CHOOSE DAY TUESDAY April 30 – Week 1 Term 2


Brain Teaser

Each day we have a lot of important choices to make…

What will you choose to do today?

What will you choose to be?


For example: I choose to be determined! I choose to shine!

  • Nevada – I want to be a good friend because I want to make more friends
  • Jev – I want to be fair in soccer because it is fair and people just aren’t fair
  • Jake – I think I will try my hardest and best to do my best in sports
  • Deakyn – I want to play with my friends so I don’t be lonely and bored
  • Ash – I want to be love of learning so I can learn things I don’t know
  • Mia – I want to be positive and make new friends for people that don’t have friends and be kind and make right choices

Influence reflections- 

Character Strengths – Love of Learning

  • Ash – She likes reading books and making herself smarter
  • Aurora – She likes to read and she always likes to learn
  • Akem – You can see by the intelligence the more they learn the more intelligent they are
  • Mia – She wasn’t really shy to ask and she was practicing at home

What do you want to learn about this term? What will your Personal Project be about?


Music and Prayer 


Today for prayer we explored the use of music when praying. We looked at the history of music and how new music is released and streamed today. We looked at the lyrics in one of Pink’s new song and how the lyrics can be related to values of being a good person. The song is called ‘COURAGE’ and Miss B thought of the children in our class when she first heard it.

What is courage?

  • Ava– Its by letting people know that you can do it
  • Anna– Its when you tell someone something and then they have more confidence
  • Aurora– Being brave before doing something big
  • Mia– Telling people that you can do and then showing people how easy it is

The lyrics of the chorus are…

Have I the courage to change?
Have I the courage to change?
Have I the courage to change today?

What can this mean about having the courage?

  • Jake– It means that someone will say you can do it if you don’t feel like you can’t
  • Ann– It means if you were a bully you could change and be nice
  • Aurora– If you see someone being mean and you say something

What is something you can do to make someone’s day better?

  • Bella– Say something to fill someones bucket
  • Ebony– Help someone, when Eva is sad I cheer her up
  • Raf– Playing with other people when they are lonely
  • Krystian– Letting me know that when stuff is scary let them know it is ok
  • Angok– Being a good person, be kind
  • Noah– Being kind to people and not hurt anyone
  • Frankie– Helping people if they don’t know how to do something
  • Kurt– Including people to play
  • Jaiden– Helping people up when they are hurt
  • Eva– When someone is sad be nice to them
  • Darcy– Helping someone if they are lonely by playing with them
  • Dion– Sometimes you can let someone play with you
  • Cierra– If you see someone struggling you can help them
  • Lucas– If you see someone who can’t do something you can help them do it



Before we headed off to sport we had a quick Kahoot refreshing our memory about reading analogue clocks before our time lesson.

We used the interactive clock to show how the big hand moves for each minute of an hour and how the small hand moves but represents each hour we revisited where the big hand would be always if it was an o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to time. We then revisited how to read where the hour hand is to figure out the time. For example if it is between the 8 and the 9 it has to be 8 something because it is not yet at the 9 and this gives us the clue to reading what the time will be.

The children then had the opportunity to show o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times on a flip chart. They had to draw the hands on each clock and then will continue to work on this at a later date adding in the written times.


Today we used smiling mind to check in with our bodies and breathing and do some guided meditation. We then used some music to continue our relaxation before starting our next lesson.

Literacy – Persuasive Texts

Today the children worked with a partner to write a persuasive text on the topic below.

All children should be able to have a laptop at school.

We had to ensure we had an Introduction, 3 reasons and a conclusion.  This might be something we have to answer in the NAPLAN so we are getting some good practice! We will continue this amazing work tomorrow!

Have a lovely night! Please remember your library books for tomorrow 🙂

WELCOME BACK! Monday April 29 – Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to Term 2!

We are super excited for another term filled with exciting learning, happy smiles and positive relationships! This term we will celebrate Mission Day in Week 5 and also participate in our Sport’s Day with a date soon to be determined. Term 2 and 3 will also see us in our full winter uniform. We hope your holidays were full of many different specks of gold! Miss Battifuoco loved spending extra time with family and friends over the Easter break and being able to walk along the beach in the mornings! Miss Moore’s speck of gold was spending time away wit her family for Easter! 🙂

  • Aurora – Going to my nannas three times and having a sleepover
  • Bella – I watched Avengers End Game
  • Jas – I went to a shop and me and my brother bought 2 giant teddies
  • Jake – I went to the Adelaide Jail to try and find words in every location, I went with my mum and I actually went with another kid and we were hunting for the toy.
  • Aidan –  I went to the Adelaide Oval and Port Adelaide won!
  • Deakyn – I watched End Game and swinging off songs into the lake and going kayaking
  • Nevada– – I celebrated Easter with my family and my mum’s birthday
  • Angok – I went to Flip Out!



What actually is a goal?

  • Holly – When you pick something you want to get better at and you keep on trying
  • Jake – A goal is when you want to do something you really want to do and you keep doing it and get better and better
  • Ava – A goal could be also a speck of gold
  • Ann – A goal could be like something you really want to do and get better at it
  • Akem– A goal is something you try to do and you try to complete it so you can try to get better at it
  • Lucas– A goal is when you accomplish something
  • Nate– A goal is working as a team
  • Ash– A goal is when you try something you and you complete it and try to get better at it
  • Dion– A goal is when you try to improve something
  • Mia– A goal is something that you really want and you keep on trying to get it

What do you want to get better at?

  • Jasmine – Get better at times tables
  • Ava – Get better at piano
  • Nevada – Play with new people and make new friends
  • Jevan – Making with boxes
  • Bianca – Learning how to read and get better
  • Ebony – How to do art
  • Lynn – Getting my books
  • Andy – Get better at maths
  • Maddox –  Get better at reading
  • Mary– drawing and making
  • Mia- Writing and spelling
  • Keren– Painting
  • Kiziah– Drawing, painting and making
  • Dion- Building
  • Akem– Doing art and crafting



  • Kurt – We had to search for musical Easter symbols


  • Libby – Anzac Day is where you celebrate people that went to war
  • Mia – These people from the war told us a story at OSHC in the holidays. They showed us a display of what the boat looked like
  • Anna – My dad and my dads friend watch footy a lot. Most of the times when I watch with them there is a National Anthem

  • Mia – Dear God, please make my grandma and my aunty safe in my country and don’t let war happen and please make life peaceful in my country. Amen.
  • Ash – Dear God, please make my country better because some houses break and they have no where to live. Amen.
  • Ava – Dear God, thank you for grandpa because he helped the country and went to war and I am happy he survived. Amen.
  • Anna – I hope every country can get a long so we don’t have any wars. Amen.


We used our 100 languages to reflect on Anzac Day and show our understanding. 

  • Krystian, Noah, Joseph, Raf and Mason worked together using the blocks to re-create a scene from war
  • Nate and Jevan used lego to make a submarine in the war
  • Lucas, Akemjot, Dion and Ashvarn wanted to use their language of drawing to re-create a soldiers uniform
  • Mary, Keren, Kiziah and Mia, Bella, Holly, Jas, Deakyn also used their ICT skills to support them in drawing symbols from war
  • Ava and Annaliese made Poppy’s to wear
  • Cierra and Nevada worked together to create an Anzac Poster
  • Rhoda used paper to create symbols from war
  • Jake and Kurt used Gacha Life to create a cartoon from war


  • Jas – Bella and Ann helped me. I let Ann to touch my lunch box. I let Holly use my pencil.
  • Rhoda – I saw Ash and Akem being kind. I saw Mai-Anh and Kim sitting with Anna when she was lonely. I saw TT and Francesca playing nicely.
  • Holly – I saw my brother and his friends playing nicely together. I saw Eva and Ebony help clean up. I saw Jasmine make Ann happy. I saw Ann, Jas and Bella doing good in mindfulness.


What is a recount?

  • Aurora – I think it is when you check over your work
  • Jake – Where and when
  • Ava – It is bunch of words for a setting of a story

We discussed different ways we can make our writing more detailed. Using our 5 senses is one of these! What did we see, hear, smell, see, touch? 

Thank you for a wonderful first day back! See you tomorrow. Remember we have PE! Have a happy evening. 

FRI-YAY April 12 – Last Day of Term 1

Last day of Term 1 2019

Wow it is the end of Term 1 already!

What a jam-packed term it has been full of learning, fun and adventure.

The children should all be really proud of their efforts as learners, friends and global citizens.

We both have had so much joy watching them grow over the space of the last 11 weeks and are looking forward to continuing this into the next 3 terms. 

We wish the children a wonderful break from school and hope you all keep happy, healthy and safe. 

See you in term 2! 

Love Miss Moore and Miss Battifuoco! 


  • Raf – I liked when my cousin was playing violin
  • Dion – I like the music
  • Jev –  I like the dancing
  • Jake – I like the song Freaks and All Star


  • Francesca – This is my netball trophy for the Gemini’s. We swap around positions. I got a drink bottle too.
  • Nate – This is when I went to Port Broughton. My Nanna took a picture of a sunset. We were coming home and we found the sunset and got out and took pictures of it.
  • Deakyn – This is Cupid. She is 7 weeks old. When they came out the mum, she was small and now they’ve grown bigger. They started walking around and opening their eyes and barking. When I try eat dinner she tries to get my foot but I put her back in her cage.
  • Joseph – This is my nan’s dog. Her name is Maggie. She has another that is shy because her name is Rosie.


How do you celebrate Easter Sunday?

  • Joseph – I go to church with dad
  • Aurora – Family reunion at nanas house
  • Eva – I have a BBQ
  • Jev – I go camping!
  • Jake – We find Easter eggs
  • Mia – My dad works but me and my mum go to nanas house and watch a movie
  • Nate – I go to Wallaroo and see my aunty
  • Miss Battifuoco – I think I will go to church and then my family will come over for a big lunch! If I have been a good friend and daughter the Easter bunny will visit!
  • Mary – I go to church and then have lunch
  • Francesca – We have an Easter egg hunt
  • Lucas – I go to a restaurant
  • Dion – I go to in the morning for lunch and swap with my mum and dads side
  • Aidan – Our family friends and our cousins go to our cousins for a BBQ
  • Bianca – I go to my parents for an Easter egg hunt
  • Anna – I will go to my cousins for a BBQ
  • Ebony – I go to my nan and pops house for a BBQ
  • DD – I will go camping and Easter egg hunt
  • Mason – I go on Easter egg hunts
  • Noah – I have Easter egg hunts and my friends house
  • Andy – I get chocolate eggs
  • Darcy – I paint the eggs and crack them!
  • Bella – I got to an egg hunt at the park
  • Maddox – I do an Easter hunt!
  • Rhoda – I go to an Egyptian church
  • Kurt – I have a BBQ and do a hunt
  • Krystian – I go to the shop, I do an Easter egg hunt and then I share a meal


What are you grateful for this week?


This afternoon we watched the last of the Holy Week Presentations. The Year 2 cohort presented Easter Sunday to us.


We ended our Term 1 on a happy and smiley note! We celebrated birthdays that will be in the holidays including;  Darcy, Nate and Ann. Thank you for bringing in some treats for us to share Darcy!

  • Bella – Ann is a kind person and she is a good drawer
  • Deakyn – She is nice
  • Holly – Ann is very kind and she makes me laugh
  • Nev – She is always nice to me
  • Eva – She is beautiful
  • Joey – Darcy is a guitar player a good one
  • DD – You are really good guitar player and you make people nice
  • Raf – Darcy is funny and kind
  • Ash – You always play with me
  • Bianca – You are very nice
  • Joey – Nate is really kind
  • Dion – He is fun and kind and funny
  • DD – He likes playing with me and friends
  • Ash – You are always my partner
  • Jake – He is really and kind and the best friend I could ever have ˘

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Easter Break! See you all Monday April 29 for the beginning of Term 2 🙂


THOUGHTFUL Thursday April 11 – Week 11 Term 1

Hey Hey Thursday! 





Time for some vitamin D! We love playing soccer, handball and in Log Park together!


This morning we went up to a special 5/6 class to have a look at their learning inquiry showcase from this term. Our year 6 friend Eric even sung a song to us! His inquiry topic was music.



Good Friday 

What happened on Good Friday?

  • Francesca – Jesus died on the cross
  • Libby – God put like a thorn crown because they think he was guilty but he went on a cross
  • Lynn – God told Jesus to die on the cross so nothing dangerous happens
  • Deakyn – Jesus died on the cross for us
  • Bianca – All the people were saying that Jesus had to die



Together we were challenged with a Time Kahoot! We showed a Growth Mindset to our new learning.

As a class we went through the features of a clock face and recapped all that we should know that will help us to tell the time. The children then drew their own clocks with these features.  


Sleeping Seals 

Today we practised our breathing techniques and self control whilst listening to the following song for mindfulness.


Good Friday 

  • Maddox – Jesus died on the cross
  • Krystian – When Jesus died on the cross because everyone wanted to crucify him
  • TCross – Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday
  • Ebony – Jesus died on the cross
  • Eva – Jesus was crucified and he died on the cross

Where do we see the symbol of the cross?

  • Noah – At graveyards
  • Lucas – At churches
  • Mia – When you come to the school you can see a cross
  • Jas – You can see one at the jewellery store
  • Bianca – You can see one on the church
  • Rhoda – At church and my dad has one at home
  • Libby – On hot cross buns
  • Cierra –  You can see them at your home if you have one
  • Ann – At some schools
  • Deakyn – At the front of school and at mass
  • Nate – You can see them on necklaces and bracelets
  • Nev – You can see them on hot cross buns
  • Lara – In the Bible
  • Dion – At the cemetery and on the graves
  • Ash – In Catholic Churches and schools
  • Lynn – On mountains
  • Jev – Where they keep Holy Water
  • Annaliese – You can see them in churches
  • Jake – You can see the sky with a Southern Cross


Over the last fortnight we have been focussing on Holy Week and the events leading up to Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Today we have given the students a special easter gift for the holidays. Thank you so much for your constant support!

WORK TOGETHER WEDNESDAY – April 10 Week 11 Term 1

Hi friends, just a beautiful reminder…


Today we read ‘Say Something’ by Peter H Reynolds.
In this empowering new picture book, beloved author Peter H. Reynolds explores the many ways that a single voice can make a difference. Each of us, each and every day, have the chance to say something: with our actions, our words, and our voices. Perfect for kid activists everywhere, this timely story reminds readers of the undeniable importance and power of their voice. There are so many ways to tell the world who you are… what you are thinking… and what you believe.


  • Mia – Don’t be shy to ask someone something
  • Mary – If you are shy to talk then just write it down what you want to say
  • Keren – If you are shy and you don’t tell someone the problem might get bigger
  • Cierra It said just ‘say something’ so you can say what ever you want to say
  • Noah- It is about that when someone is getting hurt or bullies you should say something
  • Akem– In the book they were saying to just say something and it can be from your heart.


Today in Spanish the children had some Easter fun.


  • Jake- Jesus said that one of them would betray him and he gave the bread to Judas and everyone else was having fun and then Judas was like I am going to betray him now
  • Keren – Judas said ‘Am I the one’ and Jesus said ‘You have said it’ and then he said ‘Who ever I give the bread to is the one’
  • Makur – I hold the bread up and the wine and everyone looked and it and everyone took a sip of the wine
  • Ash– He said, Jesus said ‘Judas will betray him’ and everyone was talking about it
  • Mia– When Judas heard Jesus say you are going to betray me he got a bit angry and went away from the supper
  • Jas- Jesus blessed the wine and the bread and gave it around and he said ‘One of them is going to betray him’ and then Judas said ‘Am I the one’ and Jesus said ‘yes’
  • Ava– Jesus blessed the bread and then said is this my body and then blessed the wine and said this is my blood


We continued on with our Easter Investigations from Monday and the children had the opportunity to do the STEM challenges, design their own Easter egg, make an Easter Card, made an Easter card for their buddies as well as open-ended agency to lead their own investigations.

The children were also lucky enough to decorate an Easter egg cookie made by Miss Moore’s mum. Here are some of their creations.


Today for mindfulness we did some Easter egg mindfulness colouring.


Today we presented our Holy Week Presentation to the school exploring the Last Supper. We also watched the other year 3 and 4 children act out on the stage their interpretation of the Last Supper.

Pop Quiz- 

How many disciples were there?

  • Raf– 12

What day of the week did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

  • Deakyn – Sunday

What is name of the person who betrayed Jesus?

  • Francesca -Judas

Spell the word- Jesus…

  • Darcy– Gesus

Phone a friend…..

  • Raf– Jesus

Spell the word donkey….

  • Kristina– Donkey

How many days did Jesus go in the desert for?

  • Jas – 40 days

On what day did Jesus die?

  • Lucas – Good Friday

On Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead, they went to a place to check if Jesus was there, what was that place?

  • Nate – Tomb

See you all tomorrow 🙂 

TRUSTING TUESDAY April 9 – Week 11 Term 1





As we are finishing off term 1 we wanted the children to reflect on all the wonderful learning that has taken place and think of some specks of gold for the term.




Palm Sunday 

  • Joey- Jesus asked the disciples to get him a donkey and a quilt and he rode into Jerusalem and people cut palms from the trees and put them on the road.
  • Akem– Jesus asked the disciples to get him a donkey and he rode it into Jerusalem and then the people shouted who is it and the crowd said this is Jesus.
  • Jevan– He climbed Mt Olives and there was a donkey that was tied up on the mountain near his thing.
  • Aurora- Jesus asked his disciples to get two donkeys that were tied up and when Jesus came people put their cloaks on the ground and their palms on the ground
  • Ash– He said to his disciples to get him one donkey and he said he wanted to go to Jerusalem
  • Mia- When the crowd they said who is this man and the others said this is Jesus and they waved their palms at him


  • Holly- Dear God thank you for my teachers they help me learn stuff
  • Kristina– Dear God thank you for my friends because they are nice to me
  • Ash– Dear God, thank you for the world because if we didn’t have schools we wouldn’t learn math
  • Akem– Dear God, thank you for the world because if we didn’t have the world we wouldn’t have anywhere to live
  • Aurora– Dear God, thank you for trees because if we didn’t have trees we wouldn’t be able to breath
  • Darcy– Dear God, thank you for making everyone nice
  • Anna– Dear God, thank you for my friend and family and my teachers because without teachers we wouldn’t be able to learn and without friends we would be lonely and without family we would not be alive right now
  • Jas– Dear God. thank you for the earth that we can live on
  • Ann– Dear God, thank you for the earth because we wouldn’t be here to this day



Today we recovered our learning from last year on time. We are recapping our skills and knowledge about telling the time before we do NAPLAN.

Today the children worked through some different activities to use their skills in telling the time.

They can use this interactive clock at home to practice their skills in telling the time. You can roll the dice and a random time will appear that the children can then read.

The children used flip chat to read and write different times.


Today we listened to a guided meditation video for mindfulness.




  • Joseph – Kurt and Aidan were being humble
  • Ava – On recess me and Annaliese were playing a game to try and reach and she tried her best and didn’t give up

HUMBLE MONDAY – April 8 Week 11

Hi all! Welcome to Monday April 8!

  • We can’t believe its the last week of Term 1! Time truly does fly when you are having fun and super engaged with learning! 
  • Thank you for your understanding and flexibility with the cancellation of Sports Day on Friday. We are planning to reschedule for next term.


As we celebrate Holy Week this week at school, our Character Strength of the week is Humility. Jesus was the epitome of Humility – he sacrificed his own life for the good of the people.

Provocation: When have you showed humility by doing something to benefit others before yourself?

  • Ava – I showed humility by letting Annaliese play with me when she is lonely 
  • Nev –  I showed humility by helping Cierra carry a heavy log
  • Aidan – I showed humility by not being selfish in life
  • Ann – I showed humility by helping Jasmine get warm when she was cold
  • Libby I showed humility in a netball by letting another person take a goal
  • Eva – I showed humility in netball by giving the ball to other people
  • Cierra- I showed humility in netball by cheering for Eva when she got a goal
  • Mia– I showed humility by letting other people talk instead of me
  • Ash – I showed humility by when someone wasn’t batting and when they hit a four I said nice hit
  • Akem- I showed humility in soccer by, when I was playing soccer my friend fell down and I fell down too and I helped him up


  • Ebony – We coloured in bunny’s for Easter


  • Aidan – You do things for other people
  • Raf – It isn’t bragging
  • Eva – When you let people go before you
  • Rhoda – Putting others before your own needs
  • Mia – Letting people go before you. Jesus gives his life for us
  • Anna – You give someone that is in need
  • Deakyn – Humility is when no one has anything you can cheer them up and give it to them
  • Ash – When you show fairness to someone
  • Aurora – Jesus showed humility by dying on the cross because he was being humble


  • Annaliese – I showed humility by helping someone up when they fell down
  • Noah – I showed humility by helping my brother up when he gets hurt
  • Holly – I showed humility by giving food to Jasmine when she didn’t have any
  • Cierra – I showed humility when on Saturday Eva got a goal and I cheered for her at netball
  • Rhoda – I showed humility by when my sister is sad I help her
  • Darcy – I showed humility by helping your family
  • Nev – I showed humility at netball by cheering for people when they got a goal
  • Ava Positive Police Report  – Holly helped Jasmine with her work this morning


Miss Moore showed us some Easter STEM challenges that we were invited to undertake in our PLAY!


Today we watched an oddly satisfying video which promised to calm our minds ready for learning!


Provocation: The upcoming school holidays should be 4 weeks instead of 2! 

See you tonight if you have a parent teacher interview! 🙂

Sports Day Reminders

 Tomorrow is SPORTS DAY! 

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun filled day. It will be the first year our classes compete in the Athletic based events such as; long jump, high jump and sprints!

The poster below features in this fortnight’s newsletter. Please note that if children wish to do so, they may wear colours representing the team they are a member of. We would appreciate any parent help on the day – please let us know if you are willing to do so! 🙂

See you tomorrow!

TRIUMPHANT Thursday April 4 – Week 10 Term 1

Get ready to be TRIUMPHANT, It’s THURSDAY


See you all at 12pm tomorrow for a fun Sports Day! Eat lunch at home. Arrive at school in PE uniform, wearing sunscreen, hat and bring a water bottle. The children will need to be signed out by their teacher by 3:30pm so please look for their teacher before taking them home. If you are a current Catholic Education volunteer for the school and would like to walk to the park with us or help on the day with scoring please let us know or come along tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Create your own sports day ribbon. What is it awarded for?

Wow, what a creative morning of learning! It is so pleasing to see so many of us designing our ribbons and using Character Strengths and Learning Powers as rewards! 


Today we built on our introduction to Persuasive Writing from yesterday. We integrated our learning from our guest speaker Darcy yesterday and thought of all the reasons why we should be caring for the environment.

Miss Battifuoco read the story ‘Here We Are’ as a provocation for thinking before we worked with our partners to think of different arguments for and against caring for the environment.

  • Jevan – You can clean the sea
  • Noah – You can use less water
  • Dion – You can have a shorter shower
  • Darcy – You can help the fish by cleaning
  • Mary – When you go to the beach bring a bag with you for your rubbish to bring back home
  • Deakyn – You can help fish when they have rubbish on them
  • Eva – If you see rubbish on the floor, pick it up
  • Kurt – Helping the fish environment
  • Anna – Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Nevada – It can waste most of your time
  • Jas – We shouldn’t help because it is too small
  • Ann – Some people think that the Earth will just clean itself
  • Cierra – Don’t use less water because what if you didn’t wash properly
  • Ash – You might fall off a ladder getting rubbish on the roof
  • Akem – People just think that the rubbish truck can just pick it up on Friday
  • Anna – Some people can’t walk so they have to waste gas

PRAYER: Setup by Joseph, Darcy and Kurt

Team Prayer

God has created this day for …

Gain not loss,
Success not failure,
Positive action not negative thought.

Lord, inspire us with the desire for greatness, To wisely use the gifts and talents you
Have so generously given us.
They are tools to be used,

Not treasures to be stored.

Create in these athletes:
In the classroom and in life. The attitude that says “I can reach deeper inside myself.”

The FIRM BELIEF in God, themselves, their families, And their teammates,
To have great expectations for the future.

The ENDURING COMMITMENT to persevere, To never quit no matter what the odds.


  • Mia – Dear God I am grateful for my baby brother because he always hugs me and mum always loves me. Amen.
  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for my school because I have nice and students and beautiful teachers. Amen.
  • Lara – Dear God, I am grateful for my baby brother and I hope my dog is in heaven is okay. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God thank you for the teachers so they can teach us Learning Powers. Amen.
  • Keren – Dear God thank you for my brothers so he can take me to play with my cousin. Amen.
  • Kiziah – Dear God, thank you for my friends because they play with me. Amen.
  • Lynn – Dear God I hope it is good at sports day because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, its just a game. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God thank you for my family that sacrifice themselves for me. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends and home. Thank you for sports day it doesn’t matter who wins or loses its about having fun.
  • Eva – Thank you for teamwork so we can work as a team. Amen.
  • TCross – Dear God I hope that everyone has a fun day at sports day. Amen.
  • Ash – Dear God thank you for sports day and we can be healthy so we can do things. Amen.


We are recapping lots of math facts and skills that the children should already know from year 2. We are recapping these in preparation for the NAPLAN test so that the children feel equipped with the skills they already know. These cover all the areas of the math curriculum.

Today our Provocation for Investigations was to include 3D shapes!

  • TCross, Francesca, Eva and Ebony all used play dough to create different 3D shapes
  • Jake, Jevan, Akemjot, Makur, Joseph, Nate, Zac, Mason, Ashvarn and Krystian used their teamwork to use concrete materials to create some 3D shapes before also drawing them – great agency boys!
  • Maddox and Andy drew some shapes
  • Nevada and Cierra set up their own ice-cream shop. Can you guess where the shapes would be??
  • Libby, Lara an Aurora created some 3D shapes and then a dance to go with them!
  • Lucas, Raf and Noah created their own origami shapes
  • Jasmine, Kurt, Ann, Bella and Samurai showed a growth mindset towards creating their own 3D animations
  • Jasmine used GachaLife to make her own animation!


  • Makur – We built a rectangular prism with sticks
  • Bella – I was doing some facts about 3D shapes on my laptop
  • Lucas – I made a cube and an iMovie with Noah, Dion and Raf
  • Libby – Me, Aurora, Lynn and Lara made a 3D shape shop and paper shapes
  • Zac – We made a rectangular prism!
  • Mia – I done a candy shop and sell them and I done a painting of volcanoes
  • Angok – I helped Zac make the shape
  • Andy – I drew birthday hat


As we prepare for tomorrow’s Sports Day the children have had their final practice with their team chants! Bring your loudest and proudest voices tomorrow!

MINDFULNESS – Sleeping Seals 

Today we listened to some beautiful music and relaxed our bodies.


What do you think Easter means?

  • Ava – The day where Jesus died on the cross and the day after The Lat Supper
  • Lynn – When Jesus comes to life
  • Akemjot – Easter is the day When Jesus got put on the cross
  • Cierra – When it is the Last Supper
  • Kristina – It is when you spend time with your family
  • Nev – When Jesus rose from the dead
  • Deakyn – When Jesus died on the cross and you have fun with your family

This afternoon we learnt about and opened dialogue about the Easter Story. The children then read and answered some differentiated comprehension questions about it. When finished the children had opportunity to reflect with illustrations their thoughts about the Easter story.

Thank you for a triumphant Thursday filled with lots of learning and smiles! See you tomorrow at 12pm for Sports Day!

WARM WEDNESDAY April 2 – Week 10 Term 1



Today we read the story ‘The Man with Small Hair.’ It explored the themes of self-confidence / self-esteem, conformity, individuality and bravery.

  • Holly – It is teaching us that we are all different and we can still be friends
  • Ann – It is teaching us that you don’t always have to be the same
  • Jas – The story teaches us to just be yourself

What Character Strengths did he show?

  • Anna – He showed bravery and honesty with his feelings to be different
  • Jevan – Bravery and Zest
  • Jake – He was showing bravery because he was different
  • Bianca – Bravery
  • Jas –  He used hope because he hoped he doesn’t get bullied

Kristina read the story for 3JM today! Good job Kristina you did wonderful!


  • Makur – We learnt about Easter and that some countries don’t celebrate Easter


Positive Police Report

  • Jevan – I saw someone let my family friend play with them

What does poor team work look like?

  • Rhoda – Not helping people or not being nice to people
  • Ash – Not doing team work and just maybe fighting for themselves but the crabs helped
  • Jake – Only letting you do stuff

What does a good team look like? Sound like? Feel like? 

  • Lucas – Makes you happy!
  • Noah – You show sportsmanship
  • Eva – You show kindness
  • Mary – You see people to stop things and you help the other people
  • Mia – If someone is sad you can help them and if you help someone you can feel happy for yourself
  • Ava – You can get things done easier and quicker and more fun!
  • Krystian – You show zest and humour
  • Cierra – It looks like you are having a fun time, sounds like you are happy
  • Bianca – You use collaboration!
  • Akemjot – Teamwork feels like kindness and things will get done much quicker and you feel happier than doing it alone
  • Raf – You make yourself happy by doing the right things which makes other people happy
  • Libby – When you work as a team you get things done quicker than by yourself
  • Anna – Teamwork looks like you don’t argue and not be bossy
  • Keren – When you work together
  • Kristina – It is when you help your team when they don’t really know what to do
  • Annaliese – When you be kind and let other people on your team
  • Dion – When you don’t be selfish!
  • Nate – Teamwork makes the dreamwork!!!


Today we began our inquiring surrounding Persuasive Texts. Libby shared that a “Persuasive Text tries to convince someone something!”
Miss Battifuoco used the example of trying to get someone to swap which football team they go for. Trying to convince Cierra to swap from Crows to Port was hard work! Sometimes persuasive texts can be exactly that though. It can be tricky trying to get someone to believe your opinion. We are going to practice this skill and learn the specific language over the next few weeks and eventually create our own Persuasive Texts. 

Today we listened to the story ‘I am too absolutely small for school.’

The story outlined different reasons why Lola should and shouldn’t go to school. It was our job to comprehend this and record each of the reasons. We used our Teamwork to work with another classmate to record the reasons! 


Today we were visited by D’Arcy Lunn from Teaspoons Of Change who presented to each of the houses in the Hall. This helped us for next term as we aim for classes to undertake a shared project or inquiry, research and action pertaining to one of the UNICEF sustainable development goals. Our guest speaker, D’Arcy helped us begin this process by explaining the goals and how we can go deeper into learning more for action. In week 8 of next term on the Friday we have booked in a day to showcase what we learn.


Wednesdays means Mindful Drawing! We all really love this part of the day. It gives us a chance to relax our bodies, our minds and prepare for our afternoon learning. 


Thank you for a wonderful warm Wednesday! See you tomorrow 🙂