Will you be my friend Wednesday July 31 – Week 2 Term 3


A big welcome to our new student Iris who joins our learning community. We are so excited and blessed to have you with us! Thank you SO much to those who have already sponsored us for the MS Readathon! We are so grateful and cannot wait for it to be August tomorrow so we can get reading! 




Thank you to Kristina, Tcross, Frankie and Nevada who read this week’s shared reading text ‘Horatio Squeak’ in library this morning.

It is during this time that students get the chance to practice their oral language skills and in particularly reading aloud, expression, volume, fluency and projection. 

What was the moral of the story?

  • Akem– The story was about Horatio and he went to a party and he had a very good time there and it was the first time he ever got invited.
  • Iris – Cats do eat birds and he tried to stop the cat from eating the bird
  • Anna – He never got invited to a party so he went to a cats house and they made a party
  • Aurora – I think that Horatio Squeak was trying to not kill birds so they don’t get exist. Cats and mice dont really get along and the story was making them get along

We borrowed our books for the week and also the books that will kick-start our MS Readathon!


Matthew 10:16-24  – Coming Persecutions 

16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17 Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues. 18 On my account you will be brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles. 19 But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, 20 for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

21 “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. 22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 23 When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. Truly I tell you, you will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

24 “The student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master.

Do you think it was easy to be a disciple?

  • Libby – It would have been hard because they were spreading the word of Jesus and people didn’t want to hear
  • Aidan – The disciples had to follow Jesus everywhere he went
  • Akemjot – The disciples had to go wherever Jesus told them to go and they had to follow Jesus even if he walked on water
  • Anna – I think would be hard being a disciple because God will tell you to send messages to sinners and stuff
  • Nate – It would be hard because Jesus would tell you to hold stuff for him and follow him a long way and heavy stuff
  • TCross – It would be hard because the disciples have to follow Jesus everywhere and that they have to spread the word of God and Jesus and some people might not believe it and they had to convince them
  • Aurora – I think it would’ve been hard because on Good Friday Jesus died so what would the disciples do after that?

Special Prayers to God

  • Annaliese – Dear God, thank you for everything. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, please make the world not end in 2030 or 2050. Amen.
  • Bianca – Dear God, thank you for my grandpa and my grandma because they are really nice. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, please let us read lots of books for the Readathon so we can raise money for MS. Amen.


Together as a class we continued our class novel, ‘The 13 Storey Treehouse’. 

Image result for 13 storey tree

Today we read chapters 5 and 6. The children reflected about the chapters;

  • Angok – The mermaid turned into a Sea Monster
  • Nate – The Sea Monster was trying to get them. Terry went to the shrinker and shrinked the sea monster
  • Ann – The mermaid was named Mermaidia
  • Aurora – The mermaid kissed Terry and also Andy just wanted to get on with the story!
  • Kristina – Terry and Andy were having a drawing competition
  • Akemjot – In the story the mermaid was a Sea Monster and Andy saw Mermaidia in the bathroom
  • Noah – Andy hit Terry with the big banana


Our Science Experiment today was focussed on reactions and colours! We spoke about the importance of an experiment write up and the different parts that we must include.

MINDFULNESS – Draw a picture of you and a friend! 


Provocation: Use the materials around the room to show us these fractions. Don’t forget to take a photo using your laptop! 


  • Miss Battifuoco – Mary you always have a positive attitude
  • Anna – You have a beautiful smile
  • Ava – I am glad you are better
  • Krystian – She’s super fun
  • Kristina – You’re not silly all the time
  • Mia – You have been my friend for 4 years and my first friend I had at this school
  • Keren – She is the bestest friend ever!!!!
  • Makur – She is kind
  • Aurora – She is very responsible and mature
  • TCross – She is extremely sweet

Have a lovely last night of July with your families 🙂 



JULY 30 


The only way to have a friend is to be one.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why is it important to celebrate International Friendship Day?

  • Libby- Everyone deserves to have a friend
  • Annaliese– Everyone needs friends because if they don’t they might be lonely
  • Ava– I think its important because friends help me stay calm and happy and they can help you to do the same
  • Akem– It is important to celebrate international friendship day because if we didn’t our friends wouldn’t think they liked us


Recipe for a Friend

For our brain teaser today the children had to make a recipe for a friend. They had to think about a good friend they know and they qualities they have. What makes them a good friend? They then had to think about what they would be in a recipe for a good friend. The children all did a wonderful job and used their creativity skills. Have a look below at their ideas….


Matthew 10:5-15 – Mission of the Twelth

These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy,[a] drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts— 10 no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep.11 Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. 12 As you enter the home, give it your greeting.13 If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. 14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. 15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

What was Jesus trying to teach his disciples?

  • Lynn– If someone was sick they would do something for them to try and make them better and if they were dead he wanted them to try and make them alive again
  • Aurora– Jesus said the disciples should share their things they have with others
  • Ava– If someone gives you something freely you should give something back in return as that’s the way to be nice
  • Ash– When you give someone something for free you always get something back, you might not always get ‘something’ but you will always get kindness back
  • Akem– I think freely give and freely get means when you get something you give it to someone who doesn’t have it or if they really want it
  • Annaliese– You have to be nice, if someone gives you something you should give something in return back to them


  • Mia- Dear God, thank you for my uncle because he isn’t guilty and always teaches me how to be kind and he teaches me that if you give something to someone they don’t always have to return something back to you. Amen.
  • Anna- Dear God, please help the poor people and the people who are homeless. Amen.
  • Aurora- Dear God, can you please look after my baby brother because he turned 1 and I want him to have a good life. Amen
  • Lynn- Dear God, please tell everyone to pick up the pollution. Amen.
  • Ash- Dear God, can you please help the rubbish that is in the water. Amen.
  • Krissy- Dear God, thank you for the teachers because they shine everyone’s day. Amen.

We checked in with our Character Strength wall…


Today for math we consolidated our knowledge and skills about fractions that we have been working on over the last two weeks. By the end of year 3 the children should be able to;

Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and their multiples to a complete whole (ACMNA058)

The children had to individually complete the task below.

If you would like extend this knowledge, have a think about how you can make fractions with different things at home. You could cut up your fruit into different fractions or divide your after school snack into different fractions.


Introducing the MS Readathon! 

Please see seperate blog post about the Readathon!



Today we completed the PAT testing for math and reading.

See you tomorrow!

MS Readathon!

Throughout August our class is taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery… and it is all for one incredible cause. Our class will be reading as many books as possible in August and raising funds for kids who have a parent living with MS. Funds raised by the MS Readathon go toward sending kids on awesome Family Camps where they can learn about MS and have fun with their family.
Thank you for supporting our class’s MS Readathon adventure, you can find our page here with an easy donation link;


Our very own teacher Miss Nicole Tropeano has been diagnosed with MS but continues to amaze and inspire us in so many different ways. She will be visiting our classroom this week to let us know more. Please feel free to have a look at the BTN story from this week which focusses on her family and MS;


At the following link you can find information specific for parents for this amazing cause;



MATES Monday July 29 – Week 2 Term 3

Hi all – WELCOME TO WEEK 2 !

We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with many specks of gold! Tomorrow is International Friendship Day! This special day will lead and focus our learning for the week.


How are you and your friends similar? 

  • Jevan – Me and Deakyn both like soccer
  • Jake – Me and Kurt make each other laugh and always want to play
  • Ava – Me and Annaliese and Bianca all like playing on the monkey bars
  • Jas – Me and Bella and Ann are similar because we are all Asian and have black hair
  • Ann – Me and Jasmine are similar because we both go to Taekwondo
  • Aidan – Me and Bella are similar because we are both Phillipinos
  • Nevada – Me, Eva, Cierra and Ebony all have glasses
  • Aurora – All of my friends, we all use unique Character Strengths
  • Cierra– Me, Eva and Ebony and New are all the same as we all have big sisters
  • Mia– Me, Keren, Kiziah we like to be you tubers.
  • Ash– Me, Akemjot and Lucas are all from the same Religion.
  • Akem– Me, Ash and Lucas are all similar as we all play Roblox and come from the same religion Sikh.

What do you like to do with your friends?

  • Maddox – I like to play
  • Angok – Play soccer
  • Holly – Me and my friends like to help people when they are sad and have no one to play with
  • Bella – Me and my friends like to play GachaLife
  • Andy – Play with them
  • Darcy – Play together on the laptops
  • Makur – Play soccer every week
  • Bianca – Play with my friends
  • Kiziah– I like to play with my friends
  • Kristina– I like to play in the home corner
  • TT– I like to go do duty with Frankie and Kristina and the teachers
  • Libby– I like to talk with my friends
  • Jaiden– I like to play soccer with Dion
  • Keren– I like to do art with my friends
  • Cierra– We like to play Roblox together
  • Frankie– Me, T and Krissy like to do art together
  • Dion– I like to play soccer
  • Noah– I like to play soccer with my friends
  • Akem– I like to have a chat with my friends on Roblox and play soccer with them

How do you feel when your friend compliments you?

  • Nevada – I feel good because it is a nice thing about me
  • Darcy – It makes me happy
  • Jas – It makes me happy and want to compliment other people
  • Holly – It makes me feel happy and makes me have a bright day
  • Aurora – It makes me feel loved and I want to complement them back
  • Eva– It makes me feel loved
  • Ash– It makes me feel excitement
  • Rho– It makes me feel like someone cares about me
  • Mia– It makes me feel really good and that I was to do it back to them
  • Frankie– It makes me feel happy
  • Akem– It makes me feel happy and excited about what they said to me
  • Dion– It makes me feel excited

How do you feel when you give someone a compliment?

  • Darcy – I feel kind
  • Ava  – I feel happy and proud of what I said
  • Holly – It makes me feel proud
  • Kurt – I feel kind and joyful
  • Nevada – It makes me happy and proud
  • Aurora – It makes me happy and proud!
  • Mason– It makes me feel happy
  • Krissy– It makes me feel happy whenever I talk to anyone
  • TT– It makes me feel warm and glad
  • Frankie– It makes me feel nice as I have done a nice thing to my friend

We shared our poems with each other! What a wonderful way to fill buckets this morning 🙂 



Luke 6: 12-17
The Twelve Apostles

  • Rhoda – Judas and Peter
  • Aidan – Thomas
  • Noah – Matthew
  • Jevan – Philip
  • Keren – James
  • Rhoda – Bartholomew
  • Mia – John

12 One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. 13 When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles: 14 Simon (whom he named Peter), his brother Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, 15 Matthew,Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Simon who was called the Zealot, 16 Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who became a traitor.

How was/is Jesus a good friend?

  • Bianca – He was getting fish for Simon
  • Akemjot – Jesus is a good friend because one time there was a blind person and he helped Simon to get fish
  • Ann – Jesus is a good friend because he helped people to understand God and be nicer
  • Kristina – Jesus is a good friend because he taught Simon how to fish
  • Ash – Jesus is a good friend because he teach people to do good things and don’t force things
  • Anna – Jesus is a good friend because he wanted to help sinners in believing God
  • Darcy – Jesus is a good friend because one time he made fish and pancakes and made a lot
  • TCross – Jesus is a good friend because he is encouraging and positive
  • Aurora – Jesus is a good friend because he wanted to help the sinners forget their sins because he uses honesty
  • Joey – Jesus is a good friend because his friend spent a whole night trying to catch them and Jesus helped them
  • Jaiden – Jesus is a good friend because he was trying to convince the people to believe him


Before beginning our investigations for the day, we planned in our black books our big ideas. This allows us to think about the direction of our investigations and what our goal is!

  • Holly, Rhoda and Anna decided to create friendship bracelets using wool
  • Akemjot and Ash also worked together to make friendship bracelets
  • Kurt, Jake and Deakyn created an iMove on how to be a good friend
  • Lucas, Dion and Noah created a soccer pitch because they play soccer together
  • Maddox, Angok and Mason worked to make a boat using Lego
  • Cierra and Nevada used a box to make a house for their bunnies
  • Ann, Bella and Jasmine worked collaboratively to create animations
  • Kristina, TCross and Frankie use the home corner to make a Friendship Restaurant!
  • Jevan taught Ava how to use new design software! How kind of him 🙂

Thank you to Jevan, Kurt, Jake, Deakyn, Aurora and Libby for sharing their Friendship Learning with the class as the end of our investigations.


Friendship Word Find 


Provocation – Write and send a letter to a friend outlining why you are grateful for them! We created our letters and shared them with our friends to fill their buckets.

Thank you for a magical day spent with our magnificent mates! See you tomorrow 🙂 

FUN Friday July 26 – Week 1 Term 3

Let’s have FUN it’s FRIDAY



Our assembly this morning was lead by the leaders of our school and had a focus on NAIDOC Week. We saw a dance performance by the receptions and listened to special prayers. Mr Slater asked us, what are we grateful for…

  • Maddox – School
  • Will – New kids!
  • Jaiden – Friends
  • Andy – Song
  • Frankie – Friends
  • Aidan – Everything!!
  • Mason – Friends, family and teachers
  • Eva – My beautiful teachers
  • Noah – My friends
  • Lynn – My teachers
  • Bianca – My family
  • Miss Battifuoco – Everyone in 3Jm and 3IB who made my birthday super special
  • Angok – My friends
  • Makur – Teachers and the new students at our school
  • Annaliese – I am grateful for my friends and family
  • Lucas – The trees
  • DD – My two teachers
  • Kurt – William! 🙂
  • TCross – The school
  • Jas – Mr. White because he lets all of us to be in Holy Family
  • Ebony – I am grateful for the plants
  • Keren – Friends
  • Kristina – Teachers
  • Libby – Everything
  • Raf – My teachers
  • Rhoda – Teachers and Miss Sloan
  • Ava – Yaaaaay. I am grateful for my brother because he plays with me when I am bored and also my best friend
  • Miss Moore – I am grateful for Miss Battifuoco because she always sends me text messages that make me smile and checks in to make sure that I am okay and she is a very kind friend and I love her very much! I hope her finger recovers soon
  • Akem – WILLIAM!
  • Cierra – Friends because they cheer me up
  • V – Teachers
  • Anna – My voice because if I didn’t have my voice I wouldn’t be able to speak
  • Ann – William! He is a nice friend
  • Holly – Teachers!
  • Jake – Everything on this planet
  • Nate – The world because if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t be alive
  • Joey – Friends
  • Mia – Sustainable goals the ones we learned about
  • Lara – LARA!
  • Kiziah – Friends


Today for fitness we went out to the oval and log park.


Prayer reflections:

  • Ava– I think it means by the fire being in our whole body being all the fire being in our body helps us move and get a move on with what we are doing
  • Ann– The fire being in our thoughts means that God is always in our thoughts
  • Lucas– When you see fire it makes you feel calm
  • Mia– May be the fire be in our thoughts means God is all around you and God is the fire and fire is not just dangerous but its also God
  • Akem– I think that fire in our thoughts means the fire that is in your thoughts helps you think a lot and God helps you to think
  • Anna– I think that it means when you are blind and the hospital tries to heal you you see good stuff again
  • Joey– I think it means that when it means when the fire may be in our eyes it means that we can see good things
  • Tcross– I think it means you should be grateful for the people that you have to care for you and that we should care for them too
  • Ash– I think it means when the fire may be in your eyes, you can see good stuff or bad stuff and you can be calm and tell someone who is doing bad stuff not to do it
  • Ava–  I think it means by the fire being in our eyes we can share the new things to people who are being born so they can grow and learn to be strong
  • Libby– I think it means don’t say anything bad words and say nice words and encourage people
  • Rhoda– I think it means don’t be mean and speak good things
  • Ebony– To be kind and encourage people
  • Kristina– I think it means the fire on our lips to not say bad things only good stuff
  • Kurt– I think it means we have to use our character strengths called honesty
  • Lynn– I guess it means if you are telling a lie the heat will come in you and then you will have to tell the truth, it could make you guilty
  • Eva– I think it means say nice words to people and encourage people that they can do it
  • Jas– I think it means may the fire protect us from violence it means that God doesn’t want us to fight
  • Raf– I think it means to help people when they don’t know around the place and you can show them and be kind
  • Ava– I think it means that the fire is in our hands and arms it means using you energy into the people around you that need help and put your energy into helping



Have a wonderful weekend!

THRIVING Thursday July 25 – Week 1 Term 3



Think outside the box – Aboriginal Flag 


Provocation – Create a story using Aboriginal Australian Symbols for some of the words…


Benediction Prayer

By Francis Bodkin of the Bodkin-Andrews clan of the D’harawal Peoples

May you always see the beauty of the Earth
May you always taste the sweetest fruit
May you always hear the laughter of the People
May you always feel the warmth of the Flame
May you always smell the perfume of the flowers
May your dreams always be happy ones
May your friends always be with you when you have need
May your stomach always be full
May you never feel hurt 



  • Anna- The you are perfect no matter what
  • Miss Moore- The bit that says may your stomach always be full means that they don’t want anyone in the world to be hungry
  • Ava- That no matter what even if someone hurts you, you will always have the same person inside your self
  • Aurora- It doesn’t matter who you are because we all belong
  • Miss Battifuoco- May your friends always be with you when you have needs means if you are lucky enough to have special friends they won’t stop being your friend if you are going through something tricky or if you need help
  • Ash- When it says the beauty of the earth I think it means don’t throw rubbish on the earth or kill the animals
  • Maddox- If someone is hurt help them
  • Ann- I think that when it says may you never feel hurt means that you shouldn’t hurt your self or get bullied
  • Ava- I think it says when you see the beauty of the earth it is like appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Dion- Sometimes we laugh instead of being mad and sad
  • Anna- I think it means someone may be offering you fruit if you don’t have any food
  • Anna- Even if you have something special that is glass or plastic that doesn’t last for ever, but when you a good friend they could last forever in your life and be nice to you and care about you
  • Aurora- Family is forever
  • Ava- You will always taste the sweetest fruit means that the people who don’t have fruit you could share it around and you can taste God’s creation
  • Ash- The part when it says the fruit one- don’t waste food and chuck it in the bin for no reason, it is natural food and when you eat it it can do lots of things in your body


Shapes of Australia 

Today we used the picture book ‘Shapes of Australia’ as an art provocation. We read the book together and discussed the different shapes and pictures created through dot paintings. The children then had an opportunity to create their own picture with coloured dot paintings.




WILD Wednesday July 24 – Week 1 Term 3






  • Samurai – You had to play the match like a Spanish word with a normal one on the laptop


Today in library we read the story- The Hole Idea

Krystian read the story to 3JM today. He summarised the book for us;

Krystian- A little kid that had lots of ideas and when he found stuff he used his imagination.

What did he make?

  • Ash– A boat
  • Noah– Binoculares
  • Akem– A suit case

Thank you to Deakyn and Bianca who used their loudest reading voices and expression to read the story to 3IB.

  • Deakyn – The main character is William!
  • Bianca – He was digging a hole and finding something but he found a battered suitcase and he was digging

We borrowed our new books for the week and began reading! Just a reminder that we should be reading each night for at least 20 minutes and bringing our books to school each day 🙂


What do you think this Dreamtime Story was trying to teach us?

  • Anna – The moral of the story was not to be greedy because people wouldn’t want to be friends with you
  • Nevada – The moral of the story was to share with everyone
  • Tcross – I strongly believe that the moral is to not be selfish and not be greedy
  • Lynn – I strongly think that you shouldn’t be greedy, people wont play with you like the frog drank all the water
  • Joey – The moral was to not be greedy

We prayed to God, thanking him/her for someone in our lives who isn’t greedy. For someone who is generous and loves us!


Today we began our new class novel – The 13 Storey Treehouse! Together we read through Chapter 1-4. We all have access to the novel on our laptops and can follow along to the teachers voice. It is here where teachers model expression, fluency, volume and control. After reading Chapter 1, we reflected on the Orientation of the Story. 

  • Raf – Andy and Terry
  • Anna – Not any treehouse but a 13 storey tree house
  • Ann – I learned that the treehouse is big but looks like its in the outside
  • Mason – I learned the tree house and what it has in it
  • Dion – There is a lemonade fountain
  • Maddox – They are in a tree house


  • Lucas – Andy
  • Ann – Mr Big Nose
  • Bianca – The Cat
  • Dion – Terry
  • Kristina – Jill
  • Ava – Silky


  • Akem – In the story they made a cat called Silky into a Catnary
  • Noah – They have to get their book finished!
  • Nate – Mr Big Nose exploded!
  • Anna –  They have to get Silky back


  • Krystian – In their tree house


In light of NAIDOC week, today we worked through a comprehension surrounding the Indigenous People and the importance of NAIDOC week. 

Feel free to please ask your child tonight about this work! They will happily share with you what they learned and why NAIDOC week is super important!



We continued our fraction investigations from yesterday and were also challenged to show various different fractions using ICT.

Miss Battifuoco’s Birthday 

Cierra- You are always beautiful and make me smile

Eva- You are beautiful and kind and show lots of humour

Nev- You are a nice teacher, you look pretty and you always help everyone

Ava- I know you are never going to give up on your goal and you are going to use perseverance

William- You are so kind and beautiful

Holly- You are kind and always teach me new stuff

Lynn- You always be nice and you are the best teacher in the whole world

Jas- Miss B is the first teacher in year 2 and now year 3

DD- You are the best teacher and you always belong

Makur- You are the best teacher

Frankie- You are the best teacher ever

TT- You are very beautiful kind and generous

Kristina- You shine everyones day every time

Bella- Miss B is wonderful

Ann- You are wonderful teacher

Aidan- You are the best teacher in year 3 ever

Nate- You are the best teacher every year 3 could have

Kurt- You are so kind and you always use your character strengths

Samurai- You are a kind person

We hope Miss B has the best night with her family celebrating her birthday. 


Reminder to bring back your donut notes by the 29th to the front office or on the app. $3 per donut. 


TREMENDOUS Tuesday July 23 – Week 1 Term 3



  • Lynn –  I will choose fly so I can fly anywhere
  • Jevan – I would be invisible so I don’t have to go to bed
  • Maddox – I would fly everywhere
  • Holly – I would choose to fly so I can see what people are doing and enjoy the fresh air
  • Eva – I would choose to be invisible to I can help people
  • Andy – I would choose to fly everywhere
  • Deakyn – I would choose to fly so when I am falling from a high place I can levitate
  • Jake – I would rather be invisible so I don’t have to go to bed
  • Libby – I would rather to fly so I don’t have to pay for an airplane to fly around the world!
  • Jas – I would rather fly because incase some kids balloon flies in the air I could return it
  • Aurora – I would choose invisibility so then I can eat food whenever I want
  • Akemjot – I choose invisibility so could play tricks and they wouldn’t know
  • Ann – I would rather fly just incase their is a tsunami so I could fly
  • Aidan – I would rather fly so I don’t have to walk around because my legs get tired
  • Nate – I would choose invisibility so I could escape jail
  • Raf – I would rather choose invisibility so I can steal Pokemon cards
  • Krystian – I would choose invisibility so I can stand in front of people
  • Anna – I would rather be able to fly just in case I have a compass so then I can find my way back to land
  • Noah – I would rather be invisible so I don’t have to wake up and go to school


Provocation – Can you use your 100 languages to design a new Australian Flag that pays respects to the Indigenous peoples?


What can we learn from this story?

  • Ava – Always help others that help you
  • Jas – You have to share things with you


In our numeracy learning today, we refreshed our memories surrounding fractions. We were eager to learn about numerators and denominators.

Miss B shared that she remembers the denominator goes on the bottom because it starts with a ‘D’ for down. Anna told u s that we could remember numerator is on top because ‘N’ could mean North! Thanks Anna! Together we participated in a Kahoot surrounding Fractions!

We were invited to answer some open ended Fraction questions that we worked on independently and shared answers collaboratively. 


  • Anna – Andy did really good at touch football
  • Deakyn – The TMC students said me and Makur are really fast
  • Holly – We worked with TMC students for touch football


We completed a NAIDOC Week word find during our Mindfulness session today. If finished early we smoothed and prepared our minds for this afternoons learning using WeaveSilk.


After the major success of our class novel last term, this afternoon we started our Term 3 Class Novel – The 13 Storey Treehouse. 

This afternoon we had a look at the Front Cover and Blurb before using our prediction skills to guess what the story might be about…

Well done to those students who were able to complete their science experiment in the holidays. Thanks to Mia, Dion, Akemjot, Joey, Joey and Jasmine for sharing this afternoon.

Tomorrow is our library lesson – don’t forget to bring your books! Thank you Miss Roberts for sharing these past two days in our learning environment – we have loved having you and will miss you! Have a lovely evening every one 🙂 

Mirror mirror on the wall…


Introducing our new feature wall!

This wall is a place for us to share all the Character Strengths we see in each other everyday. We have been invited to complete a post-it note when we see a Character Strength on show in our  peers or teachers! 

Stay tuned to see our daily updates! Already we have added to our wall…   

MAGIC Monday July 22 – Week 1 Term 3

Welcome to TERM 3!

We trust you had a wonderful holiday break! We hope you found the time to rest, recharge and are now ready to gear up for another big term of learning and smiles! 

Miss Moore will be returning to school on Wednesday (hurry back soon we miss you). Until then, we are lucky enough to welcome Miss Roberts join our learning community! 


This morning we had a lot to share with one another! I guess that’s what happens when we don’t see one another for two whole weeks!

What was the best part of your holidays?

  • Bella – The best part of my holidays was watching The Lion King with my family
  • Aidan – I watched Toy Story 4 – it was really sad
  • Nevada – My favourite part of the holidays was my netball presentation. We went roller skating!
  • Lynn – My favourite part of the holidays was going to the hairdresser and the movies to watch Secret Life of Pets!
  • Anna – I went to Melbourne to go skiing! I invented a new word YEETAH!
  • Jas – My favourite part of the holidays was going bowling yesterday and seeing Alex in the car when I was driving!
  • Holly – My favourite part of the holidays was going roller skating with cousins and seeing The Lion King!
  • Ebony – Going to Cha Time! I get mango or peach! – Miss B got addicted to these in the holidays!!!!
  • Ann – I went somewhere in the holidays to the beach for two days!
  • Deakyn – I went to Bounce and did dodgeball there. I went to Ebisu at Mawson Lakes
  • Maddox – I watched Toy Story 4!
  • Samurai – I was with dad
  • Miss B – My holiday speck of gold was waking up and

We harnessed our passion and love  for our friendships and turned it into a learning activity. Individually, we drew the highlight of our holiday – the speck of gold! Next to it, we recorded why this was our favourite and what Character Strength we think we used during our highlight. Once finished, we paired up and shared our pictures whilst our partner tried to guess which Character Strength we used. 


  • TCross – We played musical statues
  • Holly – We had talking time to catch up


Together we read;

Dear God,
On this New Term I ask You to grant this request?
May I know who I am and what I am,
Every moment of every day.
May I carry light and love,
And bring inspiration to those whose eyes I meet.
May I have the strength to stand tall in the face of conflict,
And the courage to speak my voice, even when I’m scared.
May I have the humility to follow my heart,
And the passion to live my soul’s desires.
May I seek to know the highest truth
May I be brave enough to hear my heart?
To let it soften so that I may gracefully
Choose faith over fear.
This term is my time to surrender anything that stands
May I be drenched in my Holiness
And engulfed by Your love.
May all else melt away.
And so it is.

What is your school wish for Term 3?

  • Mia – I wish that I get straight A’s
  • Kristina – I wish that my class could be a happy class
  • Libby – I wish that I an get better at spelling
  • Ash – I wish is to get prepared for year 4 and get more learning
  • Eva – I wish that I can get better at reading
  • Jake – I wish I can have a really good life
  • Aidan – I wish that we can have more excursions
  • Ann – I wish that I can get better grades
  • Annaliese – I wish that I can be happy
  • Andy – I wish for Miss Sloan
  • Nate – I wish we could have a happy class and do more things as a group together
  • Jevan – I wish I could get better at times tables
  • Bianca – I wish for a happy class and happy friends
  • Raf – My wish is to improve my grades so then I don’t get jealous of my sister
  • Aurora – My wish is so I can get better at my handwriting
  • Ava – I wish for more investigations because I want to spend more time with friends and people I love
  • Rhoda – I wish that our class could all be friends
  • Samurai – I hope I can have all the fun with this class
  • Miss Battifuoco – I wish for everyone in our class to feel loved and welcomed. I wish that we can have amazing learning and smile every day!


Provocation – What were you grateful for these holidays? 

  • Noah – My mum because she gave birth to Shana my sister
  • Mia – My dancing because my mum thinks I’m improving
  • Mason – I am grateful for going to the cinemas
  • Lara – I am grateful that my grandma is okay from surgery
  • Krystian – I am grateful for my friends family
  • Lucas – I am grateful for my friends and family because they give me food


  • Joey – In investigations me and Nate made a Pikachu and it was kind of hard to make. When I was trying to colour in its face. We used paper, texta and glue. We copied it off a YouTube thing.
  • Nate – We worked together as a team to do it!
  • Aurora – During investigations we mad a lego house. We were all sick in the holidays and we were grateful we had a house to stay warm and cozy.
  • Mia – We made two houses well two rooms and a lookout to the sun.


We listened to some specific mediation music which helps people to set new intentions, like us for the new term.


This afternoon we completed a special holiday reflection. Together we had a look at how to correctly structure a recount and also how to add a Holy Family Twist! 

We finished off our first day of Term 3 soaking in some vitamin D outdoors! Thank you all for an incredible day – have a lovely night!