TOFFEE APPLE Tuesday September 3 – Week 7 Term 3

Hi all! 


  • Ava’s story included a broken down ride!
  • Angok retold his story of the show as he went on the weekend!
  • Our birthday boy Kurt retold a story about the day at the show!
  • Ann titled her story ‘The Crazy Show’
  • Jasmine’s story was set in 2012 where she went the Creepy Royal Show with her friends!
  • William wrote about his dream day at the show
  • Makur and Andy worked together to detail their day at the show
  • Joey and Noah wrote about what the hype would happen at the show
  • Noah – “Three brothers went on one ride and one almost fell out”
  • Mary told the story about a boy at the show eating a hotdog!
  • Rhoda’s story outlined her dream day at the show
  • Libby wrote a list of things that she wants to do there. Lucky her, she’s going to the show tomorrow!


We raised our heart rates with an obstacle course on the playground! We felt our heart rate before and after exercising also. It’s super important to move our bodies and  exercise at least 30 minutes a day!


Together we shared a special Spring Prayer. 

Special Prayers;

  • Bianca- Dear God, Thank you for my big brother because he always shares things with me. Amen.
  • Frankie- Dear God, Thank you for my family because they are so kind to me. Amen.
  • Libby- Dear God, Thank you for everything that is good in life, because if something is bad or sad we can forget about it and do one of the good things. Amen.
  • Keren – Dear God, Thank you for my family because they always take care of me. Amen.
  • Mia- Dear God, Thank you for myself because I can helping Keren and Kiziah with a stall, a BFF stall, to get an iPad. Amen.
  • Ava- Dear God, Thank you for all the seasons because they are all special and during spring I smell the nice flowers. Amen.
  • Anna- Dear God, I am thankful for spring and everything living, especially spring because all the animals and people can survive because its not too hot. Amen.
  • Aurora- Dear God, Please look after my brother Declan and I hope that his ankle is ok. Amen.
  • Lynn- Dear God, I am thankful for spring because now all of the animals can come out and they are getting all of their food. Amen.

The children then closed their eyes and said a prayer for themselves, a prayer for someone in their life that they value and then a prayer for creation.


2x Recap! Write as many of the 2x tables as you can.

This week our focus is 3x tables. We began ur learning with a special Kahoot. It is amazing to see so many students picking up on patterns with times tables. Deakyn shared “you just go up by three every time.”

We consolidate our new learning through some open ended 3x table challenges using ICT!

Song is a great way to practice our times tables! 


  • Andy – We did tennis
  • Deakyn – It was the last lesson of tennis
  • Makur – Next week we are going to do T-Ball


Kurt’s Birthday

  • Jake- You make my bucket fill up every day and you are nice friend to be with
  • Ann- You have a happy smile
  • Jas- You have been in my class for a long time and every time someone is sad you help them
  • DD- Every time I see you in the morning my heart beats very fast because I’m excited to see you
  • Bella- You cheer me up when I am sad
  • Jevan- You’re funny and always happy
  • Aidan- You are one of my best friends
  • Noah- You are funny and kind
  • Ash- Since year 2 you are one of the best friends
  • Ava- You are a good friend to your friends and make others smile
  • Ava- You are really creative in investigations
  • Makur- You are kind and smart
  • Bianca- You are really kind and smart
  • Annaliese- You are friendly


This afternoon 3JM revised their skills using adjectives in their writing. We went through a series of sentences on the board and then added adjectives in to describe the nouns being used.

The children then worked on a task where they had to label objects and then write 3 words to describe them. They then wrote some descriptive sentences ensuring they had an adjective and focused on making sure they had a capital letter and full stop.


This afternoon we met with our buddies to prepare for our assemblies. This Friday at 9am in the Hall is 3IB and 2JH’s buddy assembly based upon the theme of happiness! Hope to see you all there 🙂

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