesn’t matter what you look like or sing like just what you feel like
  • Joseph – It doesn’t matter what you look like it just matters what is inside
  • Mia – We are all God’s children
  • Ava – Dear God, I hope that everyone in this class has fun with their friends. Amen.
  • Ash – Dear God, I hope everyone is kind and give people some food.
  • Akemjot – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends because they always cheer me up. Amen.


Today we-recapped our learning surrounding Place Value through song. 

We then worked independently on some open-ended Place Value Investigations using ICT. 

These investigations included filling in missing numbers on a 100’s chart, counting by 2’s, 10’s, 20’s, 100’s, writing the numbers in numeral form from word form and writing how many tens and how many ones in a series of different numbers.

Here is a link to a place value game:


Today we used music as our guide for mindfulness.


This afternoon we put on our thinking caps to try and remember the correct structure of an Information Report. Independently we are gong to be creating our own! We have total choice over what our report will be about but we are integrating our science learning and creating reports about living things.

Today we started one of the most important aspects of our writing, the planning stage. Each of us decided what our report will be about and what will actually go into the introduction, body and conclusion. 

  • Jake – “I am going to learn about Megeladons. I wanna to know where they are, what it easts and how it moves”.
  • Nevada – “I am doing dogs and puppies. I want to know how big they grow. What is in there food? And how many years can a dog or puppy live for?”
  • Ashvarn -” I am doing kangaroos. How does it move? How does it eat? How does it climb.”
  • Bella – “I am doing lions. I have, what do female lions look like? What do they eat? How big are they?”
  • Makur – “I am doing dogs. How big is it? What does it eat?”
  • Holly – “I am doing Jellyfish because I want to know more about them.”
  • Maddox – “I am going to do dogs because I want to learn.”
  • Angok  – “I will find out the dogs favourite thing to do.”
  • Ebony – “I will find out how long a sloth sleeps for.”

See you tomorrow for another warm, exciting day!

Mag!c Monday February 25 – Week 5 Term 1

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 5 and another….

We hope your weekend was filled with many specks of gold! Ours sure were..

  • Miss Battifuoco – My weekend speck of gold was watching the sunset at the beach last night!
  • Darcy – I went to my brothers birthday he turned 15!
  • Bella – My weekend speck of gold was going to the zoo with my cousins
  • Deakyn – I went to Aidan’s cousins birthday party and Daniel was there
  • Zac – We had a garage sale for two days
  • Aurora – My weekend speck of gold was going to my dance school to start on my hip hop
  • Bianca – I went to my grandpa’s house for a sleep over
  • Jake – “On Friday I went to the Fringe and this is a photo of me on the Ferris Wheel. Here is a video of me up the top. This is also me on the dodgem cars. We bumped some people. At first I was at the top and I didn’t want to go backwards. I got so scared I screamed! Mum took the videos and air dropped them to me.”


We love to start our week off on a positive, uplifting note! This morning, we spoke about how we are all magical. We shared something magical about ourselves that makes us different, something we’re proud of, SOMETHING THAT MAKES US UNIQUELY US!


  • Deakyn – We practiced a beat!
  • Mary – We sung some songs


What happened in the story? What is it teaching us?

  • Aidan – Turning water to wine
  • Cierra – He asked God to help him
  • Kristina – There was no more wine in the wedding so Jesus made the servants put water into wine
  • Mia – Jesus said put lots of water into wine
  • Ash – He has to make wine because it was someones wedding
  • Aurora – I think the magic is the kindness because they were all being really good friends
  • Joseph – I would like to sa ya prayer for my nonna and I miss her. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, I cant see my gonna anymore because she died when I was 6 months old but she is safe in heaven with God. Amen.
  • Ash – Dear God, thank you for the world because if we didn’t we would be in space flopping about and not live somewhere. Amen.



  • Nevada and Cierra are working on a magic potion!
  • Nathaniel and Dion used the blocks to make a magic robot. We discussed the correct angles to let the marble flow
  • Krystian, Jevan, Ann, Darcy, Makur and Ava  researched different magic tricks before using oral skills to perform their own
  • Bella, Jas and Ann practiced their own tricks!
  • Keren, Mia, Eva and Ebony created a magic cake shop!
  • Zac and Angok were being KidBusters!!! Trying to find the magical ghost moving Lego in our class


Today’s mini grammar focus was all about contractions. Together we discussed what a contraction actually is and when we can use them. “The apostrophe actually takes the place of a missing letter” shared Jake. 

We practiced as a group before we set off for some independent contraction challenges! Once we had finished these, we were able to continue our book making through Writer’s Workshop. 


  • Joseph – My speck of gold is making books with Nate
  • Dion – My speck of gold was playing at lunch
  • Jake – My speck of gold was playing Minecraft with Nate and Dion and Joseph
  • Raf – My speck of gold is playing with Kurt
  • Angok – My speck of gold was playing outside at recess
  • TCross – My speck of gold was doing investigations and making a new hotel with my friends
  • Noah – My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop!

Thanks for a happy, productive day year three’s! Keep cool and we will see you tomorrow 🙂 

Funky Friyay February 21 – Week 4 Term 1

Hi all! Welcome to…. FUNKY FRIYAY!

Miss Moore is away today and Monday, she’s gone to watch her brother get married!! How beautiful!!!!! – We can’t wait to see some photos. We welcome Miss Tropeano into our learning space today. 


Today’s assembly was led by 4MR and 4PB.

  • Jaiden – I liked the dance!
  • Noah – I liked the songs
  • Krystian – My favourite part of assembly was the dancing
  • Nevada – My favourite part of assembly was the dancing
  • Akem – My favourite part was the Baker Boy song
  • Zac – My favourite was when they said their favourite part of the school
  • Dion – The music!

Provocation: How have you used your Love of Learning Character Strength this week? 


Some of us have been super interested in optical illusions during investigation time so today we took some time to explore this! Some of you might remember this dress – some people see it as black and blue, some see gold and white… what do you see?

We then had the chance to create our own optical illusions! through investigations! 


Luke 2:41-52 – The Boy Jesus at the Temple

When Jesus was 12, He and his parents travelled to Jerusalem for Passover with a big group of their relatives.  During this trip, Jesus was left behind.  His parents found Him three days later teaching the elders in the Temple.  Mary and Joseph were worried about Jesus, but He was exactly where He needed to be.  Even at a young age, Jesus knew who He was and who His Father was and He was preparing Himself for His earthly ministry.

  • Mia– – He was teaching elders in the temple
  • Ann – He was trying to teach people how God was

What has Jesus taught you?

  • Ash – Jesus has taught me to be kind
  • Mia – Jesus has taught me to be nice to other people and you can still be friends with people who don’t know you
  • Holly – Jesus has taught me to be kind and believe in God
  • Zac – Be good
  • Libby – Jesus taught me to be kind and help other people if they’re hurt
  • Akemjot – Jesus taught me to be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper
  • Jevan – To be kind and not naughty
  • Kristina – Jesus has taught me to make new friends


We retuned after lunch to calm our bodies ready for an afternoon of exciting learning. We did this by listening to calm, soothing music and taking some deep centring breaths. 


We spent the afternoon working on our Writer’s Workshop stories. Our focus here is capital letters, full stops, speech marks and re-reading to edit independently.

Thank you so much for a wonderful week of learning! We will see your happy smiling faces on Monday! 🙂 



3JM Sports Day Teams


O’Loughlin O’Sullivan





























3IB Sports Day Teams





























WOW, Wednesday February 20 – Week 4 Term 1

Wow its Wednesday and guess what? 

Last night there was a FULL MOON… We are going to use that as a base for some of our learning today.


  • Ava – Signora helped us look at some sentences in Spanish and we had to repeat after her
  • Kurt – We had to learn Spanish words on our laptops


In today’s library session we read the book ‘Up and Down’.  We put on our detective hats and drew on our prediction skills to guess what the story might be about. We used the front cover and title as clues.

  • Jas – The penguin is trying to fly away
  • Ann – The penguin is trying to fly but it keeps going up and down
  • Aurora – I think the penguin sees other birds flying and wants to try to fly but he keeps on falling out the sky
  • Angok – It will go up and down
  • Zac – Maybe about how space works

We thought about what the moral of the story might be. The moral means what the story might be teaching us.

  • Cierra- The penguin wanted to fly
  • Lucas– The penguin wanted to fly but then he realised that penguins can’t fly
  • Kristina- The penguin went somewhere but then got lost but then he found his friend to get home
  • Mia- The penguin always did something with his best friend then he wanted to do something him self
  • Ash- He was trying to find his friend because he knew penguins don’t fly
  • Akemjot- The penguin wanted to fly and he wandered off and then he went in a canon and then got shot out and the friend had 4 choices in how he was going to catch him

Today the children started the Premiers Reading Challenge. The children have until term 4 to read and record 12 books. Their recording sheets will be kept in the library and they will record the books when they go to library on a Wednesday. 8 books have to be a book with a yellow or green dot and then 4 books of choice.


Together we shared a prayer for the stars, sun and moon;


How can you let your light shine?

  • Aurora- You can do it by spreading kindness
  • Cierra- You can fill peoples buckets
  • Jevan– Smiling at people
  • Mia- You can help someone that’s alone
  • Joey- You can be kind to everyone and love one another
  • Jake- Be kind to people and love Jesus
  • Kristina- Be happy everyday
  • Ava- Play with your family
  • Eva- Playing with people who don’t have anyone to play with
  • Holly- Making people cards and pictures
  • Rhoda– Being kind and helping each other
  • Tcross- Be kind by opening your heart and helping others and they will help you back
  • Akemjot- Never dip from someone else’s bucket


ACARA – Science – Science Understanding- Earth and space sciences

Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day (ACSSU048)

Today we explored the concepts of night and day. We looked at researching information on the moon, sun and stars and reflected using our 100 languages.

  • Aidan – In investigations I was drawing a made up planet.
  • Bianca – I learned about the moon.
  • Raf – I learned that the moon got holes by the asteroids
  • Jake – I learned that the full moon is a full moon, gibbous is like a quarter of it gone and then crescent and new moon
  • Aurora – I learned that the moon and the earths distance apart from each other is over 250, 000km
  • Angok – The moon is big!


An Indigenous Dreaming Story about the Moon.


This afternoon we continued on with our Place Value Investigations. We have shown such an amazing growth mindset to this new learning with such big numbers!

Once we had competed our investigations, we set ourselves up with our Prodigy accounts. Prodigy is a website in which we can master our maths learning. Whatever learning we are undertaking in class will be mirrored with online investigations / questions using the Prodigy website. It is a free, adaptive math game that integrates  math into a fantasy style game that students love playing. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides us the opportunity to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and better manage classroom time. With embedded assessments, and automatic differentiation, Prodigy ensures that each students succeeds at their own pace. This is definitely something that students can use to continue their numeracy learning at home!

Thank you for a fun filled day with lots of learning about the Moon in all different and exciting ways! 

Terrific Tuesday February 19 – Week 4 Term 1

Oh Hey, Tuesday! 


Tell me about it Tuesday!

If you could choose one super power to help change the world, what would it be?


Following on from our superpower reflections- Ashvarn suggested a superpower of love of learning because he wants the world to love learning and he wants the world to love Math, English and love learning.


…is being away of my thoughts, feelings and actions as a learning and able to use that awareness to take responsibility, to plan and manage learning processes.


…Mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge, whether on one’s own or formally; related to the strength of curiosity but goes beyond it to describe the tendency to add systematically to what one knows…

  • Dion- Things that can build and create
  • Mason – Writing
  • Jevan- Making books
  • Mia- Maths
  • Deakyn- Drawing and writing
  • Noah- Space
  • Ash- Space and the solar system
  • Holly- Writing and reading
  • Jake- How to make apps and games
  • Ann- Animals
  • Ava- Making origami and making things and drawing
  • Makur- Space
  • Lara- Science
  • Mary- How to get a job
  • Joey- Animals
  • Aidan- Inventions

The children then worked independently to explain what they love to learn about and what they need to help them learn about these things…



What would you pray to God for that would change the world for the better…

Dear God, I pray that you-

  • Makur -Dear God, I wish there is no more fighting
  • Mia- Dear God, I wish that there is no more fighting and we can all be friends and all the world can be kind
  • Krystian- Dear God, I pray that the world wouldn’t be full of anger anymore
  • Jevan- Dear God, I wish that there was no more pollution
  • Rehat- Dear God, I wish that there was no more drugs
  • Jas- Dear God, I wish that people wouldn’t be sad
  • Lynn- Dear God, I wish no one get cancer or die
  • Makur- Dear God, I wish there is no more bullying
  • Kristina- Dear God, I wish there was no more violence in the school
  • Ash- Dear God, Please don’t let bullying happen in schools that I saw in the news
  • Tcross- Dear God, I pray for the world to be a calm place and no violence to happen



ACARA – Number and Algebra

Number and Place Value- Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 10 000 (ACMNA052)


We started our lesson with a 20 question Kahoot exploring the skills we have covered on place value.


Today we continued to explore place value. The children were given a number of different tasks to recognise what number may be missing out of a series of numbers, what number comes before and or after a series of numbers and what number is out of place in a series of numbers.




Information Reports- Sequencing 

We continued our learning on information reports and today the children worked collaboratively with a partner to read an information report on either Tyrannosaurus Rex or Thunderstorms. They then used the information in the report to do an activity that was sorting a number of different factual statements into the sections of an information report. These being;

  • Classification (introduces the topic)
  • Description (what it looks like) (when they happen)
  • Description (what it eats) (where they happen)
  • Description (how it moves) (what effects they have)
  • Conclusion (sums up the topic)


See you all tomorrow for another day of learning and fun!

MAGNIFICENT Monday February 18 – Week 4 Term 1

Hi all!

Welcome to MAGNIFICENT Monday February 18 Week 4!

Can you believe we are already in Week 4? Time flies when you are having fun and undertaking so much fun and exciting learning! 


  • Joey– We had to watch this video with beats and then we had to do the beats with our hands
  • Mia- We did rhythms, like a line and every time we have to put our hands like that then we know how far
  • Tcross– In music we did some rhythms


Together in 3IB and 3JM we think we are all magnificent all day, every day! We discussed what we think is magnificent, why WE are magnificent and also commented and recorded on why one of our classmates is magnificent too!


  • Deakyn – It will be a good day
  • Aidan – AMAZING!
  • Ava – Awesome
  • Aurora – Spectacular
  • Jas – A beautiful days!

Why are YOU magnificent? 

  • Nevada – I am magnificent because I am. good friend
  • Jasmin – I am magnificent because I am unique
  • Bianca –I am magnificent because I am kind
  • Ann  -I am magnificent because there is no one like me
  • Holly  -I am magnificent because I am a good friend
  • Ebony -I am magnificent because I am love
  • Makur  -I am magnificent because I am nice
  • Ava  -I am magnificent because I play with my brother
  • Aurora – I am magnificent because I am kind
  • Kurt – I am magnificent because I am a  good learner
  • Lara – I am magnificent because I am unique in my own way
  • Annaliese- I am magnificent because I help my mum with lots of things
  • Mason- I am magnificent because I am a nice friend
  • Krystian- I am magnificent because I am good friend
  • Ash- I am magnificent because I feel people’s buckets and help people
  • Tcross- I am magnificent because I am nice to my friends and to everyone and I help others
  • Fran-  Incescaam magnificent because I am nice to my friends
  • Rehat- I am magnificent because what God created is me
  • Mary- I am magnificent because I am grateful for everything
  • Keren- I am magnificent because I am part of God creations
  • Kiziah- I am magnificent because God loves me
  • Mia- I am magnificent because I like how God made all the buildings colours
  • Cierra- I am magnificent because I am kind and I love everyone
  • Rhoda- I am magnificent because I am helpful and I am kind
  • Dion- I am magnificent because I like to play soccer and I like soccer
  • Eva- I am magnificent because I love my family and friends
  • Joey- I am magnificent because I eat baked beans and baked beans are my favourite food.
  • Kristina- I am magnificent because I love colours and you can choose your favourite colour
  • Nate- I am magnificent because I eat baked beans
  • Lucas- I am magnificent because I can make friends
  • Raf- I am magnificent because I read Captain Underpants
  • Noah- I am magnificent because I like running and I love my family
  • Jaiden- I am magnificent because I am kind

What makes our classmates magnificent? 

  • Miss B – Nevada: You’re a great listener and you always have a go
  • Nevada – Ebony: She’s a good friend
  • Ebony – Jevan: He’s nice
  • Jevan – Jake: He is funny
  • Jake – Kurt: He is nice and kind and funny
  • Kurt – Deakyn:  He plays with me all the time
  • Deakyn – Aidan: He is a magnificent nerd
  • Aidan – Bella: She is kind
  • Bella – Bianca: Bianca is a nice friend
  • Bianca – Ann: She is nice
  • Ann – Jas: She is a good friend
  • Jas – Darcy: Darcy is really kind
  • Darcy – Angok: Angok makes me really happy
  • Angok – Makur: Makur is nice
  • Makur – Maddox: He is kind, nice and he listens
  • Maddox – Samurai: He is kind
  • Samurai – Lynn: Lynn is kind
  • Lynn – Ava: She always is nice to me
  • Ava – Aurora: Aurora always makes me laugh
  • Aurora – Holly: She is kind and she is a good friend
  • Holly – Miss Battifuoco: Miss B is a lovely teacher and she makes me laugh and she is kind!


All things magnificent…

What LEARNING POWERS did she use?

  • Jake – She built something to help the puppy not run all the time
  • Eva – Creativity because she built it with pieces that came from something else
  • Ash – She used team work because her partner used a little ride so she can come down
  • TCross – Curiosity because she was being curious on what she could use
  • Lucas -Hope, because she hoped she could make it
  • Cierra – Hope
  • Akemjot – She used Love of Learning because she learned how to make something new
  • Ava – She build that thing on the scooter the dog can easily hop in and out
  • Mia – She used collaboration because the dog made her calm down when she was having a little walk
  • Ash – I forgive my brother because sometimes I fight with him and I don’t share with him. Amen.
  • Mary – Dear God, thank you for the world and thank you for making people and the world. Amen.
  • Joseph – I want to say a prayer for my nonna that is in heaven. I miss her. She always helped me make pasta.  Amen.
  • Miss Moore – Dear God, thank you for all the magnificent children in this classroom, Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for my baby brother because even though he is a little baby he can cheer me up. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, thank you for my teachers because they help me learn and make me laugh. Amen.


After prayer we utilised 20 minutes to focus on our reading. In this time we can read our readers independently whilst the teachers listen to different students read and provide strategies for them to work on.


  • Kurt and Jake are working together on a scary story!
  • Lucas is making a house out of paper with different characters
  • Makur is creating his own Bugatti car!
  • Noah, Deakyn and Aidan worked on perfecting their drawing skills using tutorials
  • Bella and Ann made their own wolf wallpaper
  • Francesca used her creative play and worked on a shopping centre
  • Ava is making a garage with a house on top with a car!


We relaxed and calmed our bodies after lunch in preparation for learning.


Before lunch we were in total flow! We were all busily working on all things magnificent that we decided to continue after lunch.


  • Holly – Making pictures for Miss Battifuoco
  • Nate – Investigations, me and Joseph made a bey blade arena
  • Cierra – Plaiyng with my friends
  • Mia – At lunch I played with Jasmine
  • Keren – I made a house with Mary and Kiziah and Mia
  • Kristina – My speck of gold was making a iStop motion

Thanks for a wonderful day! See you tomorrow! 

FANTASTIC FRIDAY February 15 – Week 3 Term 1

Fantastic Friday!



  • Kurt – My favourite part of assembly was the mobs
  • Mary – My favourite part of assembly was the songs like the sign language one
  • Joey – My favourite part was when they were doing the assembly the whole thing
  • Keren – My favourite part was the dance
  • Lara – My favourite part was when they got in groups
  • Krystian – I liked the dancing part, we are Australia
  • Deakyn – My favourite part was the bad boys


Today’s assembly was based around Indigenous People’s and their special groups of people called ‘Mobs’. We reflected on this back in class and how we too belong to many mobs.


This song was featured in today’s assembly. When it played in assembly over a video, our classes passionately joined along singing. For our Prayer today we watched another rendition and reflected on what the song might mean to us. 

  • Mia – It was about helping people and someone can always be around you
  • Mary – It is about being a good friend
  • Kristina – Never leave anybody out
  • Jake – It might be about being a good friend
  • Zac – Friends and family
  • Aurora – It was about belonging
  • Ava – Its like helping out and waiting for someone who needs your help
  • Joseph – I pray for my dog who is in heaven. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, I pray for my nonna who is in heaven that God watches over her. Amen.


We continued on with delving deeper into our Place Value Learning today. We had the option to investigate various different activities including;

  • Dominos- picture to word
  • Picture to Word to Number match game,
  • Roll and create 4 digit numbers,
  • T/H/T/U charts,
  • Guess the Mystery Number
  • Fishy Numbers filling the gaps


We met as our house group to discuss what we might get up to this year and the possibilities of different activities and events we can do as a house group. These are the classes in our house group.


3JM’s Buddies are 2RG and 3IB’s Buddies are 2JH. We met our buddies today to find out who they were and what we might get up to this year. We took photos together and started recording some facts we share in common!


  • Deakyn shared his new puppies with us using ICT!
  • Nathaniel, Akemjot and Makur were our first three class Dojo winners for excellent positive choices over the first few weeks! A fantastic effort boys keep up the amazing work and keep spreading kindness!!!!

Thank you for a wonderful Week 3 in Year 3! Have a happy and safe weekend 🙂