MARVELLOUS Monday December 2 – Week 8 Term 4

Feeling marvellous? It is Monday! 

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  • Makur – We practiced our carols!


This morning we used Mojo to help us chat about overcoming challenges.


Today we were introduced to the Christmas Story and what happened leading up to Jesus’ birth. We used real-life clips to support our understanding as Miss Battifuoco read the Bible passages.

We used our critical thinking skills to create a newspaper article detailing the good news!!!


  • Darcy created his own Christmas animation using iMovie and Gacha life and shared to the class
  • Thank you to Makur, Nate, Jevan and Jake who happily added some extra Christmas decoration to our room
  • Rhoda, Aidan, Holly, Jasmine, Ann all created a house using the play sticks
  • Mary, Keren and Kiziah created extra special Christmas cards
  • Joey and Dion practiced their Christmas drawing skills
  • Kristina and Tcross created a Christmas iStop motion
  • Andy, Mason and Maddox created a Santa using Lego
  • Samurai and Iris were creating a imaginary zoo


  • Tcross – Kristina is a very good friend and she’s also very smart and kind
  • Cierra – Kristina is a very good friend and she’s always positive 
  • Anna – Kristina is a good friend and she always hugs me when she sees me 
  • Nevada – She always makes me laugh 
  • Holly – Kristina is full of great ideas!
  • Aidan – You’re a good girl 🙂
  • Jasmine – You always use your creativity 
  • Ann – You use a lot of character strengths and you always smile! 
  • Deakyn – You always use love to your friends 
  • Bianca – Kristina is a very good friend and she’s very nice
  • Miss Moore – Kristina is very helpful and a good friend to every one in the class 
  • Makur – Kristina is very nice and friendly 

Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. See you tomorrow 🙂

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