MOOD Monday November 25 – Week 7 term 4

MOOD Monday

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  • Anna – A mood is like your emotions and how you feel
  • Holly – So you can be happy
  • Lynn – You might feel sad or surprised and that is your mood
  • Libby- A mood is when you might feel happy, sad or surprised
  • Nate- A mood is when you are feeling angry, happy or sometimes sad
  • Cierra- A mood is when you can feel an emotion
  • Mia- A mood is when you have emotion
  • Akem- A mood is when you have emotion like a happy feeling you are kind to people and a angry feeling you would be crazy

Provocation: How can you steer your mood into a better one?

  • Iris – Reading a book
  • Holly – By doing all the stuff I like and that makes me happy
  • Anna – Thinking good thoughts
  • Nevada- By believing in myself
  • Kurt – Going into a peaceful place
  • Deakyn – Thinking about good things from the past
  • Ann – Hanging out with friends and playing Roblox
  • Aidan – By blading with my friends
  • Ebony – Hanging with my friend and family
  • Jake – Think about good things and seeing Mickey Mouse
  • Jevan – Helping other people out because that makes me happy
  • Darcy – Doing nice things and thinking about smiling
  • Makur – Think about doing nice things
  • Andy – By playing
  • Ava – Remember my uncle bringing me things from Japan
  • Bella – Doing chores for my family
  • Rhoda- My reading books and playing with my friends
  • Cierra- By thinking happy thoughts and always smiling
  • Libby- Thinking about all the things that make me happy
  • Mia- Thinking about good things and reading books that are my favourite
  • Akem- By doing finger breaths because they control my mood
  • Liz- Thinking of something exciting that is happening
  • Raf- Playing with my dad and my friends
  • Kristina- By going into a peaceful place and not thinking about bad things
  • TT- By calming my self down and maybe even try to solve what is going on
  • Keren- I can think about good memories and happy things
  • Joey- Playing with my friends
  • Mary- By saying positive things to my self to fix the problem and reading books
  • Dion- Thinking about the good things and not the bad things
  • Frankie- Thinking about good things
  • Nate- By thinking about things I like
  • Lucas- Reading
  • Noah- Helping my mum dad and sister
  • Lara- Making up quickly if I fight with my family
  • Eva- Hanging out with friends and family and putting a smile on my face
  • Jaiden- I can make my self be happy
  • Annaliese- When people say sorry it makes me happy
  • Krystian- When I talk to my friends and play



This is our school.

Let peace dwell here.
Let the room be filled with contentment.
Let love abide.
Let there be among us care of all people, love for one another and love for life its self.
Let us remember that as many hands build a school so many hearts make a home.
God Bless Our School.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Ava- Dear God, please look after my whole entire family, Amen
  • Kristina- Dear God, thank you for my friends. Amen
  • Lynn- Dear God, please let the bush fires end in Sydney, the fire fighters are using so much stamina, Amen
  • Mia- Dear God, thank you for the school so we can learn stuff and make friends, Amen
  • Aurora- Dear God, thank you for my mum and dad because they do lots for me and when we found out I needed to get my tooth removed I knew it would be a lot of money so I am grateful my dad goes to work to earn money for me, Amen
  • TT- Dear God, thank you for moods and feelings because if we didn’t have any moods or feelings we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves, Amen


  • Darcy- I made a Christmas present house, I made a tiny one then a big one with Jaiden
  • Jaiden- Me and Darcy made a small Christmas present and Christmas house
  • Jevan- Me and Jake made a Christmas town and it had different houses and a workshop
  • Mia- In investigations, me and Keren discovered about all the planets and we learn’t new things
  • Annaliese- Me and Bianca made a box and we put a door and made these letters and put sticky tape and stuck it onto the thing


Today for mindfulness we did some reading.


This afternoon we explored Advent. The children learnt what Advent means, the significance and use of the candles of Advent in the lead up to Christmas. They then had to share their learning in their own way. Some children choose to write, draw, type, make iMovies or use other digital technology programs.


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