WONDERFUL Wednesday August 7 – Week 2 Term 3

WONDERFUL Wednesday ūüôā¬†


Today in library we read the story Joey and Riley by Mandy Foot. Libby read the story for 3JM and Anna read the story for 3IB.

The children summarised the book….

  • Joey– Riley and Joey did everything together and Riley got lost and then right at the end he. came back
  • Rho– In the story Riley and Joey were best friends and Riley was Joey’s dog and then the mum said that they were going to move into time and then his mum said he couldn’t bring Riley and he had to leave him at his pops house and then Riley got lost and then he came back
  • Angok – Riley found Joey
  • Kurt – I liked when Joey and Riley reunited
  • Bianca – I liked when Joey found Riley

Libby appreciated the illustrations in the story “I loved the pictures in the book”. Anna says, “I like the beginning, middle and end.”


  • Rho– today in Spanish we did stuff on colours and made this game where we had to say what our favourite colour was.


The Story of Mary MacKillop.

  • Anna -When I am older and have lots of money and I see someone poor or disadvantaged I will give them at least a few dollars
  • Libby – When I am older I will open a care home for people who have no homes and people who are disadvantaged
  • Mia– When I am older and have a job as a scientist I will give the poor a handful of money to buy a house
  • Annaliese– When I am a bit older and I see someone who needs it I will give them my money because I will to be nice to them and not let them feel left out
  • Nate– I could give people things if they don’t have any
  • Aurora– I could always use my manners
  • Lynn– I could make a store and sell some stuff and then the money I get I could give to the poor
  • Bianca– I will say thank you to people who give me stuff
  • Cierra– I could give people things I don’t want any more
  • Joey– I could be kind to people
  • Eva– I could always be honest and loyal
  • Rho– I could help people who are sick
  • Anna– I could open a store and make some money to donate
  • Mia– I could work at a money factory
  • Angok– Be kind
  • TT– I can provide food for the hungry people
  • Aurora- The whole school already does this when we donate the food to Fred’s Van
  • Ava– Help with the MS Readathon
  • Akem– When I am older I can make my own website for donations


Today we read chapters 8 and 9 for the 13 Storey Tree House.

Who were we introduced to in this chapter;

  • Darcy– Superfinger, his job was to help stuff

What happened in chapter 8?

  • Libby– they are trying to write a book and they get to distracted but then they finally get a story going


Image result for lets paint picture book

Today for our art lesson we used the book Let’s Paint as our art provocation. We read the story as a group and then the children had the opportunity to paint as their heart desires. The book was a reminder that there is no mistakes in painting!

…Whether you drip, dot, daub or carefully dab – there is a marvellous, messy world of art waiting to be explored. From exquisitely detailed paintings to crazy kaleidoscopes of colour, art is as essential as the air we breath and much more fun…¬†


Today for mindfulness the children were drawing in their new mindful drawing books.


Both classes began preparation for their assemblies. 3IB’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 7 and 3JM’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 8. We will be working together over the term to share our learning in preparation.

Have a lovely night with your families.


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