FEASTING FRIDAY August 16 – Week 4 Term 3

Today it’s FRIDAY let’s FEAST

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Today was a long assembly all about the Lion King. When we were eating our recess we reflected about the character strengths we saw in today’s assembly…

  • Will- I saw bravery when a reception kid came up to speak
  • Ava- The character strength I saw was zest and bravery. Zest when they were dancing and bravery for the new kids
  • Aurora- I really liked all the songs and dancing
  • Ash- I saw 3 character strengths- Bravery when the little kids tried their best to speak to everyone and another one was perseverance when they kept trying to dance and the last one was zest when they were dancing and using energy
  • Jevan- I saw bravery when they were dancing because the receptions did a really good job when they were dancing
  • Krissy- I liked it when they sung Hakuna Matata
  • Ava- I also saw creativity and humour – when the kids made their mask and when the kids were dressed up in their costumes
  • Tcross- I liked when they did all the dancing and singing
  • Annaliese- I liked the receptions dancing
  • Aurora- I also liked the theme of the assembly which was the Lion King


Today we went to the playground to have our fitness. Some children were doing time trials of the playground turning it into an obstacle course.


Wow! What an experience we had today at our first dining hall feast. I had some wonderful helpers who helped me to set up the centre, transforming it into our own dining hall.

The children all came in found their place and then waited to serve their lunch.

They served them selves some spring rolls for entree and then came up to serve their noodles for lunch. They all had a cupcake for dessert 🙂 It was so lovely to share a meal with our buddies all together.



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Mr Holmes who was in for Miss B today bought in a dvd for us to watch on animal sustainability. We watched the short film and then answered some questions…

What is the name of the famous actor who narrated the dvd?

  • Jadien- Morgan Freeman

Dr Birute Mary Galdika has studied what animal for almost 40 years?

  • Angok – orangutan

For over 50 years Dame Daphne Sheldrick has rescued and looked after what mammal?

  • Ash- Elephants

Daphe Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage sits in a corner of which National Park?

  • Makur- Kenya

What is a poacher?

  • Will- Human hunters

Why are baby orang-utan’s orphaned?

  • Joey- they are not strong enough to live in the wild
  • Jevan- they are taken from their families
  • Jevan- deforestation

How can we help these people who are trying to make a difference?

  • Joey- stop tearing down the forest
  • Ash- you shouldn’t take down the trees where people are living

What happened to the elephants tail?

  • Joey- hyena’s attacked its tail

Elephants have good….?

  • Mary- their families
  • Joey- tusks
  • Ash- they are very good drinking water out their trunks
  • Jevan- memory


Gratitude Writing 

What a wonderful busy week we had!


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