OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY November 7 – Week 4 Term 4

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“Lessons learnt outdoors, whether maths, science or language, often stay with us for life. Being outdoors helps children focusboosts creativity and imagination, and can simply be more fun

Children who have the freedom to play today — making friends, getting lost in the moment, having fun — are better prepared for whatever tomorrow throws at them. Playing helps children build friendshipstest their own boundaries and solve their own problems. It’s central to a child’s development and their enjoyment of childhood.”

Today, weather permitted, we endeavour to spend as much time outdoors with our learning as possible! 


  • Mary – Relaxed
  • Noah – Energised
  • Jevan – Calm and relaxed
  • Aurora – I feel like I just want to go to bed
  • Jas – Tired
  • Aidan – That video gave me more energy
  • Raf – Tired
  • Rhoda – It made me more calmer
  • Ava – I want to do 1000 more of those
  • Mia – Energetic
  • Deakyn – Calm and relaxed and excited for outdoor day
  • Holly – Sleepy
  • Jake – I feel like I can finally survive my first night at Minecraft
  • Ebony – I feel relaxed and calm
  • Francesca – I feel calm
  • Lara – Tired
  • Anna – I feel like I am really weak
  • Kurt – I feel tired and kind of stressed
  • Akemjot – I feel calm, it was a bit hard but I managed to finish it
  • Iris – I feel sore
  • Krystian – I feel tired and calm and refreshed

SENSES SCAVENGER HUNT – Use your senses to find the following;

  • Something rough
  • Something smooth
  • Something you can eat
  • Something yellow
  • Something that makes noise
  • Something that is long


What do we think about creation?

  • Ashvarn – I think all the Gods in the world joined together and created their own stuff
  • Aurora – I think God made people and then those people made the buildings but God made the environment
  • Ann – I think that there was a different God that made the world and people didn’t care about it but then God made this world
  • Jake – I think no Gods made the world but maybe asteroids hit the earth and then things turned into grass and water and then after years creatures in the water made animals and people
  • Ava – I think that not really anybody made it just the environment made itself
  • Iris – I believe that the Big Bang happened. Like before space happened everything was asteroids then it made a lot of planets. Space was really small but it kept expanding
  • Akemjot – First I think earth was a different planet and then soon when God realised we need a place to live with oxygen we should change it to Earth. Then God put things on there
  • Libby – I think that there was a dark planet which is known today as Earth and people didn’t start out like us but actual like chimpanzees a long long time ago

Provocation: Write a nature prayer!


  • Aurora – “We are thinking of doing a real big iMovie where there is nature dancing and we ask people why they like nature”
  • Jasmine – “Me, Bella and Ann are going to make a nature comic on our laptops”
  • Jake, Kurt, Makur, Ash, Noah are continuing with their mansion but changing it into a forest to make it apart of nature!
  • Joseph – “Me and Raf making an area from super smash bros but it is based in the forest”
  • Deakyn – “We are doing a museum with animals and nature things. Me, Jevan and Darcy.”
  • Anna – “We are continuing the claw machine. Today Aidan is making the balls.”
  • Mary – “We are going to make a puppet show of how the world is made and use the sand.”
  • Eva – “Me and Ebony are making a Christmas diorama”
  • Tcross – “We are making a van”
  • Nevada – “Cierra and me are making an iMovie about nature”
  • Dion and Angok worked on a soccer skills iMovie – great collaboration by the boys!!!


  • Joseph – “We worked together to make a Super Smash Bros arena. You would choose your characters and then you get placed in the arena and have to fight. It took us half of investigations. Me, Raf and Lucas painted it.”
  • Raf – “we used creativity and perseverance because it was hard to make.”
  • Eva – ‘During investigations me and Ebony made a Christmas diorama. It has Father Christmas and Snowman at the back. We used different things to make it.”
  • Lynn shared her news report about rubbish at Holy Family! She worked independently on this – job well done!


Provocation: Write/draw any push and pull forces you see and make at the park!

  • Noah – Push when they pushed Kurt on the swing 
  • Eva – I pulled the rope by climbing up the thing on the playground 
  • Angok I pushed the swing
  • Keren – I pulled the branch
  • Maddox – I pushed a tree
  • Iris – I did a pull. I pulled a little branch to get myself up the tree
  • Jaiden – I pushed myself so the swing would go higher
  • Anna – I pulled myself on the tree


  • Bella – My speck of gold from today was going on the park
  • Lynn – My speck of gold from today was going to the park
  • Lucas – My speck of gold from today is going to the park
  • Darcy – My speck of gold from today is having fun with friends and jumping
  • Noah – My speck of gold from today was doing the scavenger hunt with my friends
  • Kurt – My speck of gold from today was playing basketball with my friends
  • Cierra – My speck of gold from today was making my iMovie with Nevada
  • Jevan – My speck of gold from today was playing with my friends in investigations
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold from today is spraining my ankle
  • Nate – My speck of gold from today was cooking a kangaroo

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