Tell me a story TUESDAY – Week 3 Term 3

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Tell me a story Tuesday August 6!


We put on our creative thinking hats and wrote a story….

  • Iris – I am writing about a dog from the World War and its a staffy
  • Holly – I am writing about a rainbow unicorn
  • Maddox, Andy and Angok all wrote a story about a magic apple
  • Deakyn’s story was about seeing a Pegasus out the window
  • Aurora’s story had her seeing God calling her
  • Darcy wrote about Roblox and entering that world
  • Ebony saw a cat out the window
  • Nate’s story included animals
  • Annaliese wrote about trees and rainbows near her house
  • Mary saw a dog through her window
  • Joey had a flying pig in his story!
  • Welcome to Candy World in Cierra’s story
  • Raf found a free box of Pokemon cards!
  • Ashvarn’s favourite sport of cricket was included in his story
  • Mia was impressed when she looked through the window and saw a rocket!
  • Rhoda’s friends Eva and TCross were outside the window
  • Tcross makes her bed every morning and takes a look out the window each time


Our focus this week surrounds reading. One of the most important parts of reading is being able to successfully read-a-loud. We discussed what we thought makes a good reader.Expression, volume, fluency and self-correcting is what we are focussing on this week. This morning we practiced our expression as we shared our stories with a friend. We chose one of the following voices to read our stories in;


How could I make Mary MacKillop proud?

  • Joey – When I am older I could make a school
  • Akemjot – I  could help people like she helped people. I could help them if they are hurt
  • Eva – I could help the poor
  • Jas – I am going to help the people that need help because it is kind
  • Angok – I will help the sick people
  • Mia – I will find kids that are poor and open an orphanage
  • Nate – I could make a big group of people and go around the city and help the poor people and give them food
  • Kristina – I would help the disadvantaged if they need stuff to survive
  • Darcy – I could help poor people, give them food and money to be healthy
  • Nevada – I can help the poor so that they can survive
  • Tcross – I could be honest, kind and loyal like her
  • Anna – I could follow in her footsteps and respect God
  • Aurora – When I am older I could adopt an orphan
  • Rhoda – I can make Mary MacKillop proud by opening schools for people who can’t learn
  • Aidan – I will help the sick and the poor
  • Bianca – I will help lonely kids who don’t have friends
  • Ava – I can help raise charity higher and higher! Love one another and teach the bad people to do good things
  • Holly – I can help the poor people by donating money to them
  • Ash – I can help the poor people by opening like a home that is like triple storey and they can live inside and they don’t have to pay the bills, I can
  • Lynn – I will help the poor people by giving them medicine and healthy food and money and maybe even build them a home for free


Today we began learning about angles!

What is an angle?

  • Ava – I think it is probably the corner or a side
  • Anna – Yeah I think a side
  • Rhoda – It is the sharp edge of a shape
  • Ash – It is the side of a shape
  • Nate – I think it means when you are taking a photo you get the right side of it
  • Aurora – I think an angle is when you know how photographers say angles its like that for a shape like how you see it
  • Anna – It is like almost a corner in a triangle
  • Akemjot – This is an angle and this is a triangle, like a shape can be an angle as well

An angle is the amount of turn between two lines that meet each other. It is something we can measure. 



  • Bianca – We did tennis, we were practicing
  • Nevada – We were learning how to play tennis
  • Darcy – We were learning tennis a lot and I got sweaty
  • Kurt – We practiced doing tennis so Miss Cooymans can see how good we are to go to a tennis carnival
  • Ava – We did tennis!!!!!!!


LITERACY continued… 

Sometimes when something works and we are in flow – we just go with it! Our writing this morning was a perfect example of this. We worked so beautifully and engaged this morning as we created our own stories and read them with expression that we continued some learning with these this afternoon.

What is editing? What do we need to look for when you edit your stories from this morning?

  • Ash – Put more detail inside it
  • Akemjot – If there was a long sentence you can find places to put a full stop
  • Ava – When you edit your writing you have to check that if there are too many ‘ands’ you can break it up so you can read it properly
  • Aidan – You can add commas
  • Lynn – Editing means that you write something and then you write the book who wrote it

Provocation – Create some comprehension questions for your story that you created this morning. Swap with a friend for them to complete. 

Tomorrow is our library borrowing day. Please remember to bring your books 🙂 Have a magical night!

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