TIME to SHINE Tuesday September 10 – Week 8 Term 3

TIME to SHINE Tuesday 

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This morning we had a literacy rotation. This included 4 different activities that the children completed for a short time. They worked in small groups and rotated around to the 4 different activities. These included;

  • Guided reading in small groups.
  • Make a mini book about the Moon Lantern Festival using a Flipchart.
  • Quick read sight words (flip words over with a partner).
  • Correct Letter formation handwriting / pencil grip guided with teachers.

The children all worked really well in this time. We hope to continue this for the rest of the year on a Tuesday morning. We are able to target specific literacy skills within this time. The children can continue their Moon Lantern Story on at home.


Today for prayer we talked about being generous. We discussed as a group why it is important to be generous to those around us and how God is a good example of being generous. We gave examples of how we can be generous to our family and friends then prayed to God thanking for him for being generous to us.

MATH – Multiplication 

We started our lesson recapping the 2 and 3 x tables. We mixed these up and the children wrote the sums and answers in their books as we called them out. We then introduced the 5x tables. We called these out as a group and wrote them in our books.

After we did a Kahoot together that had all different 5x tables sums.

The children then worked on a flip chart answering different questions about groups of 5, counting by 5 and 5 x tables sums.



We had a practice for our mass in the classroom this afternoon. The children who have speaking parts have read them and we sung all the songs in preparation. On Thursday the Mass will be in our classroom and we invite you all to come along.


We head outside this afternoon for some running stamina. The children had to see how many laps of the oval the could do.

Reminder it is 3JM’s assembly this Friday at 11am. Shared lunch with both classes will follow in our classroom. Students are asked to bring some savoury lunch food to share. 

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