Our sleepover was a total, humongous, huge, big, SUCCESS!

We arrived at school, dropped our bags and set up our beds. Next up, we were briefed on The Amazing Race and put on our team Bandanas.

We have been discussing Collaboration and Teamwork all week – this prepared us perfectly! 7 activities, 5 minutes at each – game on! Each team moved around each challenge with a recording sheet in hand.

Here are the teams!!


We saw SO MANY Character Strengths on show during the activities…

It was then time to tuck into our delicious pizza dinner. We sat and ate with one another and talked about Specks of Gold from our day and term.

SURPRISE!!!! There’s a magician in town. We were greeted by Ace who had set up an incredible Magic Trick Show! He taught the children some new tricks and showed us plenty of magic!

After being totally amazed and captivated by Ace the Magician we were lucky enough to enjoy an ice-block for dessert 🙂 The children were then gifted a torch each and we turned off all the lights inside and went on a hunt for Miss Moore’s keys in the dark. Anna was able to find them 🙂

Tummy’s and hearts full, we prepared our selves for bed. Such independent thinkers we are! We brushed our teeth, put on our pyjamas and lay in our beds ready to watch the movie we voted for during the week – Home Alone!

We showed incredible growth mindsets to sleeping away from home! We woke in the morning with energy for the day and an appetite for breakfast!

Thank you so much for an amazing night! We had so much fun, the language of Character Strengths, acts of kindness and pure joy were something that Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore will remember forever.

5 thoughts on “SLEEPOVER SUCCESS!

  1. Thank you Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore for a wonderful sleepover. Your organisational skills were amazing. Bella really enjoyed herself and it allowed her to get out of her comfort zone 😘

  2. Thanks so much for such an amazing night, Libby has been talking about the school sleepover since reception and she finally got to go! She loved every minute and is lucky to have such amazing teachers thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️

  3. Thank you for your kind words! Miss Battifuoco and I had just as much fun as the children and we are so glad they will have these memories for a long time to come 🙂

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