TIM TAM Thursday September 5 – Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Thursday September 5!

Today we have a group of over 8 boys and girls using a HUGE growth mindset and heading off to the Touch Football Carnival! Good luck – we are sure you will do us and the school proud. 


$40… you and the Showbag Pavillion.. no parents… go!!!!!



Miss B read the story of Jesus’ death from Luke’s Gospel. We discussed how we know this story actually happened.

  • Ava – People made crosses and in churches there are stain glass windows
  • Ann – People were passing it on

Special Prayers

  • Bianca – Dear God, I hope that my grandpa’s dog is in heaven. Amen.
  • Ava – Dear God, please send a message to two pet dogs that my family members love because one of them had to die because of their sickness. I hope that they are fine back in heaven. Amen.
  • Anna – Dear God, please let my dog be safe up in heaven. Amen.
  • Kristina – Dear God, can you please watch over my uncle because mum came back she was pretty sad. And I hope that he can watch over my uncle. Amen.
  • Darcy – Dear God, I would like to see my brothers twin brother. Amen.
  • Iris – Dear God, please take care of my grand dad and make him safe. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, please keep my brother safe in heaven. I would like to see him. Amen.
  • Deakyn – Dear God, please take care of my great grandpa in heaven. Amen.
  • Lynn – Dear God, please let my dads mother be safe up in heaven. Amen.


In conjunction with Woolworths SACA are offering cricket clinics to our school!  Two qualified SACA coaches delivered cricket activities to our classes today. 


  • Iris went on a nature walk – “Trees give us oxygen, if we didn’t have trees we couldn’t breathe!”
  • Ava and Lara experimented with the magnetic tiles!
  • Ann, Bella and Jasmine made a comic online
  • Cierra and Nevada are making an iStop motion
  • Aidan, Eva and Ebony are painting and creating!
  • Annaliese, Francesca and Bianca are making 3D Shapes!


We used a guided meditation today for mindfulness that encouraged the children to still their bodies and concentrate on their breathing.


3IB worked on their assembly and 3JM worked on some story writing in the classroom. They created books on active inspire and had to make sure their story had a setting, 3 characters and something that happened. Ask them to share their stories with you tonight.


Please remember to return new MITIOG notes and sleep over notes. 3IB it is your assembly day tomorrow, we can’t wait to see it. 



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