3IB Assembly Day September 6 – Week 7 Term 3

3IB Assembly Day

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Miss Battifuoco and Mrs Handforth were totally bursting with joy, happiness and pride during the whole entire assembly. So many growth mindsets, so many Character Strengths, so many Learning Powers!!!

  • Joey – I saw Aurora and TJ use Zest when they were breakdancing
  • Aidan – My favourite part was us doing the dance and I used bravery for my speaking part
  • Libby – I saw bravery when Aurora were doing breakdancing because its actually really hard to do it
  • Ashvarn – My favourite part was when Kurt was doing the piano. I really liked when he played the Hallelujah
  • Aurora – My favourite part of the assembly was when me and TJ were breakdancing and the final dance where my shoes lit up when I stomped
  • Iris – I was really scared on the stage
  • Raf – My favourite part was when Kurt and Jasmine were playing piano and I hadn’t heard them play before
  • Deakyn – My favourite part was when Miss Battifuoco was doing the donut eating competition
  • Anna – I used teamwork when I was helping Miss B take the table for the donut eating competition
  • Noah – I saw creativity when the boys were using Minecraft
  • Kurt – I used bravery when I played the piano because I was scared when I was talking and I just tried my best
  • Nevada – I saw lots of bravery when everyone was doing their speaking parts
  • Bianca – In the assembly I was so nervous but I took a deep breath and lost everyone in the hall and I wasn’t scared
  • Ann – I used creativity when I was trying to draw the Gacha Life Character
  • Cierra – My favourite part was seeing everyone smile and cheering on my friends!
  • Holly – I used bravery when I was doing the dance and doing the speaking part


Today we had a presentation about living safely with pets. The host spoke to the children about all the different rules when being a pet owner and how to be safe around different animals. At the end some children got to safely have a pat with Teddy the dog. This presentation is a free initiative by the government and we are grateful for them coming to speak to the children.

MINDFULNESS – Gratitude Journal 

Today the children reflected about what they are grateful for this week. Have a chat to them tonight to ask them what they are grateful for and maybe you can share something you are grateful for.

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MATH- Multiplication

This afternoon we continued our practise with our 2 and 3x tables. It will be good for the children to continue this on the weekend. They have a new laminated chart they have been given this week to read at home.


We have been working hard all week at getting our heart rate up. We have been talking about how to keep our heart healthy and happy and the importance of exercise in our daily routine. We finished our day with some movement to get our hearts racing.

Lynn is off to Lebanon tonight and we wish her safety with her journey and hope she has a happy holiday. 



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