MATESHIP Monday September 23 – Week 10 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to Week 10! Yes.. Week 10! Our last week of Term 3.

Just a reminder that this Thursday night is our School Sleepover. 3 sleeps!

Students will go home from school on Thursday at 3pm, shower, have a snack and return back to school at 5pm in comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity.  The evening will be spent sharing a meal, participating in organised entertainment, watching a PG movie and then sleeping in the Hall.

Upon waking on Friday morning, students will pack their belongings, have breakfast and go to class as usual on Friday.  On Friday, the school is having a fundraiser for the upcoming Spring Fair where students can wear pyjamas for the day with a gold coin donation.

Students will need to bring to the sleepover:

  • Something to sleep on eg. an already blown-up mattress, camp bed or yoga mat
  • Some bedding or sleeping bag and pillow
  • Pyjamas, teddy (optional), slippers or thongs
  • Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/hairbrush/hair ties)
  • Reusable plastic plate, bowl and spoon to use and take home
  • Refillable drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch for Friday (canteen order optional)


On Thursday for sleepover we will be working together in teams to complete some different activities. Because of this we are going to recap what we know and have learnt already about collaboration and teamwork. We first opened dialogue about what collaboration means…

The children then completed a series of activities on their laptops exploring what it looks and feels like when working in a team and what the positives are. Here are some of their responses…


Today for prayer we talked about the importance of encouragement when working together as a team.

  • Joey- Encouragement is when someone is doing something and they might find it difficult, but you can say to them you have got this or other things to make them feel more confident
  • Frankie- Encouragement is when you tell the truth to someone, like if they are doing a bad job you can help them and tell them how to do it
  • Libby- Encouragement is when someone is doing something, if they are doing a bad job you can say keep trying, if they are doing a good job you can say well done
  • Aurora- I think encouragement is when you have to tell the truth, so if someone is doing something that isn’t as good as they hope it is you can say keep trying and if they are doing a good job you can keep practising as you can always improve
  • Ava- Encouragement is when you see someone who has done something that is great you can say something nice to them
  • T- I think encouragement means when you support someone in your team or group or all different types of people
  • Mia- I think encouragement means that when someone can’t do something you can convince them that they can do it
  • Raf- I think encouragement means, if someone thinks they don’t know something you can make them feel more confident

  • Aurora- I am pretty sure Clive said you have to tell the truth
  • Anna- I think Clive said that you have to tell the truth, if you want to be like God then he tells the truth
  • Libby- I think Clive said about God, that God is proud of us because he made us

  • Cierra- Dear God, I can encourage people at netball when they are trying to shoot a goal and I can say you can do it.
  • Aurora- Dear God, please help me to encourage people when we are working in teams and tell them that they are trying their best and help them to build up their confidence
  • Jake- Dear God, I can encourage people by being nice to them and when they achieve something I can say great job and they will feel prouder
  • Mia- Dear God, I can encourage people when we are dancing by telling people its a great move.
  • Tcross- Dear God, Please help me to be encouraging on Thursday and any other day



Today was our final T-ball clinic for the term. These clinics have been excellent to teach the children new skills and then use them in a positive way as a team when playing a game. Thank you to Baseball SA for providing the clinics for the children.

LITERACY- Adverbs 

Today we recapped what adverbs were building upon our grammar work over the last 3 weeks using nouns, verbs and adjectives. We explored what adverbs are and then how they are used within sentences.

The children then completed different activities using adverbs on a Flipchart.


TRUST the TIMING Thursday September 19 – Week 9 Term 3

Hi all!
Welcome to Thursday September 19

Image result for trust the timing quote

We spent time this morning filling in our Premiers Reading Challenge forms with all the books we have read.


In keeping with our theme of past, present and future, our writing prompt for today came in the form of an animated video. A video about the history of Lego. We watched in awe as we learned about the how it came to be.

We then used our agency and decided how personally would like to respond to the clip. Some of us chose to re-tell the story, create our own narrative, write about a time we have used Lego… the possibilities were endless!


We viewed the end part of the Lego History clip for prayer. In the clip, the Lego Warehouse burned down twice! We thought about how God has helped us to persevere with something?

  • Aidan – When I do my work because I will never stop
  • Libby – A time that God has helped me at Christmas I got this big Lego set and it had 10 bags of Lego. It took me a long time to build it and God helped me bit by bit each day
  • Ava – God has helped me with using perseverance because whenever I am at the playground, whenever I do flips, I try to make up my own flips and get people to have a go
  • Darcy – God has helped me with building in Minecraft with a very big house for me Andy and Maddox
  • Noah – God helped me persevere when I am running in soccer
  • Mia – God has helped me persevere when I learned all my times tables when I didn’t know them
  • Holly – God helped me persevere with gymnastics because the skills get harder and harder as I go up
  • Aurora – God helped me persevere with a one handed cartwheel
  • Joey – God has helped me persevere when I was building Lego. It kept on not working out so good, so I kept on trying
  • Cierra – God helped me persevere with acro last year but I kept trying and I could do it
  • Kurt – God has helped me persevere when I started writing with my right hand and broken thumb!


Together we headed outside for some vitamin D and some serious heart rate rising !We love team games in 3IB and 3Jm. It gives us a chance to practice different Learning Powers like collaboration and Character Strengths like Fairness! Today’s game was Capture the Flag.


We began with  the story Katie and the Starry Night.

Image result for katie and the sTARRY NIGHT

The story explores Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Starry Night’. As a class we discussed about who Van Gogh was and how this very famous painting came about. We explored the different features in the painting and then the children had a go at creating their own masterpiece just like Van Gogh.




This afternoon we went through a mini test of our 2, 3, 5, and 10 times tables in mixed up orders. The children then revised their skills using different multiplication games.




TENSE Tuesday September 17 – Week 9 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Tuesday September 17!

Today we continue on with our theme of Past-Present-Future for the week.


This morning we continued our second week of Literacy Rotations;

  1. Guided Writing with the teacher – we focussed on nouns, verbs and adjectives!
  2. Guided Reading as a group – after reading, write down any verbs that you see in the book!
  3. History ICT Activity – sort the different things into things from the past and present. Why do you think these things change?
  4. Verb Sort – sort the verbs into past or present verbs

We worked in groups to complete all of the rotations this morning. Thanks Mr Coad who helped us out 🙂


Jesus was a man that existed many years ago on planet Earth. What do you think he might have looked like? 

How many years ago was Jesus on the earth?

  • Libby –  It think it was something BC

How many years ago was Jesus alive?

  • Jake- 2019 years ago
  • Annaliese – 200 years ago
  • Ava- 100055 years ago
  • Ann- 125 years ago

Where did Jesus spend most of his time?

  • Aidan- Jerusalem

Adjectives to describe Jesus…

  • Mary- Long hair
  • Maddox- Man, he would have brown hair
  • Andy – Tall
  • Krystian- Magic
  • Kurt- White clothing
  • Raf- Long hair
  • Eva- Blue eyes
  • Bella- Kind
  • Darcy- Healing
  • Jaiden- Shaved beard
  • Mason- Helpful
  • Samurai- Beard
  • Dion- Creative
  • Noah- Old
  • Lucas- Honest
  • Rho- Miracle maker
  • Makur- Smart
  • Jevan- Loving
  • Willian- Generous
  • Ebony- Brave
  • Nev- Long brown hair and short brown beard

The children then closed their eyes and used their imagination to picture Jesus standing in front of them, they prayed to Jesus to look after their loved ones and people they care about.

MATHS – 10x tables bring it on! 

Together we had a quick re-cap of the times tables we have already focussed on – 2, 3 and 5! It was then time to test our selves with a Kahoot surrounding the 10x tables!

Once completed, we answered some open ended questions on our laptops about the 10x tables.


  • Ava – We did Tball a proper game
  • Maddox – I hit it far



Speaking of all this history and thinking about the past and present, our literacy focus this week is TENSES!

We had a little warm-up tense game as a class.

Our independent activity this afternoon was all about sorting and fixing tenses to make sentences and words make sense! The more practice we have, the better our understanding and writing will become!

Have a happy, sunny afternoon!

WONDERFUL Wednesday September 11 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday September 11! 

Sun is shining, we are smiling – what’s not wonderful about that?!


Today we read the story ‘Allergic Alpaca.’ 

Before the reading took place we looked at the front cover and title of the story and used our prediction skills to guess what the story might be about.

  • Andy – Food
  • Jas – I think the alpaca was allergic to apples
  • Bianca – I think he was allergic to vegetable and tried it 
  • Ava – I think that the alpaca will find out what he’s allergic to
  • Aurora – I think the book is about where he doesn’t know he’s allergic and then he goes to the apple tree and tries to pick apples

After Cierra and Jasmine read us the story, and thank you girls for doing so, we talked about what the moral of the story might be.

  • Aidan – The alphabet
  • Anna – No matter what, even if you’re allergic nothing can stop you from doing something
  • Libby– I think they were trying to show that somebody was allergic to something that everyone else liked.
  • Cierra– The Alpaca was allergic to the apples and everyone loved them and then they all said they would chop it down for him and they all said no
  • Mia– If someone is allergic it is not nice to just chop a tree down if everyone else likes it
  • Ash– It was about someone being allergic to apples. If someone is allergic you can’t just destroy it but they should just stay away from the apples


  • Makur – We learned different colours


For our prayer today we practiced our reading parts for tomorrow’s mass. Our mass is at 11:30am in the classroom. All are welcome! 


3Jm used the time after recess to meet with their buddies to practice for their assembly this Friday. In the meantime, 3IB continued on with some word work! 

Our focus was adjectives. William and Jake shared that an adjective is a describing word! We worked through some open ended activities using adjectives and creating our own!


3IB also used this time to practice our times tables online using Prodigy and! 


Miss Battifuoco showed us a video of the Moon Lantern Lion Dance to prompt our thinking to use some adjectives.

Why is there a lion?

  • Anna –  They are a sign of celebration 
  • Nevada – Doesn’t the red mean good luck?

Provocation – Write 3 complete full sentences about the Lion Dance including your best adjectives! 

Have a lovely afternoon enjoying the sun!

Moon Lantern Monday September 9 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Week 8!

This week we celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival!

On Friday at 9am in the hall 3JM and 2RG are leading the Moon Lantern Festival! We will all get the chance to dress in traditional clothes and share in a shared lunch also. We are asking that all students bring in a small plate of savoury food to share from their culture


  • Makur – We got to practice with the recorders


  • Holly – I can spread kindness by helping people
  • Aurora – This happened this morning because my brother stole 3 lollipops from the show but I let him have one
  • Ava – You can spread kindness also by doing something for others and give it back to you
  • Anna – You can spread honesty by not lying to anyone like your parents or friends
  • Bella –  I can spread honesty by convincing people to tell the truth
  • Anna – I can spread kindness by helping mum with the chores
  • Kurt –  I can spread honesty by using bravery so I tell the truth
  • Bianca – You can be kind to someone by letting them have a shot at something
  • Aidan – I can spreads honesty by not lying and being honest
  • Nevada – You can spread kindness by helping people and always trying to be a good friend
  • Ebony – I can spread bravery by being brave and saying ‘I can do it’
  • Jevan – I can be respectful by respecting elders and young people
  • Cierra- I can spread kindness by being kind to everyone
  • Eva- I can be honest by never lying
  • Mason- I can be respectful by being nice and not being mean
  • Nate- I can spread kindness by not being mean and respect people who are talking and don’t talk over them if they are talking about something important
  • Joey- I can be honest by, if you have done something and you know you have done it you can say it
  • Frankie- I can spread kindness by letting everyone into my games at recess and lunch


How does Jesus mirror things like kindness, bravery, respect and honesty?

  • Jake – Jesus was being kind to others and they followed Jesus and they copied what he was doing for themselves
  • Libby – Jesus’ is very honest because he doesn’t lie that much and some people lie a lot and shouldn’t
  • Nate – Jesus was showing respect because he was praying to God every night that he ate
  • Kristina – Jesus was helping his dad make some stuff because Jesus’ dad was a carpenter
  • Bianca – Jesus was being kind to others because the people got wood he put it there on the floor and Jesus helped him
  • Krystian – Jesus was being kind by helping his fiends and his brothers and his dad working on tables
  • Nevada – Jesus was being kind because he always puts himself in front of others
  • Jevan – Jesus is brave and kind because he helps because even if they’re bad and have lots of sins
  • Kurt – Jesus is respectful and kind because he is learning about God and reading books
  • Mia – Jesus is respectful by helping elders and younger
  • Ava – Jesus was being respectful because the two fathers were really nice to him
  • Tcross – Jesus was being respectful by reading Bible and believing that God is real and made him a good role model for other people
  • Aurora – Jesus is honest because he is reverent and learning about God
  • Samurai – Jesus was kind because he was helping people


Time to raise our heart rate and enjoy the sunshine…



  • iMovie
  • iStop 
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Researching a topic
  • Comic creating 
  • Project research 
  • Garage Band
  • Scratch
  • Samurai – I played with the magnets. I used Love of Learning
  • Francesca – In investigations, me and Anna were on Gacha Life and we used Creativity
  • Noah – In investigations, I drew two lanterns and I used Creativity
  • Joey – In investigations I played with the magnets with Rhoda and I used Creativity and Perseverance to make it not full
  • Jake – In investgations me, Kurt, Jevan and Nate we all made a lantern video and we used Creativity
  • Tcross – In investigations me and Kristina made a house and it was Lego and it was Moon Lantern Themed. We used Perseverance to make it stay!


Today’s T-Ball Clinic build on the skills we have learned over the past couple of weeks. The focus today was hitting!


3JM worked on some noun work this afternoon. They worked through some activities and then had to write sentences that included specific nouns. 3IB wrote a few sentences about their weekend and found the nouns within!

Have a happy, sunny afternoon! 🙂

TIM TAM Thursday September 5 – Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Thursday September 5!

Today we have a group of over 8 boys and girls using a HUGE growth mindset and heading off to the Touch Football Carnival! Good luck – we are sure you will do us and the school proud. 


$40… you and the Showbag Pavillion.. no parents… go!!!!!



Miss B read the story of Jesus’ death from Luke’s Gospel. We discussed how we know this story actually happened.

  • Ava – People made crosses and in churches there are stain glass windows
  • Ann – People were passing it on

Special Prayers

  • Bianca – Dear God, I hope that my grandpa’s dog is in heaven. Amen.
  • Ava – Dear God, please send a message to two pet dogs that my family members love because one of them had to die because of their sickness. I hope that they are fine back in heaven. Amen.
  • Anna – Dear God, please let my dog be safe up in heaven. Amen.
  • Kristina – Dear God, can you please watch over my uncle because mum came back she was pretty sad. And I hope that he can watch over my uncle. Amen.
  • Darcy – Dear God, I would like to see my brothers twin brother. Amen.
  • Iris – Dear God, please take care of my grand dad and make him safe. Amen.
  • Jake – Dear God, please keep my brother safe in heaven. I would like to see him. Amen.
  • Deakyn – Dear God, please take care of my great grandpa in heaven. Amen.
  • Lynn – Dear God, please let my dads mother be safe up in heaven. Amen.


In conjunction with Woolworths SACA are offering cricket clinics to our school!  Two qualified SACA coaches delivered cricket activities to our classes today. 


  • Iris went on a nature walk – “Trees give us oxygen, if we didn’t have trees we couldn’t breathe!”
  • Ava and Lara experimented with the magnetic tiles!
  • Ann, Bella and Jasmine made a comic online
  • Cierra and Nevada are making an iStop motion
  • Aidan, Eva and Ebony are painting and creating!
  • Annaliese, Francesca and Bianca are making 3D Shapes!


We used a guided meditation today for mindfulness that encouraged the children to still their bodies and concentrate on their breathing.


3IB worked on their assembly and 3JM worked on some story writing in the classroom. They created books on active inspire and had to make sure their story had a setting, 3 characters and something that happened. Ask them to share their stories with you tonight.


Please remember to return new MITIOG notes and sleep over notes. 3IB it is your assembly day tomorrow, we can’t wait to see it. 



TOFFEE APPLE Tuesday September 3 – Week 7 Term 3

Hi all! 


  • Ava’s story included a broken down ride!
  • Angok retold his story of the show as he went on the weekend!
  • Our birthday boy Kurt retold a story about the day at the show!
  • Ann titled her story ‘The Crazy Show’
  • Jasmine’s story was set in 2012 where she went the Creepy Royal Show with her friends!
  • William wrote about his dream day at the show
  • Makur and Andy worked together to detail their day at the show
  • Joey and Noah wrote about what the hype would happen at the show
  • Noah – “Three brothers went on one ride and one almost fell out”
  • Mary told the story about a boy at the show eating a hotdog!
  • Rhoda’s story outlined her dream day at the show
  • Libby wrote a list of things that she wants to do there. Lucky her, she’s going to the show tomorrow!


We raised our heart rates with an obstacle course on the playground! We felt our heart rate before and after exercising also. It’s super important to move our bodies and  exercise at least 30 minutes a day!


Together we shared a special Spring Prayer. 

Special Prayers;

  • Bianca- Dear God, Thank you for my big brother because he always shares things with me. Amen.
  • Frankie- Dear God, Thank you for my family because they are so kind to me. Amen.
  • Libby- Dear God, Thank you for everything that is good in life, because if something is bad or sad we can forget about it and do one of the good things. Amen.
  • Keren – Dear God, Thank you for my family because they always take care of me. Amen.
  • Mia- Dear God, Thank you for myself because I can helping Keren and Kiziah with a stall, a BFF stall, to get an iPad. Amen.
  • Ava- Dear God, Thank you for all the seasons because they are all special and during spring I smell the nice flowers. Amen.
  • Anna- Dear God, I am thankful for spring and everything living, especially spring because all the animals and people can survive because its not too hot. Amen.
  • Aurora- Dear God, Please look after my brother Declan and I hope that his ankle is ok. Amen.
  • Lynn- Dear God, I am thankful for spring because now all of the animals can come out and they are getting all of their food. Amen.

The children then closed their eyes and said a prayer for themselves, a prayer for someone in their life that they value and then a prayer for creation.


2x Recap! Write as many of the 2x tables as you can.

This week our focus is 3x tables. We began ur learning with a special Kahoot. It is amazing to see so many students picking up on patterns with times tables. Deakyn shared “you just go up by three every time.”

We consolidate our new learning through some open ended 3x table challenges using ICT!

Song is a great way to practice our times tables! 


  • Andy – We did tennis
  • Deakyn – It was the last lesson of tennis
  • Makur – Next week we are going to do T-Ball


Kurt’s Birthday

  • Jake- You make my bucket fill up every day and you are nice friend to be with
  • Ann- You have a happy smile
  • Jas- You have been in my class for a long time and every time someone is sad you help them
  • DD- Every time I see you in the morning my heart beats very fast because I’m excited to see you
  • Bella- You cheer me up when I am sad
  • Jevan- You’re funny and always happy
  • Aidan- You are one of my best friends
  • Noah- You are funny and kind
  • Ash- Since year 2 you are one of the best friends
  • Ava- You are a good friend to your friends and make others smile
  • Ava- You are really creative in investigations
  • Makur- You are kind and smart
  • Bianca- You are really kind and smart
  • Annaliese- You are friendly


This afternoon 3JM revised their skills using adjectives in their writing. We went through a series of sentences on the board and then added adjectives in to describe the nouns being used.

The children then worked on a task where they had to label objects and then write 3 words to describe them. They then wrote some descriptive sentences ensuring they had an adjective and focused on making sure they had a capital letter and full stop.


This afternoon we met with our buddies to prepare for our assemblies. This Friday at 9am in the Hall is 3IB and 2JH’s buddy assembly based upon the theme of happiness! Hope to see you all there 🙂