THINKING Thursday November 21 – Week 6 Term 4


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Today we brought back our Thursday Think Outside the Box Brainteaser. The children had to use the image below to create a new picture but it couldn’t be a Christmas tree.

This is what they came up with…


Today we continued our drama experiences. The children did a warm up activity where they had to say their voice in a monster voice around the circle, they all then said hello in a robot voice. We then played a game of walk across the circle. The children put up their hand if they wanted to have a turn and then crossed the circle in different ways. For example like a ballerina, like an astronaut, bird, car and so on. We then played a game of charades. It was a lot of fun.

We saw a lot of patience and perseverance as the children stepped out of their comfort zones to act in front of the class.


Round 2 of Sprint Dodgeball. This time it was 3IB’s turn to kick and 3JM’s turn to field. Here are some snaps of the children during the game.


Today for prayer the children came in to a provocation on the board. We want them to be reflective during prayer and think about the person Jesus was and the qualities he displayed.

ART – Sunflower Art 


We read the story Lemonade in Winter for mindfulness today.

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MATH- Vertical Subtraction 

This afternoon we continued our learning with vertical subtraction and the children used their subtraction skills to answer lots of vertical sums.



Please remember to pay for dining hall lunch ($5) on the app or bring in the money to school and return the excursion note.


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