FRI-YAY August 9 – Week 3 Term 3

YAY It’s Friday! 


ASSEMBLY – 5/6DE and R/1MP

If you were a toy, what would you be?

  • Samurai – A car toy because I could go fast
  • Will – I would be a plane so I could travel anywhere
  • Kiziah – I would be a teddy bear so I can get lots of cuddles
  • Andy – Pac-man
  • Jake  – I would be one-punch man
  • Cierra – I would love to be a cute little teddy bear because everyone would cuddle me
  • Bianca – I would like to be a little teddy bear
  • Libby – I would be a lucky charm, they’re like fortune cookies but come with bracelets
  • Noah – I would be a toy plane to travel anywhere I want
  • Jevan – I would be a toy jet so I could go somewhere very fast
  • Makur – I would be Thanos so I could rule the world
  • Mason – I would be a drone so I could fly wherever I want
  • Bella – I would be a Roblox toy because it would be cool being a toy from a video game
  • Mary – I would be a teddy bear so I am never lonely
  • Nevada – I would be a teddy bear so I can lots of cuddles and chill out all day
  • Angok – I would be Flash so I can be anywhere
  • Darcy – I would be Spiderman because he saves the day
  • Holly  – I would be a little teddy bear so everyone would want to cuddle me


We didn’t make it outside for fitness this today because of the weather. We have been doing an angle work out in the classroom. Try it at home. Make a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle with your body.


Today for prayer Ebony bought in a special coin for us to use. It has a prayer inside and we read it together as a class group.

Prayers for the weekend:

  • Akem- Dear God, I prayer that my baby brother stays safe in the holidays
  • Cierra- Dear God, please look after my aunty and uncle in Sydney because it is stormy over there
  • Anna- Dear God, I hope my dog is safe if she is still alive
  • Angok– Dear God, I pray for my friends because they are nice
  • Holly- Dear God, Please look over my teachers at the weekend and that they have a good sleep at the weekend
  • Ash- Dear God, I hope we have a safe holidays and a good week and good sleep on the weekend
  • Darcy- Dear God, I would like to see my mums dad and other brother
  • Lynn- Dear God, please take care of my teachers and family on the weekend
  • Bianca- Dear God, take care of my Grandpa
  • Jevan- Dear God, I pray for that my family and friends are safe and they have a nice weekend
  • TT- Dear God, I pray for 3IB 3JM to 3Jm to have a safe weekend
  • Iris- Dear God, please take care of my family
  • Mia- Dear God, please make my Grandma safe on the plane tonight and whilst she is away


We continued our learning about angles with a flip chart. The children had to recognise different angles and label them. They also had a go at drawing a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle.


Today for the investigations the children were able to work on different things they are interested in. They are agents of their own learning and practice mindful agency. Mindful agency is being aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner and able to use that awareness to take responsibility, to plan and manage learning processes.


Image result for gratitude quotes

On Friday’s we reflect on our week and find something we are grateful for. Today the children were grateful for a number of different things…



Have a lovely and safe weekend! 

Reminder-  Please return and pay for the Dining Hall Shared Lunch that will take place next Friday.

We need these back ASAP for catering purposes.

We are having some technical difficulties recording the books we are reading but we are still reading lots of books in class. 

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