Moon Lantern Monday September 9 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Week 8!

This week we celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival!

On Friday at 9am in the hall 3JM and 2RG are leading the Moon Lantern Festival! We will all get the chance to dress in traditional clothes and share in a shared lunch also. We are asking that all students bring in a small plate of savoury food to share from their culture


  • Makur – We got to practice with the recorders


  • Holly – I can spread kindness by helping people
  • Aurora – This happened this morning because my brother stole 3 lollipops from the show but I let him have one
  • Ava – You can spread kindness also by doing something for others and give it back to you
  • Anna – You can spread honesty by not lying to anyone like your parents or friends
  • Bella –  I can spread honesty by convincing people to tell the truth
  • Anna – I can spread kindness by helping mum with the chores
  • Kurt –  I can spread honesty by using bravery so I tell the truth
  • Bianca – You can be kind to someone by letting them have a shot at something
  • Aidan – I can spreads honesty by not lying and being honest
  • Nevada – You can spread kindness by helping people and always trying to be a good friend
  • Ebony – I can spread bravery by being brave and saying ‘I can do it’
  • Jevan – I can be respectful by respecting elders and young people
  • Cierra- I can spread kindness by being kind to everyone
  • Eva- I can be honest by never lying
  • Mason- I can be respectful by being nice and not being mean
  • Nate- I can spread kindness by not being mean and respect people who are talking and don’t talk over them if they are talking about something important
  • Joey- I can be honest by, if you have done something and you know you have done it you can say it
  • Frankie- I can spread kindness by letting everyone into my games at recess and lunch


How does Jesus mirror things like kindness, bravery, respect and honesty?

  • Jake – Jesus was being kind to others and they followed Jesus and they copied what he was doing for themselves
  • Libby – Jesus’ is very honest because he doesn’t lie that much and some people lie a lot and shouldn’t
  • Nate – Jesus was showing respect because he was praying to God every night that he ate
  • Kristina – Jesus was helping his dad make some stuff because Jesus’ dad was a carpenter
  • Bianca – Jesus was being kind to others because the people got wood he put it there on the floor and Jesus helped him
  • Krystian – Jesus was being kind by helping his fiends and his brothers and his dad working on tables
  • Nevada – Jesus was being kind because he always puts himself in front of others
  • Jevan – Jesus is brave and kind because he helps because even if they’re bad and have lots of sins
  • Kurt – Jesus is respectful and kind because he is learning about God and reading books
  • Mia – Jesus is respectful by helping elders and younger
  • Ava – Jesus was being respectful because the two fathers were really nice to him
  • Tcross – Jesus was being respectful by reading Bible and believing that God is real and made him a good role model for other people
  • Aurora – Jesus is honest because he is reverent and learning about God
  • Samurai – Jesus was kind because he was helping people


Time to raise our heart rate and enjoy the sunshine…



  • iMovie
  • iStop 
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Researching a topic
  • Comic creating 
  • Project research 
  • Garage Band
  • Scratch
  • Samurai – I played with the magnets. I used Love of Learning
  • Francesca – In investigations, me and Anna were on Gacha Life and we used Creativity
  • Noah – In investigations, I drew two lanterns and I used Creativity
  • Joey – In investigations I played with the magnets with Rhoda and I used Creativity and Perseverance to make it not full
  • Jake – In investgations me, Kurt, Jevan and Nate we all made a lantern video and we used Creativity
  • Tcross – In investigations me and Kristina made a house and it was Lego and it was Moon Lantern Themed. We used Perseverance to make it stay!


Today’s T-Ball Clinic build on the skills we have learned over the past couple of weeks. The focus today was hitting!


3JM worked on some noun work this afternoon. They worked through some activities and then had to write sentences that included specific nouns. 3IB wrote a few sentences about their weekend and found the nouns within!

Have a happy, sunny afternoon! 🙂

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