FLOURISHING Friday March 29 – Week 9 Term 1

Welcome to Funky Friday March 29!

After a super busy week, today we celebrate all things happy! ūüôā


  • Jasmine – My favourite part is when they sang Happier and they danced
  • Aidan – My favourite part of the assembly was Happier
  • Andy – Lots of people dancing
  • Mia – My favourite part was Happier
  • Bella – My favourite part was when the teachers did a push up contest
  • Holly – My favourite part was when they sang Happier
  • Ann – My favourite part was when they were doing the dance

The assembly focussed on student agency. What do you think STUDENT AGENCY is?

  • Aurora – I think student agency means they take their own learning and not copying anyone else
  • Raf – It is when they never give up on their studying
  • Angok – When you learn about things like dinosaurs
  • Nevada – When you learn new things
  • Eva – I think it means that there is a group and they work altogether
  • Deakyn – They were doing what they can see and learn about animals
  • Ava – They were learning some facts about animals and dinosaurs


As we came in for recess this was set up on the ground-

We had some predictions about what is set up on the ground:

  • Aurora- I think the plates with the names on it because its Holy Week soon
  • Ann- I think the bread is for the plates and the people is in the wine and the bread is for the bread story
  • Ava- I think the bread in the middle is for the body of Jesus and the little pink cup is for the blood he shared and plates are the people in his life with him
  • Lynn- I guess the stuff of this is when he was telling people about before he was going to die
  • Ash- So I think the bread is his body and all the names are all the names of the servants and then he said this is my body and this is my life
  • Akem- I think the bread is for Jesus body and the drink is his blood and the plates are the people that are there for the supper
  • Mia- I think its the night before Jesus died and he said bread will be his body and wine will be his blood

We then watched an animated story that told the story of the last supper.

We discussed each section of the story and sequenced the events in the story opening dialogue about why the things happened and how they are present in our lives today.

  • Miss B- So after the story what do the things on the mat represent?
  • Deakyn- Jesus body and you eat it
  • Zac- Its his blood
  • Miss B-¬†Its a symbol of his body and his blood. Of course we can’t actually eat the really body and blood so the Catholic Church made symbols from the Last Supper
  • Joseph– How many disciples are there?
  • Miss B- 12 disciples. There were many more followers but his main supporters were the 12 disciples
  • Mia- How did they follow Jesus?
  • Miss B- If you think of Australia like Israel. Jesus would go all over the country and the disciples would go with him and travel with him supporting him
  • Jas- My brother is about the eat the bread, he is in year 5
  • Akem- When Jesus was about to go on the cross did the disciples follow him?
  • Miss B- Yes they did follow him and they were not happy at all. We will learn more about this
  • Aurora- Did he get any more disciples?
  • Miss B- After he rose from the dead he got a lot more believers as. they had a new found respect and belief that he really was the son of God and a miracle worker
  • Jevan- Jesus rises on Easter
  • Ash- He picked the cross up
  • Mary- When I was younger I didn’t know you could still get blessed even if you didn’t get the bread

We used our 100 languages to show what we know about the Last Supper. 


  • Lynn – I am grateful for playing with my friends
  • Deakyn – I am grateful for my family and friends and teachers
  • Holly – I am grateful for my friends for letting me play with them and NAPLAN
  • Darcy – I am grateful for playing with the big boys we went with my friends marching
  • Aidan – I am grateful for NAPLAN and investigations
  • Ava – I am grateful for my mum because she is caring for me on my NAPLAN
  • Jas – This week I am grateful for drawing a girl and a boy
  • Jevan – This week I am grateful for kind friends
  • Maddox – I am grateful for the beach
  • Libby – I am grateful for my friends and my teachers
  • Aurora – I am grateful for my school


This afternoon we began investigating subtraction. 

Subtraction is….

  • Nevada – Taking away
  • DD – Taking away numbers and you equal what you think it is
  • Francesca – Take numbers away
  • Jaiden – Taking away a number
  • Nate – Take away numbers
  • Lynn – When you get a number like 10. 10 take away 1 is 9
  • Kiziah – Taking away

We used our agency to work through some different open ended inquiry questions.

I am going to use humour and zest on the weekend by…

  • Joey – Using humour on the weekend by playing soccer with my dad
  • Mary – I will play with my cousins for my Nonna’s birthday
  • Noah – By walking to the city!
  • Miss Moore – I might tell some jokes to my friends
  • Miss Battifuoco – I am going to be zesty at the Port Adelaide Power football game and cheer for my team!
  • Ava aka Cupcake – I will use humour by watching anime

Have a lovely weekend year 3’s! We can’t wait to hear your humorous, zesty stories on Monday!¬†

TALENTED Thursday March 28 – Week 9 Term 1

Welcome to TALENTED Thursday March 28!

Today we adopt our own very special and very unique growth mindsets to tackle the practice NAPLAN test.


We began our day with a special class prayer lead by 3IB. Thank you to Aurora’s mum and brother who joined us and participated in the prayer. Thank you to our beautiful year 3 students who read and engaged with responses. Thank you to God for always listening to us.



We spent some time on the playground this morning using up some energy before practicing the NAPLAN. Some of us who hadn’t had breakfast got given some toast to fuel our brains!¬†It is so important that we are eating each day before school.


Together we completed the Year 3 National NAPLAN Practice. We are so proud of the growth mindsets that we all showed.


Character Strength Tennis! ¬†Let’s pass the¬†invisible¬†ball¬†around the room and tell each other¬†what we think our top character strengths are.¬†

IMG_3899-1ftgmo8 IMG_3900-2c1prcz IMG_3901-2k24w7w IMG_3905-x3in6u IMG_3906-1fiiwcf


  • Holly – My top character strength is love and zest because I love dancing and I love to spend time to run around that is why zest is one of my top character strength and I love spending time with people and I love my friends and family so that is why love is anther one of my top character strengths.
  • Rhoda –¬†My top character strength is hope and kindness because I am kind to other people and letting people play with me when they have no-one to play with.
  • Eva –¬†My top character strength is creativity because I like making things and because I like making a mess.
  • Jake –¬†My top character strength is humour & kindness & love because I think I’m funny like when I told the WHOLE ENTIRE class my Harembe story they laughed.I think I’m love because I’m nice to my mum & dad also sisters.I think I’m kind because I am nice to my friends because they are nice because if they are nice then I should be nice to them as well BYE!!
  • Dion –¬†My top character strength is creativity because I think I am creative & I like to create things.
  • Ann –¬†My top character strength is creativity because I like to make and draw.
  • Ebony – My top character strength is creativity because i like making things.
  • Bella – My top character strength is honesty because everything I tell my friends is true.
  • Cierra-My top character strength is creativity because ¬†I come up with something new every single day.
  • Kristina -My top character strength is creativity and kindness because I want to be nice and be creative.
  • Nevada-My top character strength is creativity because I like making new things and I like being creative with my friends.
  • Miss Battifuoco but Rhoda wrote this –¬†My top character strength love ¬†and zest because I like to show love to all different people and things. Zest because I think it is important to have lots of energy and happiness for little things and big things.
  • Aurora –¬†My top character strength zest because I always want to dance a lot of energy.
  • Libby –¬†My top character strength zest because I always want to dance and have fun and have a lot of energy.
  • Ash –¬†My top character strengths is bravery because then In cricket I can hit the ball form the oval so it can be six.
  • Akem –¬†My top character strength creativey because I love drawing making and all different type of making stuff.

With our buckets full, we used our 100 languages to show our top Character Strengths! 


Who? What? When? Where? These were our buzz words for this afternoon as we planned and drafted the introduction to our own narratives! We discussed the importance of including the who, what, when and where in our stories. Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore created their own introduction to a story and we had to find it in there.

Thank you for a day filled with perseverance, kindness and new learning! See you tomorrow Year 3’s!¬†

Witty Wednesday March 27 – Week 9 Term 1

Welcome to WITTY WEDNESDAY March 28!

  • Just a reminder to please return your Sports Day forms as soon as possible. Our Sports Day is next Friday! All information was attached to the permission form and ¬†will be posted to the blog leading up to the day.
  • Our second reminder is for students to please bring their laptops 100% charged to school tomorrow as we undertake the national NAPLAN practice at 10:00am with the rest of the year 3, 5,7 and 9 Australian school students.
  • Tomorrow 3IB is hosting class prayer. All are welcome at 9am in the classroom.


  • Aurora – We were learning how to say classroom catch phrases like, ‘can I go to the bathroom?’
  • Makur – There is something that the teacher showed and we have to learn it in Spanish. Like going to the toilet etc.


In today’s library visit we read the story ‘Let me sleep, sheep!’ Thank you to Ava, Makur and Akemjot who all read the story for us and practiced different reading strategies that we practice in class such as voice projection, expression and fluency.¬†

Together we answered some oral comprehension questions about the story before borrowing our readers for the coming week. It is so pleasing to hear that students are reading each night at home and are wanting to continually improve their reading.


  • Akemjot – He helped some people
  • Mia – He saw people on the boat and he walked on water and then people were surprised on the boat
  • Aurora – Jesus was walking on water and then another person tried to and he sinked and Jesus helped
  • Anna – Jesus walked on water and people thought he was a ghost

How does Jesus show zest and humour?

  • Deakyn – He was excited to walk on water
  • Ash – He used his energy to walk on the water to show people how to respect God
  • Aurora – He was using zest because he had a lot of confidence and excitement when he was walking on water


Today we practised the Language Conventions part of the NAPLAN before the national practice test tomorrow. We feel as though we are now familiar with the online portal and are feeling ready to tackle the practice tomorrow!


We put on our growth mindset caps and got to work! We continued on with our vertical addition investigations before putting our new learning into action using Prodigy. This is something that can be practiced at home and is encouraged by the teachers.


To de-escalate our bodies today we engaged in our favourite form of mindfulness…drawing and colouring! Zac shared with us his drawing. Zac was in total flow for the 20 minutes of mindfulness, showing us an example of what can happen when we engage in mindfulness whole-heartedly! Great job Zac.

Provocation: What is Zest and Humour?

  • Libby, Aurora, Lynn all created their own humorous dance
  • Deakyn, Mason and Angok filmed a funny video using their laptop
  • Aidan spent time creating his own drawings
  • Dion, Jevan, Raf, Jake and Kurt created a film based on the Zest Character Strength!
  • Joseph created a magic, ‘zest Pokemon box!’

Thank you all for a wonderful, witty Wednesday! Don’t forget to come to school with your laptop on 100% battery tomorrow morning! ūüôā See you then!¬†

TELL A JOKE TUESDAY March 26 – Week 9 Term 1



 Tell a joke  Tuesday 

Write 4 jokes and then test on your friends, which is the best one.

  • Cierra – Knock knock, who’s there, there who, their bu,
  • Nevada – Why did the chicken cross the road? To go to KFC so he could eat it!
  • Deakyn – Knock knock, who’s there? The annoying cow who, MOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Holly – What did the traffic light say to the car? Look straight I am about to change!!
  • Bella – What do you call a sad coffee? A depresso!
  • Lucas – Why do I look like an ice cube? Because I am cool!
  • Raf – Why does the Camel have three humps? Pregnant!
  • Kurt – Why did your mum cross the road? Because she wanted to break traffic with a monster truck
  • Dion – Why did the man cross the road? Because there was no toilet on the other side
  • Mason – How do you make milkshake? Say moo!
  • Jev – Why did the chicken go back? Because he left his chicks on the road!
  • Jas – Why did Miss B Like eating donuts? Because she’s doooooned!
  • Ann – Why did the robber rob the bank? Because it was a rubber
  • Lucas – Why did Dion get annoyed at the bug? Because it was bugging him!
  • Rehat– What goes on and on and has an I in the middle? An onion!
  • Akemjot – Why do people lock the toilets at the petrol station? Because someone might clean them
  • Jake – Knock knock, who’s there, doctor who, YOU GOT IT!
  • Nevada – Why did the rockmelon go to the stars? Because it wanted to be a rock star


Ahead of the National Practice test on Thursday, today we practiced a Reading component of the NAPLAN. We see value in preparing ourselves for the test via the online platform. We discussed different expectations on test day and how we can set ourselves up for success.


I can spread kindness by….

  • Rhoda – I can spread kindness by being kind to other people and helping them when they are hurt
  • Annaliese –¬†I can spread kindness by being nice to people
  • Joey –¬†I can spread kindness by saying nice things to other people
  • Deakyn –¬†I can spread kindness by being nice and not being selfish and sharing with people
  • Zac –¬†I can spread kindness by helping people with being kind
  • Makur –¬†I can spread kindness by being friendly and being kind to everyone
  • Lara –¬†I can spread kindness by helping my friends if they need it
  • Mason –¬†I can spread kindness by being a nice friend
  • Ava –¬†I can spread kindness by letting people play and join in something fun
  • Holly –¬†I can spread kindness by helping people when they fall down and let other people play with me
  • Krystian –¬†I can spread kindness by helping other people
  • Bella –¬†I can spread kindness by making everything fair
  • Ann –¬†I can spread kindness by being fair
  • Jas –¬†I can spread kindness by being kind to each other
  • Libby –¬†I can spread kindness by helping little kids and everybody
  • Kurt –¬†I can spread kindness by using fairness like letting someone into the game we are playing
  • Darcy –¬†I can spread kindness by loving and sharing and happiness
  • Noah–¬†I can spread kindness by not being selfish and being nice to other people
  • Aidan –¬†I can spread kindness by sharing with people and being friendly
  • Maddox –¬†I can spread kindness by being happy
  • Cierra –¬†I can spread kindness by letting people play with me


Vertical Addition 


  • Holly – We practiced our high jump and we did a 40m sprint



This afternoon we discussed what a Narrative actually is. Together we had a look at the different types of narratives and the correct structure to create our own. 

PROVOCATION: Can you invent your own character to live in the World of Night.

MAKE ME SMILE MONDAY March 25 – Week 9 Term 1


As we enter the last 3 weeks of term we will be preparing the children for NAPLAN by becoming familiar with how the test will be run on the computer and the conditions when the test is happening. The tests will be run over Week 3 next term.



You have 86,400 seconds today. Will you use one of those seconds to SMILE or make someone SMILE?


Today in music the children made different rhythms using their hands. They had to listen carefully to a set of rhythms and not do the poison rhythm.

  • Libby- Poison rhythms
  • Rehat- Mrs Crisp makes up a rhythm and she does a lot of rhythms and if she does the poison your out
  • Akem- The poison rhythm is the rhythm that if you do it then you are out


We started our week with some gratitude prayers. We first listened to the following song and then followed with our prayers.

Dear God, I am grateful for…

  • Rehat- Dear God, I am grateful for God for what he made for us
  • Krstina –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for the lovely students and the teachers
  • Joey-¬†Dear God, I am grateful for the trees for making us oxygen
  • Holly –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for the trees because without them we wouldn’t have oxygen to breath
  • Nevada –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for my friends and family as they are nice to me and help me
  • Makur –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for everything
  • Aurora –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for all the lovely things we have and all the oxygen so we can survive and for everything because it is really nice
  • Nate –¬†Dear God, I am grateful for my dog so my and my dog can play
  • Akem – Dear God, I am grateful for the world you create so we can live in peace
  • Eva – Dear God, I am grateful for my family and friends
  • Jake – Dear God, I am grateful for my mum and for my family members because they are really nice
  • Mary – Dear God, I am grateful for my uncle dog because he always plays with the leaves
  • Keren – Dear God, I am grateful for my friends and family
  • Mia- Dear God, I am grateful for my dad because he always takes me to wonderful places
  • Anna – Dear God, I am grateful for you because if we didn’t have you we wouldn’t be in this world
  • Raf– Dear God, I am grateful for land because with out land we would be stuck in the sea
  • Jas – Dear God, I am grateful for God because he created the world
  • Bianca– Dear God, I am grateful for my cousin because she is kind
  • Angok– Dear God, I am grateful for my friends they are kind to me
  • Zac – Dear God, I am grateful for existence
  • Ash – Dear God, I am grateful for everything so we can survive and eat and drink
  • Annaliese– Dear God, I am grateful for my mum and my dad


Zest and Humour

Have you ever met someone who lives their life to the fullest?

They go out dancing; exploring a new world, their face always shows an expression of joy and excitement. Just being near them, you sense all of their energy as it radiates upon you.

These are people with zest!

Defining Zest

Whether it is energy, enthusiasm, or vigor, basically Zest is a way of ‚Äėapproaching life with excitement and energy‚Äô (Park & Peterson, 2009). It is rare for them to do things halfway or halfheartedly- they are alive and activated (Park, Peterson & Seligman, 2004).

According to the VIA Classification of Character Strengths (2015), Zest falls under the category of courage, the strength that allows us to overcome fear. This is why we see people with zest do extraordinary things.


Today we explored what zest and humour mean and how we can use them to live a life of happiness.

What is zest?

  • Mia – It is when you have lots of energy
  • Aurora – Its when you try something new like a sport and you keep trying
  • Ash– Its when you have a new sport and you are really excited
  • Makur– More energy
  • Joey- Its when you have a lot of energy and have to get it out of your body
  • Akem– Means like if you have a lot of energy and have to take it out of your body and go for a run

What is humour?

  • Jake – Its about making people laugh and its about when people are happy and funny
  • Ava – They react to what they see
  • Kristina- Humour is when you make people laugh and its about something funny
  • Lucas – Its how you act
  • Mia- Its when you are having a lot of fun and never want to stop
  • Ash – Its when you are laughing and people are doing funny things and you are doing funny things and its lots of joy
  • Aurora – Its when someone is trying to make you laugh and you feel happy
  • Joey- Its if you are sad and someone tries to make you happy they can always find a way to make you happy
  • Akem- Humour is another way to say laughing and if you tell a joke it will make someone else laugh and you will enjoy it and they will enjoy it
  • Raf- Its when you feel like you don’t know what to do and your friend comes and makes jokes and you laugh

The children used their 100 languages to show zest and humour.

We then came together to share our learning at the end.

  • Aidan, Deakyn and Joey- Sharing a video they made about Pokemon. Within their video was some bloopers that were intended to make the children laugh.
  • Lucas and Dion – Made an iMovie that showed drawings of humour and zest.
  • Holly and Jas- Used paper to make jokes.
  • Libby, Aurora, Lynn and Lara- Made a dance to make people laugh.
  • Jake, Raf and Kurt – Made a humour video.
  • Cierra, Kristina and Nevada– Made an iMovie to show humour.


Today we rested our bodies in a comfortable position and practised slow breathing techniques whilst listening to some relaxing rain sounds.




This afternoon we continued our stories in Writer’s Workshop. The children were encouraged to add detail about where the story is set, what the characters are doing and saying and the different things that could happen in their stories.


I saw Andy and Maddox were playing happy together.

I saw Mason and Angok were including little children in their play.

I saw Jevan fell down and Akemjot helped him up.

Zac helped the positive police.


See you all tomorrow ūüôā



HARMONY WEEK Friday March 22 – Week 8 Term 1

Hi Bloggers! Today we celebrate HARMONY DAY!


  • Darcy – I liked all the dances
  • Lucas – I liked my class dance
  • Jevan – I liked my dance and I was so nervous
  • Jake – I liked our dance because it was really fun and this our second time of being in assembly
  • Cupcake – I like my dance because to not feel nervous I pictured something in my head
  • Anna – I liked our class dance
  • Deakyn – I liked every one else dance
  • Ash. – When I was front of the whole entire school I wasn’t even nervous
  • Kurt – I like our class dance and the others because I was nervous, I got comfortable doing it
  • Kristina – I like the Indian dance because it was cool
  • Nevada – I liked our class dance because it was fun

We showed an amazing growth mindset to performing our two Spanish Dances on stage today! 



PRAYER PROVOCATION – What do YOU think Harmony Day is?


Today we practiced our Reading Comprehension skills again through learning about Saint Joseph. Together read about his life and all he was about before independently answering some questions. We modelled how to answer a comprehension question as a year 3.


How lucky are we to be able to share a special lunch together today? We tried foods from all around the world!





HARMONY DAY Thursday March 21 – Week 8 Term 1





After completing the Harmony Day reading comprehension yesterday we reflected about the ways in which the children were answering the questions given. We gave a demonstration on the types of answers they should be writing and in full sentences. The children were then given opportunity to go back and check what they had done yesterday and add to / edit their work. We will continue to work on these comprehension type activities as when the children complete the reading section of NAPLAP they will be asked comprehension questions to follow.


We watched Jess Glynne’s performance of Thursday at the BRIT awards. As we are focusing on comprehension, we looked to see if we could find what the meaning behind the song is! We discussed that people write songs with an intention and with a message to give to listeners. Here is what we thought the message of the school might be;

  • Lucas – Just try and be yourself
  • Ashvarn – Stay as you are and don’t change yourself
  • Anna – Don’t change for anyone or anything
  • Mia – You don’t need make up to look beautiful because you are in your heart
  • Krystian – Never let yourself down
  • Jevan – It doesn’t matter what you look like because every body is different
  • Aurora – It doesn’t matter how you look like because you are beautiful and what matters is what’s on the inside not the outside
  • Ann – You don’t need to change a thing
  • Mary – You don’t need make up to make you look beautiful because you can be beautiful in different ways
  • Rehat – Just be who you are you dont need make up to look better
  • Cierra – It doesn’t matter what you look on the outside its what is inside that matters


We practiced our Spanish dances with Miss Moise for the last time before we perform them at the Harmony Day Assembly tomorrow!



¬†‘A carpenter though born to the royal house of David, Joseph was an upright man who, as a husband of the Virgin Mary, cared for Mary and the child Jesus. Venerated in the ¬†East after the fourth century, following the development of medieval nativity plays, the Christmas crib, and increased devotion to Mary.’


Today for mindfulness we continued with our mindful colouring from yesterday as the children only had limited time yesterday due to Mass Practice.



Today we worked on our addition skills. These including adding groups of things together (being able to see how many) and then adding these together, number bonds, addition with a number line, counting on and counting backwards to find any given number.

Reminder tomorrow is our shared lunch. We will be eating at 12:20pm. Please bring a small plate of LUNCH food for the children to share on FRIDAY. This will be the children’s lunch on the day. Both 3JM and 3IB will be performing Spanish Dances tomorrow at the assembly. ¬†

HARMONY WEEK Wednesday March 20 – Week 8 Term 1

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to the International Day of Happiness! 


  • Lynn – We practiced our Spanish dances in the hall
  • Makur – We got to wear the hats


Tying in perfectly with Harmony Week, today our focus story was ‘I’m Australian Too.’ Thank you to Lynn and Ebony who read the story to us today.

Each week in our library sessions, our stories are now going to be read by us, the children! This gives us a chance to practice our oral language and different reading strategies that we discuss in class like; volume, voice projection, fluency and expression.

What does this story show us?

  • Aidan – We are reading it because of Harmony Day
  • Ava – Everybody even if you are from another country they still belong in one place
  • Jas – Be kind to one another
  • Holly – Everyone can live in Australia even though they are from a different country
  • Aurora – It doesn’t matter what country or skin colour because we can all unite and be friends


Today for Prayer we each made and individual pledge. The pledge surrounded how we can live in Harmony. These are going to be displayed in a paper chain at the Harmony Day assembly on Friday.


Together we looked at a Harmony Day Reading Comprehension. Each of us had a different set of questions to investigate and answer.


March 20 is the International Day of Happiness and this year’s theme is Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.¬†Everyone wants to be happy – and life is happier when we’re together. So today, and every day in 3IB and 3JM we ¬†celebrate our common humanity.

How can we be happy together?

  • Lucas – working as a team
  • Libby – being kind and giving poor people clothes and toys
  • Cupcake – Giving stuff to poor people and sharing with others
  • Lynn – Spreading around joy and being kind with others and doing team work and helping
  • Darcy ¬†– Sharing love
  • Mason – Being nice to everyone
  • Aurora– Giving not taking
  • Kristina – Being kind and giving poor people clothes because they might be cold
  • Lara – Being kind
  • Mary – Donating
  • Jas – Don’t be rude, be kind
  • Mia – Treating others how you would like to be treated
  • Nate – To be nice to other people and not to be rude to people
  • Makur – Being kind
  • Dion – Being kind and give things to people
  • Keren – Helping others and not dipping their buckets
  • Cierra – Letting people play with you
  • Nev – Making sure no one is left out
  • Ebony – Being nice
  • Maddox – Be happy
  • Zac – Be fair
  • Kurt – Being nice to one another
  • Eva– Treat people how you want to be treated


We consulted our Mindfulness Schedule and saw that today it was time for some Mindful Drawing! We completed some Harmony Day colouring and pictures.


After lunch we met Mr. Urdanoff in the Centre to practice for our Mass that is taking place tomorrow. All are welcome tomorrow after recess at 11:20.


  • Lucas – This is my newborn baby brother he was born a a few days ago. The baby Nirbaan!
  • Kristina – This is my rabbit that I took a photo of yesterday.
  • Zac – This is what I got for my birthday. With the telescope I got for my birthday I seen the moon and we seen the moons craters. We seen the asteroids that have hit it and the holes that it has made.

HARMONY WEEK Tuesday March 19 – Week 8 Term 1

Our cultural diversity

  • Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country ‚ÄĒ from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world.
  • Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It makes Australia a great place to live.
  • An integrated multicultural Australia is an integral part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation.

Facts and figures

There are some fascinating statistics about Australia’s diversity that can be good conversation-starters:

  • nearly half (49 per cent) of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was
  • we identify with over 300 ancestries
  • since 1945, more than 7.5 million people have migrated to Australia
  • 85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia
  • apart from English, the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin,¬†Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Tagalog/Filipino, Hindi, Spanish and Punjabi
  • more than 70 Indigenous languages are spoken in Australia.

These facts are taken from ABS 2016 Census Data. Check out the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.


  • Jake – braces
  • Bella – river
  • Joey – trail
  • Akemjot – city
  • Cierra – USA
  • Rhoda – Aussie
  • Aidan – verse
  • Dion – bed
  • Lynn – great
  • Miss Moore – visit
  • Cupcake – diver
  • Darcy – said
  • Lucas – Lucas
  • Noah – city
  • Libby – letter
  • Aurora – late
  • Makur – Anthony
  • Andy – star
  • Holly – Bella
  • Francesca – dive
  • Rehat – lettuce
  • TCross – bite
  • Annaliese – at
  • Krystian – ride
  • Jaiden – drivers
  • Ann – rat
  • Mary – I
  • Eva – Eva
  • Anna – sell, cell
  • Nate – brat
  • Ash – cat


Today we practiced some independent reading and completing a short comprehension task about what we have read. We thought about the Who, What, When and Where of our books.


Our focussed Learning Power this week is Collaboration. We see Collaboration an important part of celebrating diversity and Harmony Week. We decided that this links to the Character Strengths of Fairness and Teamwork also.

What is collaboration? 

  • Mary – Everyone working together as a team
  • Nate – Working together
  • Darcy – Friendship
  • Ava – Teamwork
  • Anna – Sharing your thoughts
  • Ash – Helping other people and making the world good
  • Akem – It means being together and having fun
  • Mia – It means making the world have kindness

What is fairness?

  • Ann – Making a world ab better place and sharing
  • Deakyn – Fairness is letting people play with you
  • Raf – Fairness is when you can share with other people
  • Lucas – Sharing is making things people
  • Annaliese – You can share with everybody

We discussed different scenarios and voted on whether we thought they were fair and unfair and why! 


In light of Harmony Week, together we read the story ‘We are all different.’

We then discussed what makes us special!

  • Miss Moore – I have dark brown hair and I play basketball
  • Miss Battifuoco – I have light brown hair and I play football
  • Eva – I have orange hair
  • Aidan – I am weird I have black hair
  • Lucas – I am bigger than Deakyn
  • Dion – I am taller than Nate
  • Aurora – I am a dancer
  • Holly – I have blonde hair and I do gymnastics
  • Lara – I have light brown hair and I like slime
  • Joey – I have blonde hair and taller than Deakyn
  • Makur – I play soccer and I am fast
  • Anna – I don’t have ear rings
  • Darcy – Me and Jevan are friends, we are different but we are still friends
  • Maddox – I am kind
  • Zac – I have brown hair
  • Angok – I play Fortnite
  • Ebony – I play netball


  • Nevada – We practiced high jump
  • Darcy – We played high jump
  • Lynn – In sports we did that kind of its a throwing one with a heavy ball


We continued on with our addition investigation today! Together we problem solved various different types of addition questions Рeven some we might see in the NAPLAN!  We navigated a numeracy practice test to get ourselves familiar with how the test will look and how to actually answer each question. These can be found online for further practice; https://www.nap.edu.au/naplan/the-tests AND https://pages.assessform.edu.au/pages/year-3-demos. We will be conducting sessions like this frequently in the lead up to NAPLAN for next term so we feel prepared and ready to give it our best shot!