TREMENDOUS Thursday October 17 – Week 1 Term 4

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Welcome to Tremendous Thursday! Today our motto is…

Thank you so much for those who have brought in a plant for donation today. Spring Fair is this Sunday!


This mornings mindful moment involved taking 5. Taking 5 minutes to prepare ourselves for the day. Using our 5 fingers to help us. We traced around our fingers taking breaths in and out. We then used adjectives to describe how we were feeling about the day;

  • Nevada – Calm
  • Jas – Tired
  • Anna – Ready
  • Maddox – Good


Time to get our mathematic brains thinking! Each Thursday we will be completing a numeracy based Brainteaser which focuses on all the numeracy skills we have learned this year! We use this as a time to check-in with each student surrounding different concepts also.




  • Joey – Long hair
  • Krystian – Very nice
  • Holly – Honest
  • DD – Son of Mary
  • Jevan – Kind and Loving
  • Raf – Never ending love
  • Nevada – Kind
  • Jake – Almost 2020 years old
  • Ava – Wooly because of the Lamb of God
  • Eva – Positive
  • Cierra – Energised
  • Nate – Long beard
  • William – Generous
  • Samurai – Kind
  • Deakyn – Passion
  • Holly – Never fights
  • Makur – Nice
  • Kurt – Bravery!


We continued on with our Spring Fair Investigations. These investigations touch on various different curriculum areas and draw on various of our 100 languages. The. children did a wonderful job in using their agency to complete as many activities to the best of their ability both today and yesterday…








We practiced our Typing skills using an online program called Typing Club again today. We are practicing placing our fingers in the correct position for specific keys.


This afternoon we completed our own Narrative stories. We discussed what we could include in our stories and the correct structure to make it a success. Seeing as there is no school tomorrow, students have taken their stories home to complete, edit and share with you!

  • Ava – I am writing a scary story!
  • Angok – Mine will be about soccer
  • Krystian – Mine has Roblox in there
  • Aidan – My story is about Pokemon
  • Samurai – My story has a sad kid because he has no one to play with and then he gets happy and plays
  • Jevan – It is about earth
  • Darcy – It is about a magic hand
  • Annaliese – Mine is about the tree that took over the world
  • Frankie – Three girls get lost at the Spring Fair
  • Mason – My story has Minecraft in there
  • Libby – Mine is about a girl that is allergic to water and the sun

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Sunday at the Spring Fair! If not, school re-commences on Monday! 🙂

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