• Akem – Everyone has a different religion so we celebrate the people that come from different countries and different religions
  • Mason – Everyone has a different religion
  • Ash – Because we are going to celebrate who came from overseas and to Australia
  • Ava – I think we are celebrating it for a whole day because everyone and their family can have a religion and some people don’t so we can celebrate that time
  • Mia – Lots of people have different religions
  • Annaliese – We celebrate the different religions
  • Nate – Holy Family Catholic School


We began our Catholic Identity Day with a blessing from Father Shibu in the hall. We then met with the Pope John Paul II house group this morning for a special prayer.


After recess we met in our class groups to share the hard work we have been doing for our Religion Projects all week. What a great opportunity to show our oral language skills!


Provocation: Create your own Catholic Song! We want to read your lyrics, see you using Garageband to create the music and also use iMovie to create a lyric video! 


We completed our very own crosses to be displayed in the class. Makur shared that “the cross is where Jesus got resurrected.”  Take a look at our new display!


After lunch we met up with our Pope John Paul II house to share our learning from the day. We shared our Stand by Me song to the whole house! We were able to see the amazing investigating and inquiring other classes in our house group did!


What an amazing day celebrating one of our school’s major pillars – Catholic Identity. Have a wonderful weekend! See you next week for our last week of school! 

TOGETHER Thursday June 27 – Week 9 Term 2




We are all super eager to watch parts of the Matilda movie next week which means we are even more eager to read as much as we can in class! This morning we read Chapter 7 and 8 where we got to meet the beautiful Miss Honey and the scary Miss Trunchbull.

Describe Miss Honey in one word, use a Character Strength if you can!

  • Jevan – Kind
  • Holly – Loving
  • Kristina – Kind and loving
  • Dion – Kindness
  • Jas – Kindness
  • Ava – I would describe her as kind and giving
  • Joey – I think kindness
  • Jaiden – Bravery
  • Eva – Caring
  • Anna – Curious
  • Frankie – Nice and loving
  • Mia – She has blue eyes
  • Nate – She is kind and loving
  • Kurt – Love of learning!
  • TCross – Honesty!

What are the differences between Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey?

  • Krystian – Trunchball is rude!
  • Aidan – Miss Trunchbull doesn’t care about anyone
  • Raf – Miss Trunchbull is selfish
  • Bella – Miss Trunchbull shouts a lot!
  • Cierra – She is nasty!
  • Dion – Miss Trunchbull is violent
  • Lynn – Miss Honey is honest and Miss Trunchball isn’t
  • Nevada – Miss Trunchball puts herself before others
  • Libby – Miss Honey is nice and Miss Trunchbull is not
  • Aurora – Miss Honey is trustful and Miss Trunchbull is self-centred
  • Rhoda – Miss Trunchbull is greedy and mean and Miss Honey is nice and beautiful
  • Annaliese – Miss Honey is nice and kind and not selfish!


As we prepare to celebrate Catholic Identity Day tomorrow, today for our prayer we read a truly special book;

Image result for we are all equal book

What is the moral of the story?

  • Bella – The story is telling us that we are all a community
  • Aidan – The moral of the story is not bully and care for one another
  • Krystian – The message is the story was telling us that we are all different on the outside and but the same inside
  • Makur – The story is trying to tell us that we are equal
  • Joseph – The story is trying to tell us that no matter what we look like that we should be true to the same!
  • Aurora – The moral of the story is that no matter what we all belong and all be friends
  • Dion – I think the story is trying to tell us that we are all the same and equal

How does this connect to the different religions in our school and world? 

  • Maddox – We would be nice to different religion
  • Ann – You can be nice to people and not judge what they’re skin colour is and be fair
  • Noah – You would be kind to different people
  • Bianca – We should be nice to them and treat them good
  • Frankie – You could be nice to people that are different religions to you


After recess today we had more time to work on our Religion Projects. As teachers we are so proud to see students extending themselves with their research, their writing and adding their own opinions. We conferenced one-on-one and talked about learnings, findings and how we can better our project! Take a look at some of the amazing work thus far…

Tomorrow morning on Catholic Identity Day we are sharing our projects to our peers! Stay tuned!



This afternoon we used our 100 languages to create something to support our learning with our Religion Projects. Some of us decided to create churches and symbols whilst others used ICT to research further.

WORSHIP Wednesday June 26 – Week 9 Term 2

Worship Wednesday June 26!


For week 9 our shared reading text will be The dress-up box by Patrick Guest. This is the fifth book shortlisted for book of the year.
The previous four books have been: Tricky’s bad day by Alison Lester, Rainbow bear by Stephen Michael King, Noni the pony rescues a joey by Alison Lester and Heads and tails insects by John Canty.
Thank you to Aidan and Kurt who read us the story aloud practicing expression and fluency.
Reflections from the story- 
  • Anna – Mama-sauros was one of the characters. The family was sad about moving house but then they weren’t
  • Holly – Mr Pillowhead
  • Jevan – Samurai Sam


  • Angok – We got a partner and worked together
  • Makur – We got a partner then we wrote a word down and found what it means in Spanish


Today we recited a special traditional Catholic Prayer called the ‘Our Father.’ 

  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for TCross and Francesca because they did everything to me. Amen.
  • Eva – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends because they’re always by my side. Amen.
  • Ebony – Dear God, thank you for my family because they are nice to me. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for my beautiful teachers because they always help me with my learning. Amen.
  • Rhoda – Dear God, thank you for my family and my friends and teachers because they help me and thank you for choosing Orthodox. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for my girl cousin because she is really nice. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God, I am sorry for the poor people who woke up in the cold and eat in the dark with no blankets or food. Amen.
  • Bianca – Dear God, thank you for my big brother and little brother because they treat me nice. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, thank you for carbon dioxide, oxygen and trees and all the stuff that makes air so we can breathe. Amen.
  • Bella – Dear God, thank you for my friends and family and the earth. Amen.


Together as a class we read Chapter 6 of Matilda – Platinum Blond Man.

We then had the choice of three different responses to the chapter.

  1. Why do you think Matilda did this to her dad?
  2. What is another trick Matilda could play on her mother or father?
  3. What did Matilda convince her father that he did to his hair?


  • Cierra – She could delete all the contacts in her mums phone
  • Bella – She could swap her dads clothes with Matilda’s clothes
  • Nate – She could ring prank her dad
  • Ash – She could get a bucket of yuck slime and put it on top of the door and when he opened it the slime would go on him
  • Ebony – She could swap her mums perfume with cooking oil
  • Lara – She could put holes in his pants!

After sharing our responses we got to watch the scene from the movie! 


We used time today to work on our open-ended Religion Projects that we begun yesterday.



Our class and school are an extremely diverse community where all religions and cultures are respected and celebrated. This afternoon we decided to investigate the religions in our class further through collecting data and graphing it. We discussed what we need to included in our tables, how to tally and what labels are graphs need to have!


  • Jas – You are kind, helpful, brave and help people out when you are sad
  • Ann – You have been my friend since kindy and lovely since the day I met you
  • Darcy – You are kind to everyone
  • Aurora – You are a kind friend
  • Ash – You are a kind friend to trust
  • Akem – You are a kind friend that can always be trusted and never not trusted
  • Mia – You come in beautiful every day
  • Nate – You are a kind friend and help people out when they can’t do things
  • Krystian – You help lonely people and play with them
  • Lynn – You are beautiful and kind
  • Bianca – You are beautiful in the morning and afternoon
  • Anna – You are kind and beautiful. You make me laugh and happy!

TOP OF THE WORLD Tuesday June 25 – Week 9 Term 2

Today we are..

for TUESDAY June 25!

BRAINTEASER – I am on top of the world Tuesday! 

Who is someone you are really proud of and why?

  • Makur – I am proud of Deakyn because he scored 4 goals
  • Frankie – I am proud of my cousin because she just had her Holy Communion
  • Nev – I am proud of my cousin because she did really good at her vaulting
  • Angok – I am proud of my mum because she is kind
  • Raf – I am proud of my sister because she helps me with my stuff
  • Kurt – I am proud of my teachers because they never give up and use perseverance
  • Mason – I am proud of my family because they are nice
  • Keren – I am proud of my baby cousin because he tries to make friends at play group
  • Jas – I am proud of all my family, my friends and God because my family born me. My friends keep me happy and thirdly, God made all of us alive
  • Jaiden – I am proud of my cousin because he let me watch his soccer game
  • Aidan – I am proud of my snowman I made because it is winter
  • Eva – I am proud of my brother because he can walk and talk now
  • Bella – I am proud of my friends because they are kind to me!
  • Miss Battifuoco – I am so proud of each of you for showing such enthusiasm for learning every day and always showing kindness!

What does proud actually mean?

  • Aurora – I think proud means that you are grateful for something that someone did
  • Holly – I think proud means that you are happy that someone in your life did some good
  • Kristina – I think proud means you are proud of something
  • Mia – I think proud means that you are happy about someone or something and you like it!
  • Anna – I think proud means that you are happy for someone and they did something for the first!


What makes something symmetrical?

  • Akem – When you have a table and cut it in half, if it is the same on one side it is symmetrical
  • Ash – It is like when you have a square, if you flip it is has to be equal
  • Nate – If you get a shape and cut it and then the two sides have to be the same

Combining our Character Strength of Spirituality and our numeracy focus of Symmetry, this morning we went on a  Symmetry Hunt in our school environment! We were challenged to find as many symmetrical shapes in our school and to record where the Ines of symmetry are! See if you can find Symmetry in our pictures! Maddox shared that even the moon has lines of symmetry!


Keeping in mind the person you wrote about this morning, create a prayer for that person. We also listened to and practiced the song we are going to perform to our House Group this Friday for Catholic Identity Day.

  • Jake – Dear God, thank you so much for my family because they love me and are so kind. Amen.
  • Darcy – Dear God, please look after my mum, she needs help my mum to clean our house because I want her to finish quick. Amen.
  • Cierra – Please look after my mum and dad because she deserves an awesome life. They should never feel sad. Amen.
  • Mason – Dear God, thank you for my family because they are important and they help me and look after me. They make food for me. Amen.
  • Nate – Dear God, you make me happy. Amen.
  • Kurt – Dear God, please look after my mum and my dad because they are getting old and need help. She has night shift for 24 hours and she is tired and helps everyone else. So God please help my mum. Amen.
  • Rhoda – Dear God, thank you for Miss Moore because she helps me. Dear God, thank you for Miss Battifuoco she is kind.

MATH – Symmetry Re-cap

Together we completed a Kahoot surrounding symmetrical shapes; 

We then put on our critical thinking caps and created our own symmetrical pictures! This was a chance for us to show all the learning that we have done over the last fortnight surrounding Symmetry.



This afternoon we began work on our Religion Project for Catholic Identity Day. We have been presented various provocations and questions that we will answer over the week using our 100 languages. Today we had the option to choose our own Religion and give an introduction to it. Some of us showed an incredible growth mindset and chose a Religion we didn’t know much about!

  • Akem – I have chosen Sikh. My religion is Sikh and I don’t know much about it!
  • Kurt – I have chosen Catholic because I go to church some Sundays and go with my parents
  • Ann – I am doing Catholic because I want to learn more about God and my family is Buddhist
  • Deakyn – I have chosen Catholic because I like crosses
  • Anna – I have chosen Catholic because I want to learn more
  • Jas – I have chosen Catholic because I want to learn about what they eat and drink
  • Bella – I am doing Orthodox because I dont know anything about that religion
  • Noah – I am doing Catholic because my mum and dad are Catholic and go to church
  • Ash – I chose Sikh
  • Lucas – I am doing Sikh because I am half
  • Aidan – I am doing Catholic because I go to a church that is catholic
  • Libby – I am doing Muslim because I dont know anything about it
  • Darcy – I am choosing Catholic because I believe in God

Thank you for a wonderful day of learning! We hope you leave our classroom feeling on top of the world on a Tuesday! Remember to bring your black bags with your library books to return for tomorrow 🙂

MY Religion Monday June 24 – Week 9 Term 2

MY Religion MONDAY June 24 


What do you believe in? What is your religion? 

This morning we started with the above provocation. Children were to think about what they believe in and if they have a religion; what it is? We wanted them to think deeply about what it means to believe and or have faith. 

We had a look at a sunset/sunrise video. Miss Battifuoco explained how she sees God in nature.

We also had a look at some symbols of other religions as a provocation.




My Daily Prayer Book 

Today the children were given a digital daily ‘Prayer Book’. They were given time in prayer to read the prayers and decorate the different pages. They are able to use this book at school and at home for prayer.


Religions Around the World 


  • Research different religions around the world
  • Decide on a religion to begin to research and find information for their mini project
  • Design a dream church – what would you put in your church, what would it look like, explain why you have added different things in?
  • Noah, Ashvarn, Akemjot, Joseph, Jake, Makur, Angok, Maddox, Andy, Lucas, Jaiden, Raf, Aidan, Deakyn, Kurt, Nate, Krystian all decided to design their own churches before constructing them using ICT
  • Mary, Keren and Kiziah all designed their own Catholic Church
  • Mia researched Christian Churches before creating her own
  • Ann and Jasmine designed their own church and used an online program to create characters for the church including Altar servers and a Priest
  • Ebony and Eva used Lego to create a church
  • Nevada was running a Church cafe!



After reading the story ‘Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth’, we responded to various open ended questions about prayer; 

What was Grandad teaching his son?

  • Nate – He was trying to teach him that  can do anything
  • Ash – He was trying to teach his grandson to pray with the grass and things that he said and he became calm
  • Holly – He was trying to teach his grandson that anything and anyone can pray
  • Mia – Prayers might not always come true
  • Akemjot – He said that not every prayer is a question

When do you pray?

  • Nate – I pray at night before bed
  • Libby – I pray at night before I go to bed
  • TCross – I pray with my family when I wake up, before I eat and after I meals
  • Dion – I pray about my nonna because she died
  • Kurt – I pray in parties with other people


This afternoon we said goodbye to our incredibly kind, helpful and creative student teacher Miss Sloan. Thank you so much for everything you planned and helped us with over the past 5 weeks. We will miss your science activities the most, but hope to have you visit very soon! ALSO, thanks for our goodbye presents – how spoiled!

Don’t forget your PE uniform tomorrow! Keep warm!!

SUSTAINABLE Friyay June 21 – Week 8 Term 2

Welcome to Friyay June 21!

Today we celebrate Sustainable Development Goal Day!



We met with the Pope John Paul II house group this morning to run over the Sustainable Development Goals. Mr Urdanoff played us a song about Creation and we sung along.


  • Krystian – My favourite part outside was that we got the plant and it was super fun
  • Mia – My favourite part was digging the dirt with Keren
  • Akem – My favourite part was putting in the plant and doing it with Raf, it was kinda easy because I just had to squeeze the box that it was in and then tilt it.
  • Ava – I had fun doing the gardening because I got to do it with my best friend Annaliese and she did pretty well gardening and helping me
  • Kristina – I liked it when Miss Sloan was helping me and telling me what to do

What does a plant need to survive?

  • Noah – Water
  • Raf – Air
  • Libby – Space
  • Dion – Sunlight
  • Holly – Soil

What do we need plants in our environment?

  • Mason – We need plants for our environment so the air can be cleaned
  • Akem – We need plants in our environment because if we didn’t have plants we wouldn’t have anything to survive
  • Ash – We need plants so then we have trees and then we can have oxygen
  • Annaliese – We need plants because if we don’t have any we won’t have water to drink
  • Ava – We need more plants because if we don’t it will be dull and the earth will be lonely
  • Andy – We need more plants for food like strawberries
  • Madd0x – We need more plants for seeds


The children’s movie The Lorax is a good example of environmental sustainability.

What is the moral of “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss? … The moral of the story is a simple one of respect for the environment and environmental sustainability. Basically, that unrestrained commercial endeavors eventually spoil the natural world, leaving it a wasteland, unfit to support life.

What did you notice in the clip of the Lorax?





Miss Battifuoco shared some of the things from her own well-being box that help her to keep happy, safe, comfortable and heathy! She shared a picture of her and Miss Moore going for a hike with a beautiful sunset, a picture of her and her mum, A Port Power scarf, a block of chocolate and some headphones for music!

What BOOSTS your wellbeing? 

  • Maddox – Friends
  • Mia – Dancing
  • Ash – Enjoying my cricket club
  • Lucas – Family
  • Dion – Playing soccer
  • Bianca – My family
  • Ebony – Having fun
  • Rhoda – Family and friends and teachers
  • Frankie – My family, friends and teachers
  • Annaliese – My friends and family
  • Makur – Family, friends and teachers especially Miss Moore and Miss B they are the best
  • Krystian – Seeing my best friends
  • Aidan – Looking at my fish
  • Miss Moore – Mine is my bed! Making sure I have enough rest is part of my wellbeing
  • Kristina – Miss Moore and Miss Battifuoco
  • Libby – Going to a footy game.. only port power though
  • Kurt – My family because they are there for me a lot
  • Lynn  – My family and my teachers
  • Cupcake – Being with my best friend in the entire world
  • Bella – My family
  • Joey – Playing handball
  • Jazzy – My friends keep me happy, my family keep me comfortable
  • Noah – My family because they keep me safe
  • Jaiden – Playing with my soccer club
  • Jevan – Playing soccer with my friends
  • TCross – Being with my friends, family, teachers and Miss Sloan!
  • Cierra – Seeing my pet puppy come up to me every time I come home from school
  • Ann – My family and friends
  • Raf – My pet dog because he plays with me
  • Akemjot – My family because they take care of me and make me safe and comfortable
  • Nevada – My family, friends, playing netball and Miss Moore and Miss Battifuoco
  • DD – The full moon and my family and friends and playing soccer with Jevan
  • Holly – Miss Battifuoco, Miss Moore and Miss Sloan
  • Andy – Being comfortable
  • Eva  – My beautiful teachers! (Thanks Eva, you’re beautiful too)
  • Miss Sloan – I really love the gym for my wellbeing
  • Lara – Kobe my little brother he is nearly 2.5



This afternoon we met back up with our House Group to view a video showcasing all the activities we participated in today. It was incredible to see so many of the Sustainable Development Goals being investigated in a hands-on way! 


TRUTHFUL Thursday June 20 – Week 8 Term 2

Truthful Thursday June 20 






Today we braved the cold weather and tried to warm up our bodies by heading outside for fitness. Due to the weather, we have not been out for fitness this week, so the children were very excited to finally get outside. Miss B took us for our warm up lap around the oval and then walked us through some of the exercises she does at footy for a warm up. Miss Sloan then taught us how to play Capture The Flag. This game allowed us to practice some of our character strengths and work together in teams.


We pray for the waters of the world, that they may be restored to health and filled with bountiful life.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for Earth’s soil, that its richness be protected to assure abundant harvests for all.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for all creatures who share Earth with us, that their beauty and diversity will be preserved.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who have been and will be directly impacted by the effects of climate change.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for future generations, may they learn from our environmental irresponsibility, and be good stewards living simply and in harmony with all your creation.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for all human beings, that we will be filled with a spirit of concern for the future of our environment; bring an end to the exploitation of the earth’s scarce resources; and live as responsible stewards protecting and respecting this gift of creation God has placed in our hands.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

We pray for wisdom for decision makers in Australia and around the world, that wealthy nations may make amendments for the harm they have done to the environment and find creative and just solutions to protect all of creation and ensure climate justice.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

For all of the intentions we hold silently in our hearts.

Response: God of Creation, help us to respect and renew the Earth.

Reflections from Prayer:

  • Lynn- I guess renew means that we have to make the earth beautiful again
  • Ava-  I think all those words in the prayer are connected to all the goals we have been learning about and all the earth
  • Annaliese– I think that we should keep the earth beautiful and if we keep rubbish everywhere the animals might eat it and might die


  • Lynn- Dear God, please let the bad people know to stop ruining our earth because it is lovely and beautiful
  • Mia– Dear God, I hope we all can be nice to each other and we can fight or litter rubbish on the floor otherwise the earth will end quickly


Today we quickly went over our experiment from yesterday and brainstormed more ideas as to why our cream turned into butter. We then watched a video that taught us why:

This video goes through our experiment from yesterday, so if you would like to do the experiment again at home, the materials and instructions are listed here.


Goal 4: Help Children in Your Community Learn to Read 




During mindfulness today, we had a go at playing on WeaveSilk. This interactive website allows the students to practice their symmetry skills.



  • Lucas  – I am doing an asymmetrical drawing from Pokemon
  • Ash – Symmetrical Pokemon character
  • Joey – I built symmetrical objects with the Lego
  • Bella and DD – We are doing symmetrical and asymmetric pictures
  • Dion and Raf – We are drawing Fortnite characters that are symmetrical
  • Holly and Libby made an iMovie and used GarageBand to make a move about symmetrical shapes and objects
  • Jake, Kurt, Jevan, Noah and Makur used effects in PhotoBooth and iMovie create a movie outside with symmetrical objects
  • Nate, Joey and Jaiden used Lego to make symmetrical figurines
  • Aidan – I made a symmetrical drawing from Pokemon
  • Mary and Mia – We painted half the page and then folded the pages over to cover the whole page

WONDERful Wednesday June 19 – Week 8 Term 2

Welcome to WONDERful Wednesday June 19!

#Recycling is #magic.


This morning both classes visited the library to return our readers for the week and borrow new ones. It is so super important that we bring our black bags to school each day so we can practice reading independently, with our friends and with our teachers 🙂

Ava and Holly read us the fourth Shortlisted book for the year;

Heads and Tails - Insects

What did we enjoy about the story?

  • Aidan – We had to say the insect when they explained about them
  • Jas – My favourite part is when they evolved and evolved
  • Deakyn – I liked how the book described the insects
  • Nevada – I liked how the book was kind of like a guessing game
  • Mia – When we had to guess which animal and I liked how they described it
  • Tcross – I really liked the pictures in the story because it looks like the artist painted it with water colours and I loved how they described each insect or animal
  • Kristina – I liked the book when we had to guess the insect
  • Akem – I liked about the book that we had to guess the animal. One of my favourite bits was with the magnifying glass on the page and we had to guess a small insect.
  • Keren – I like how it told us clues
  • Rhoda – I liked the whole book but my favourite part was the pictures and the describing
  • Dion – I like how it described the fly because it said “I know when you are trying to eat”
  • Nate – I liked the part when it said the beetle because my uncle has a beetle car
  • Eva – I liked the pictures because they were really detailed

When asked what we would rate the story out of 5 stars, all of us voted for 5! Our favourite story so far!


  • Makur – We had to do a Kahoot!
  • Holly – We were doing classroom phrases and we had to guess them


Building on our inquiring surrounding the Environment and Creation, today for prayer we listened to an Aboriginal Creation Story.

We got a little side tracked and discussed the Full Moon that so many of us saw last night.

  • Nate – I have crystals that you can put in the moon and it charges
  • Raf – I have a crystal at home that is clear and it gives me positivity
  • Mia – The full moon is actually when you can’t see anything then it starts again
  • Miss B – Miss Moore and I and lots of other people have a bracelet that we wear on our wrists that has different natural crystals that give peace to the body and strength for other special things. On a full moon we put them outside to get some natural charge!

How is this the same/different to the Creation Story in the Bible?

  • Joey – Instead of God it was Sun Mother
  • Mia – It was kind of similar because the animals wanted their pouch and to run fast
  • Jake – It was related because of the darkness and the light and the man and then women
  • Lynn – Someone told the Sun Mother to wake up and she went to all the animals and woke them up and then after that she returned and then went back and then returned and went back
  • Ava – Instead of the way God created the world, Sun Mother created the world but then God make the world and Sun Mother did not make the world because all of it was asleep and Sun Mother woke the up
  • Jas – It was dark in this story and in the Bible story it starts in darkness


Today we read the fourth Chapter of our class novel – Matilda.  We all have access to the story on our laptops and some of us have even bought the novel to follow along with. After reading the chapter, we had some discussion questions to work through with a partner.

  • Ava –  If I was stuck in the chimney my mind would keep on saying ‘can I have a cracker’ for the whole time
  • Lucas – If I was the parrot I could hear them screaming “It is a ghost”
  • Akemjot – If I was a parrot I could touch the coal that was in the chimney
  • Krystian – If I was the parrot I would feel the cage and smell dust
  • Nevada – If I was the parrot stuck in the chimney I would be really scared because it would be dark, cold and really scary alone
  • Dion – If I was the parrot I could hear them screaming and I would be scared because they had weapons
  • Jevan  – In the chimney I smelt smoke
  • Jake – If I was the parrot in the chimney I couldn’t really see anything so I was really scared so I might have peed my pants a little bit
  • Cierra – If I was the parrot stuck in the chimney I would feel really scared because I wouldn’t have anyone with me

We have given the challenge of reading the next chapter called ‘Arithmetic’ tonight at home. We ask that each night everybody is doing some reading so tonight, this can count as your reading! It is also a great opportunity for us to share what we are learning at school with home.


Today we continued on with our learning about solids and liquids. As we turned a solid to a liquid last week, today we turned a liquid to a solid.

As a team we had copied the first part of a proper experiment write up including; materials, instructions, predictions and observations.  

We then had the chance to shake up our cream to see what would happen…


To calm our bodies and minds and prepare for our afternoon learning, we completed some free drawing for mindfulness. We also discussed things we have been learning about this week like symmetry and the Sustainable Development Goals to possibly use as food for thought.

LITERACY – Buddy Book Making

In our Literacy learning this afternoon we had a look at another one of the Sustainable Development Goals;

All children should have the right to a Quality Education and we should Help children in our community to read. With this in mind (our creative, kind and open minds), we created a story for our Year 2 Buddies to read. We had the option of creating it using ICT or on paper. We discussed different themes and story lines that might engage our buddies and things we need to remember to include that make a story a success.

We are going to share these stories with our buddies on Friday! 

Some of us shared the title of our stories;

  • Dion – Soccer Adventures
  • Holly – Donuts flavours
  • Nate – Soccer
  • Jas – Pink Fluffy Unicorns
  • DD – Jaiden’s Pokemon Adventure
  • Lynn – The Environment
  • Bella – The Road Trip
  • Lucas – Playing Geometry Dash
  • Bianca – Olivia’s Candy Land Jump
  • Mia – Minecraft
  • Andy – Weather
  • Jaiden – Kevin is the cool
  • Makur – Granny Boy
  • Ava – Cute Animals

Thank you for a WONDERful Wednesday! We had a busy day of learning and lots of smiles 🙂 Tomorrow 9am 3JM are hosting a class liturgy in our classroom – all are welcome! 

TRANQUIL Tuesday June 18 – Week 8 Term 2

Tranquil Tuesday June 18


As we spent a lot of time yesterday learning about how to be sustainable and the Sustainable Development Goals, today we had a think about some ways we can care for the environment at home and at school. The following are some of our ideas:

  • Nevada – We can have shorter showers
  • Jayden – By watering the garden
  • Krystian – We can make sure our taps are off
  • Raf – Put my rubbish in the right bin
  • Rhoda – By planting trees
  • Lara – Picking up the rubbish
  • Noah – Using less water
  • Akem – Tell people to stop littering
  • Jevan – Planting more trees
  • Kurt – Not littering at school
  • Darcy – Not waste power by turning the lights off
  • Aidan – Not chop trees down
  • Lynn – I can help the environment by picking up rubbish
  • Maddox – Pick up rubbish at school
  • Andy – Pick up rubbish around the classroom
  • Ava – By cleaning up my mess
  • Makur – By picking up rubbish
  • Libby – By planting more trees so we have more oxygen
  • Mia – I can help the precious environment by not chopping trees down because they give us air
  • Keren – By planting more flowers
  • Kiziah – By putting things in the right bin
  • Dion – Less shower time



  • Ann- We have the world in our hands and we have to be kind to each other
  • Rhoda– We have the whole world in our hands and we have everything in the world that we. can hold
  • Jevan– We have the whole world in our hands means we have to look after the environment
  • Holly– I think the song is teaching us that we have to look after the environment and we have to look after the plants and the trees
  • Lynn– It means that we have the whole world in our hands and we have to take care of it and not litter
  • Tcross– I think the song is trying to tell us that we can change the world and to think more about our future and have a clean world
  • Akem– In the song I think it was trying to mean we have the whole world in our hands so keep it clean and don’t litter on it
  • Ash– I think the meaning of the we have the whole world in our hands means we have to keep it clean and plant seeds in the soil so we can have trees
  • Raf– The whole world in our hands means we need to keep the whole world clean and not litter on it
  • Jas– I think the whole world means we are trying to keep our planet clean and they are trying to convince us to keep the planet clean

Our prayers for people who don’t know how to look after the environment…

  • Holly- Dear God, can you please look over the people who don’t take care of the earth and our world
  • Kristina– Dear God, please take care of the people of the people who don’t care for our world and tell them to stop littering to the world
  • Ava– Dear God, can you please tell all the people that don’t look after the world because if they don’t they won’t be able to live with all the rest of the people that you love
  • Rhoda– Dear God, please help over the people who don’t care for the environment and teach them to look after the environment
  • Tcross– Dear God, please help the people that do not care for the environment and help them to make good choices to care for it as they live in the world too
  • Ann– Dear God, please look after the people who don’t look after the world and help them change their personality


This week in Maths, we are learning about symmetry in the environment. Today we had the chance to brainstorm what we thought symmetry was before watching a short video and completing some activities on our laptops.


Guided Meditation 


Writing Prompt 

Today we began writing our narratives on Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation. Here are some of our introductions:

  • Annaliese – One day there was friends and they was at school. Their mums and dads did not have water to drink…
  • Mia – One day there was a little boy called Dion. Dion went to bed at night in a hay bed. Him and his mum were very poor. At his house he went to bed at 9 o’clock. One day later when it was morning, he was at school. They had dirty water that was not good. There teacher taught everybody about the 17 Goals…
  • Keren – Not that long ago there were two girls called Riley and Kiley. One day they were looking for water. They lived in a town called Rosalyn Town. Rosalyn Town was a very beautiful town until war happened and then people took most stuff from Rosalyn Town…
  • Kurt – Once upon a time there was a poor family and there names were John, James, Mia and the little one called Jasmin. They had no clean water, only dirty water…
  • Joey – Once upon a time there was a kid. In school he had no water and he did not know…
  • Dion – Once upon a time there was a kid named Jack and he was in a school and the school did not have much water and the school that Jack was in was poor and had no money…

MAGIC Monday June 17 – Week 8 Term 2

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 7 – ECOLOGY WEEK!

This Friday we will hold the Sustainable Development Goal planning, learning and creating Day. This will be a great opportunity to explore our school pillar of Ecological Conversion. We will also be building upon the work of D’Arcy Lunn, in which he shared insightful learning through his work on ‘ Teaspoons for change.’ The outline of the day will include a whole school meeting in the hall at 9amAfter this, we will use the day for deeper learning around the Sustainable Development Goals with the provocation to create projects that aim to make a difference on a local, state, national or global level. To close the day we will meet at 2:30pm in Hall to present and share our learning for the day.


  • Jas – My speck of gold from the weekend was that my mum and my brother went to Vietnam church
  • Krystian – On the weekend I pretended to be a secret spy
  • Nate – On the weekend I went to the beach to have a little play on the playground
  • Mary – On the weekend, on Saturday we got new furniture. We got a table, chair, couch and pillows!
  • Jevan – I played a game of soccer and I scored 12 seconds into the game
  • Ebony – I played netball!
  • Dion – I played soccer at my soccer club against my cousin. We won 5-1
  • Noah – On the weekend, I watched Aladdin. I would give it 5/5 stars!
  • Jaiden – I played a soccer match on the weekend. We won 2-1!
  • Miss Battifuoco – My speck of gold from the weekend was my football team winning our first game! I saw so many Character Strengths from my team mates like bravery and persverance!


In light of this Friday’s Sustainable Goal Development Day, this morning we began discussing the importance of keeping our environment and specifically our school clean.

Provocation – Make a new rule for our school to keep it clean. Include a symbol and explain your thinking.


Today we listened to Miss Battifuoco read the creation story and illustrated the story in our black books. 

In the beginning there was no earth or sky or sea or animals.  And then God spoke in the darkness:  “Let there be light!”  And right away there was light, scattering the darkness and showing the infinite space.  “That’s good!” said God.  “From now on, when it’s dark it will be ‘night’ and when it’s light, it will be ‘day’.”

The evening came and the night passed and then the light returned.  That was the first day. On the second day, God made the earth and over it He carefully hung a vast blue sky.  He stood back and admired His creation.  “That’s good too!” said God and the second day was over.

The next morning God looked around and thought, “The earth needs to be a bit more organized.”  So, He put all the water in one place and all the dry land in another.  When He had finished that, God made plants to cover the land.  Dandelions and daffodils appeared.  All sorts of trees and grasses began to grow.  “It’s looking great,” said God and that was the end of the third day.

On the fourth day, God looked around and thought, “The daylight still needs a bit more work and the night is just too dark.”  So, He made the sun to light the sky during the day and the moon and stars to add a bit of sparkle to the night.  He hung them in the sky and stepped back to look at his work.  “This is coming along very well,”  said God.

The next day, God turned his attention to the water he had collected in the oceans.  “I want these waters to be full of life!”  As soon as He said it, it was so.  In no time, there were millions of small fish darting through the shallow water and huge fish swimming in the ocean.  God made birds, too.  He sent them soaring through the air.  “Ahh, that IS good!” said God.  The dusk fell over the water and the sky grew dark and that was the end of the fifth day.

On the sixth day, God added creatures to the land.  He made lions and tigers and bears.  He made rabbits and sheep and cows.  He added everything from ants to zebras to the land.  But He still felt something was missing.  So God added Mankind to enjoy and take care of all that He had created.  God looked around and was happy with all He had made.

After six days, the whole universe was completed.  On the seventh day God had a nice long rest and enjoyed looking at all He had made.

This type of activity for prayer give us a chance to use critical listening skills and creative minds to paint our own, modern pictures of different Bible stories.

  • Krystian – Dear God, thank you for the world and the fish because we love the world and we want to take care of them
  • Annaliese – Dear God thank your for all the living things in the world
  • Ava – Dear God, thank you for this creation because if you didn’t make the world you would be lonely
  • Makur – Dear God, thank you for the gravity because we would be floating!


Miss Sloan helped us revisit the Sustainable Development Goals. We viewed a video surrounding what each of them are;

We also read a story called ‘Freida and the Sustainable Development Goals.’

What is one thing you can do to help the environment?

  • Joey – If my mum tells me to put the garbage bag in the bin
  • Ash – I can do about 2 or 3 goals. I can take care of the animals and protect them. I can recycle things!
  • Akem – I can do three things at home. I could do zero hunger and help the animals
  • TCross – I can bring some food and water to the homeless people
  • Darcy – Even if it is like really hot, what happens if the water is all dirty?

We used our 100 languages and play to explore this further!

  • Samurai and Mason created pollution and non-pollution pictures
  • TCross, Bianca, Kristina, Annaliese and Ava all created night and dark creations using boxes and paint
  • Rhoda, Lynn and Anna chose to explore the goals further using ICT
  • Bella, Jasmine and Ann created GatchaLife to explore the goals
  • Mia is working on a Global Warming Book
  • Noah, Jevan, Kurt, Nate and Makur used the blocks to make a homeless shelter
  • Akem and Ashvarn used lego to make some of the Goal Symbols they found on the Internet
  • Holly drew a picture of trees and a bird flying




Continuing on with our Ecological Learning, this afternoon we planned and began our own Persuasive Texts arguing why we should pickup litter at our school. We revisited the correct structure of a persuasive text and the language we need to include to make it successful!

Thank you for a magical Monday! Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow!