TRANQUIL Thursday August 8 – Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to TRANQUIL Thursday!

Today and every day we aim to…



Why is it important to read?

  • Mia – It helps you know better words and is good for the Readathon
  • Ash – If you read it will be good for your life and good for university
  • Anna – It helps the MS Readathon
  • Ann – In life you need it to get a job like a customer needing to get milk and you need to know the word
  • Ava – Its not just for the MS Readathon it is also for when you get older for communication
  • Lynn – You need to read because if you don’t read you won’t really know that much words or how to write it
  • Iris – You need to know a lot to especially for a vet to know how much liquid for medicine to give to a dog or animals
  • Aurora – We need to read because it helps our brain grow and it helps us get a higher level at the library
  • Noah – We need to learn to read because in life you have to workout what you need to get
  • Annaliese – You need to read because it helps you with your brain to learn
  • Joey – If you have a job and you need to do stickers like on cars you need to read where to put the stickers
  • Jas – We need to learn ho two read because if you want to become a teacher you need to read books to kids

What do you like about reading?

  • Mia – I like how it is stories that have sad things and good things. My brain feels exercised!
  • Nate – It is fun to learn new things. It is exciting to learn new things about things you don’t know
  • Miss Moore – Reading books is fun because sometimes their can be jokes in there and it can make you laugh when you are reading it and it is even better to read as a whole class group so we can share in the fun together!
  • Kurt – Reading is fun because if you read it might go to your imaginations!
  • Holly – I like to read because they bring me on new adventures and new pathways
  • Akemjot – I like to read because I normally read ones without pictures so then I have to use my imagination more


Following on from reading chapter 8-10 yesterday, today we reflected!

What happened in those chapters?

  • Anna – Mermaidia was a sea witch and it was superfingeeeeer!
  • Nate – Andy blew up the bubble and got stuck in it
  • Jas – Andy got scared in the bubble and then he helped
  • Jake – When Andy was in the bubble, Terry took a golf club to try and hit the bubble and on his last attempt he got the bubble
  • Bianca – Andy kept going burp burp burp burp when he was stuck
  • Ava – While one of them was stuck in the bubble. The other one tried to save him!
  • Mia – They made a story about Superfinger helping everybody have another finger
  • Aurora – Superfinger helped his favourite guitarist and he needed an extra finger so Superfinger came along and helped him

Provocation – Use your 100 languages to create your own comic about SUPERFIIIINGER!


After recess we met as a whole school to celebrate mass for Mary MacKillop. After mass we we put on our artist hats and attempted to draw Saint Mary MacKillop.



This afternoon we continued our Super Finger Comics. The children activated their best growth mindsets and had a go at creating their own comic. Once finished, children moved into their own investigations.

  • Ebony and Eva opened up a jewellery shop
  • Keren, Mia and Kiziah are using Lego to create iStop motion videos
  • Holly, Rhoda, Tcross and are creating an imaginary world using rocks and gems to then make a movie
  • Bianca and Ava are celebrating Christmas Eve!
  • Angok explored Gacha Life to create his comic
  • Jevan and Joey made a garage using the blocks

Just a quick reminder to please return Moon Lantern Shared Lunch form and money asap 🙂 This is happening next Friday. There is an option to pay online using the app!

Have a lovely night – stay dry and warm!!!

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