MATESHIP Monday September 23 – Week 10 Term 3

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Welcome to Week 10! Yes.. Week 10! Our last week of Term 3.

Just a reminder that this Thursday night is our School Sleepover. 3 sleeps!

Students will go home from school on Thursday at 3pm, shower, have a snack and return back to school at 5pm in comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity.  The evening will be spent sharing a meal, participating in organised entertainment, watching a PG movie and then sleeping in the Hall.

Upon waking on Friday morning, students will pack their belongings, have breakfast and go to class as usual on Friday.  On Friday, the school is having a fundraiser for the upcoming Spring Fair where students can wear pyjamas for the day with a gold coin donation.

Students will need to bring to the sleepover:

  • Something to sleep on eg. an already blown-up mattress, camp bed or yoga mat
  • Some bedding or sleeping bag and pillow
  • Pyjamas, teddy (optional), slippers or thongs
  • Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/hairbrush/hair ties)
  • Reusable plastic plate, bowl and spoon to use and take home
  • Refillable drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch for Friday (canteen order optional)


On Thursday for sleepover we will be working together in teams to complete some different activities. Because of this we are going to recap what we know and have learnt already about collaboration and teamwork. We first opened dialogue about what collaboration means…

The children then completed a series of activities on their laptops exploring what it looks and feels like when working in a team and what the positives are. Here are some of their responses…


Today for prayer we talked about the importance of encouragement when working together as a team.

  • Joey- Encouragement is when someone is doing something and they might find it difficult, but you can say to them you have got this or other things to make them feel more confident
  • Frankie- Encouragement is when you tell the truth to someone, like if they are doing a bad job you can help them and tell them how to do it
  • Libby- Encouragement is when someone is doing something, if they are doing a bad job you can say keep trying, if they are doing a good job you can say well done
  • Aurora- I think encouragement is when you have to tell the truth, so if someone is doing something that isn’t as good as they hope it is you can say keep trying and if they are doing a good job you can keep practising as you can always improve
  • Ava- Encouragement is when you see someone who has done something that is great you can say something nice to them
  • T- I think encouragement means when you support someone in your team or group or all different types of people
  • Mia- I think encouragement means that when someone can’t do something you can convince them that they can do it
  • Raf- I think encouragement means, if someone thinks they don’t know something you can make them feel more confident

  • Aurora- I am pretty sure Clive said you have to tell the truth
  • Anna- I think Clive said that you have to tell the truth, if you want to be like God then he tells the truth
  • Libby- I think Clive said about God, that God is proud of us because he made us

  • Cierra- Dear God, I can encourage people at netball when they are trying to shoot a goal and I can say you can do it.
  • Aurora- Dear God, please help me to encourage people when we are working in teams and tell them that they are trying their best and help them to build up their confidence
  • Jake- Dear God, I can encourage people by being nice to them and when they achieve something I can say great job and they will feel prouder
  • Mia- Dear God, I can encourage people when we are dancing by telling people its a great move.
  • Tcross- Dear God, Please help me to be encouraging on Thursday and any other day



Today was our final T-ball clinic for the term. These clinics have been excellent to teach the children new skills and then use them in a positive way as a team when playing a game. Thank you to Baseball SA for providing the clinics for the children.

LITERACY- Adverbs 

Today we recapped what adverbs were building upon our grammar work over the last 3 weeks using nouns, verbs and adjectives. We explored what adverbs are and then how they are used within sentences.

The children then completed different activities using adverbs on a Flipchart.


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