We-Work-Well Wednesday September 24 – Week 10 Term 3

Welcome to We-Work-Well Wednesday! 

Another quick reminder that Thursday is our Sleepover and Friday is Pyjama Day – perfect timing really! The end of this blog post has all the finer details you will need 🙂 


  • Makur  – We had to play Kahoot


We started our morning with a lovely story to end our term 3 visits to the library which explored little acts of kindness and friendship.

What can we learn from the story?

  • Holly –  It doesn’t matter what you give to other people. It just matters that its not a thing!
  • Jake – I think the book is supposed to be telling us that if somebody is alone and if they have a house that’s really creepy it doesn’t mean you just stay away
  • Aurora – I think the story is trying to teach us, dont judge a book by its cover. It was nice inside so it doesn’t matter what they look like


How did Jesus show collaboration?

  • Lucas – He washed his followers feet
  • Joey – He used collaboration by inviting them to do dinner and washing their feet
  • Aurora – Jesus shows collaboration when he lets all of his followers follow him like a big group
  • Libby – Jesus shows collaboration by letting his followers follow him and giving them food and washing their feet
  • Kurt – Jesus shows collaboration by allowing his followers to have dinner with him and he will wash their feet
  • Aidan – Jesus shows collaboration by him washing his disciples feet
  • Ava – Jesus shows collaboration by doing something like a good deed for his disciples and he tells them that things he did were examples of thing they should do for other people like friends
  • Jake – Jesus shows collaboration by choosing his followers and letting them follow them
  • Akemjot – Jesus shows collaboration by washing his disciples feet and inviting them to the dinner
  • Bianca – Jesus shows collaboration by washing the disciples feet and having dinner with them


Today we head outside in an attempt to increase our running stamina! It was the perfect conditions – sun was shining and our growth mindsets were in charge! We gave it our best shot and when we returned back to class we created our own graphs to show our efforts over time!


Continuing our learning surrounding by Past and Present, today we looked at Sports through time. 

  • Jevan – Soccer boots were bigger and heavier
  • Cierra – The netballers have long skirts
  • Darcy – The tennis rackets are smaller

Technological Advances in Sport – Score Review!

Provocation: Choose a sport that has changed over time. How has it changed? What would you do to improve the sport?

  • Jevan – I would add a robotic goalie to soccer and have a magic ball
  • Bianca – I would change the colour of the water for swimming to match the swim suits
  • Samurai – Did you know that soccer is more than 300 years old?
  • William – I can make the sport better by making lighter shoes
  • Aidan – I would add a turbo power pool for swimming
  • Darcy – Motorbike racing. I would design a new bike with extra engines
  • Anna – I would make the soccer field smaller to make it easier
  • Jake – I would make boxing better by using different gloves like made out of plastic
  • Nevada -I would make the netball ring really sturdy so that when you shoot a goal it doesn’t move



This afternoon we spoke about our safe feelings and emotions. We discussed with a partner how we might feel in the following situations…


We completed a Y-Chart about what feeling safe looks, feels and sounds like. We then discussed people that we feel safe with and completed our own Safety Hand.

Please check our seperate post for all the finer sleepover details! Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

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