WORSHIP Wednesday June 26 – Week 9 Term 2

Worship Wednesday June 26!


For week 9 our shared reading text will be The dress-up box by Patrick Guest. This is the fifth book shortlisted for book of the year.
The previous four books have been: Tricky’s bad day by Alison Lester, Rainbow bear by Stephen Michael King, Noni the pony rescues a joey by Alison Lester and Heads and tails insects by John Canty.
Thank you to Aidan and Kurt who read us the story aloud practicing expression and fluency.
Reflections from the story- 
  • Anna – Mama-sauros was one of the characters. The family was sad about moving house but then they weren’t
  • Holly – Mr Pillowhead
  • Jevan – Samurai Sam


  • Angok – We got a partner and worked together
  • Makur – We got a partner then we wrote a word down and found what it means in Spanish


Today we recited a special traditional Catholic Prayer called the ‘Our Father.’ 

  • Kristina – Dear God, thank you for TCross and Francesca because they did everything to me. Amen.
  • Eva – Dear God, thank you for my family and friends because they’re always by my side. Amen.
  • Ebony – Dear God, thank you for my family because they are nice to me. Amen.
  • Nevada – Dear God, thank you for my beautiful teachers because they always help me with my learning. Amen.
  • Rhoda – Dear God, thank you for my family and my friends and teachers because they help me and thank you for choosing Orthodox. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for my girl cousin because she is really nice. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God, I am sorry for the poor people who woke up in the cold and eat in the dark with no blankets or food. Amen.
  • Bianca – Dear God, thank you for my big brother and little brother because they treat me nice. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, thank you for carbon dioxide, oxygen and trees and all the stuff that makes air so we can breathe. Amen.
  • Bella – Dear God, thank you for my friends and family and the earth. Amen.


Together as a class we read Chapter 6 of Matilda – Platinum Blond Man.

We then had the choice of three different responses to the chapter.

  1. Why do you think Matilda did this to her dad?
  2. What is another trick Matilda could play on her mother or father?
  3. What did Matilda convince her father that he did to his hair?


  • Cierra – She could delete all the contacts in her mums phone
  • Bella – She could swap her dads clothes with Matilda’s clothes
  • Nate – She could ring prank her dad
  • Ash – She could get a bucket of yuck slime and put it on top of the door and when he opened it the slime would go on him
  • Ebony – She could swap her mums perfume with cooking oil
  • Lara – She could put holes in his pants!

After sharing our responses we got to watch the scene from the movie! 


We used time today to work on our open-ended Religion Projects that we begun yesterday.



Our class and school are an extremely diverse community where all religions and cultures are respected and celebrated. This afternoon we decided to investigate the religions in our class further through collecting data and graphing it. We discussed what we need to included in our tables, how to tally and what labels are graphs need to have!


  • Jas – You are kind, helpful, brave and help people out when you are sad
  • Ann – You have been my friend since kindy and lovely since the day I met you
  • Darcy – You are kind to everyone
  • Aurora – You are a kind friend
  • Ash – You are a kind friend to trust
  • Akem – You are a kind friend that can always be trusted and never not trusted
  • Mia – You come in beautiful every day
  • Nate – You are a kind friend and help people out when they can’t do things
  • Krystian – You help lonely people and play with them
  • Lynn – You are beautiful and kind
  • Bianca – You are beautiful in the morning and afternoon
  • Anna – You are kind and beautiful. You make me laugh and happy!

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  1. Thanks you Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore and the whole class for singing happy birthday to Bella. That made her day very special. Thank you also to everyone for their beautiful and kind words 😘

    • It is absolutely our pleasure! Thank you for your comment on your blog – we all love reading comments! 🙂

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