TRUE TUESDAY November 19 – Week 6 Term 4

TRUE Tuesday 

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Who can tell me what a procedure is?

  • Jaiden- step by step

Where can you find them?

  • Nate- When you are making a table or Lego
  • Libby- You can find them in a cook book
  • Iris- Recipes
  • Jake- Building a house

Today the procedure we will be looking at is ‘How to tie your shoe laces!’. Miss Battifuoco showed an example of the procedure including pictures and videos, the rest was up to us 🙂 


Today Miss B invented a new game for fitness. We played 3Jm vs 3IB in a game of sprint dodge ball. One team would roll the ball to the other and they would have to kick the ball and then sprint between two cones. The fielding team would then have to try to get the person who was sprinting. Today we got to play one round and will hopefully play another tomorrow or Thursday.


Nate and Will conducted our prayer reflection today. Nate spoke and will scribed.

Nate – What was the song meaning in the video?

  • Krystian-It was about love courge
  • Ava-Nothing can get to your and hope
  • Akemjot-The song was about love and kindness
  • Mia-All dreams are wonderful
  • Anna-I think the video was about teamwork because the dear helped the sheep and the bunny get up

Prayers for today:

  • Jake- Dear God, thank you for this world because if we didn’t have planet earth we would be flying in space

MATH – Vertical Subtraction 

We introduced vertical subtraction and the children had a go at some different sums that challenged their skills. We will continue this learning this week.


Typing Club.


This afternoon the children did a math assessment that focused on a range of different skills we have learnt this year. This enabled them to recap these skills and use them in different number and worded questions.


Bucket Filling for FRANKIE!

  • Holly- You always have a smile on your face
  • TT- Since I first met her she is very funny and has lots of humour and lets everyone in the game
  • Aidan- You are a good girl
  • DD- You are generous and kind to your friends
  • Rhoda- You are kind and beautiful
  • Eva- You are beautiful, lovely and kind
  • Libby- You are a beautiful, kind, loving and amazing friend
  • Lara- You are a wonderful friend


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