TRUE Thursday December 5 – Week 8 Term 4

Stay TRUE to you at Christmas time, it’s Thursday 

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For our last think outside the box for the year we completed the above.

Our second brainteaser for the morning was to think about our wants and needs at Christmas time. The children had to fill up two different sacks. One was with things that they actually need and the other was with things that they want.

We read the story Bridie’s Boots. This story is a beautiful story about giving and passing on things to charity when you no longer need them.

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After reading the story I asked the children what the moral of the story was. I didn’t give any clues, I just read and then asked. I was very proud of their mature responses and ability to take a message from a picture book and relate it back to this time of the year.

  • Joey- When you are too old to play with something or a pair of shoes don’t fit you, you should give them to someone who needs them
  • Cierra- I think the moral of the story was that its not always about receiving but its about giving
  • Akem- The moral of the story was if you don’t use anything don’t chuck it in the bin give it to charity
  • Mia- You can keep passing it on each time it doesn’t fit you
  • Aidan- I think the moral of the story was about giving at Christmas
  • Anna- I think the moral of the story was that if you have something for the long time you can give instead of just keeping it or putting it in the bin because someone else might need it
  • Ava- I think the moral of the story is giving your stuff a second life to someone who can try it out



We are performing around 7:30/7:40 tomorrow right after the raffle. Children will need to be meeting us after the last performance and before the raffle is drawn so that we are ready to go on stage.

As specified on the note that went home to families a couple of weeks ago, children are required to meet their teacher outside the OSHC room before they are due to perform (there will be announcements for parents and students to listen out for on the night). Students will need to assemble in the OSHC room and enter backstage with teachers via the OSHC room. Students will line up quietly backstage until it is time to go on stage and perform. Once students have performed, they will exit the stage via the back two wings and teachers must accompany the children out the back door of the stage area and then back around to their parents within the school grounds.


  • Kristina- Dear God, than you for my friends because if I didn’t have friends I would feel all alone
  • TT- Dear God, thank you for the school because if I didn’t have the school I wouldn’t have a place to learn at
  • Cierra- Dear God, thank you for the all the things you have done for me and I am grateful for the things I have that I need
  • Ava- Dear God, thank you for Jevan, Nate and Kurt for letting me join in their game at recess
  • Aurora- Dear God, thank you for all my teachers because they are really funny and they help me learn
  • Mary- Dear God, thank you for my family because if I didn’t have a family I would be alone for my whole life
  • Lynn- Dear God, thank you for my teachers and my friends at this school because I don’t have all of those I would be lonely and I wouldn’t know stuff


We went outside to complete an outdoor scavenger hunt. The children chose a partner and then had to complete a series of different tasks outside. Some of these included different math skills surrounding shape, multiplication and division, literacy skills around beginning letter and sounds of objects.



This afternoon the children completed some Nativity art. They have brought it home in their bag so have a look tonight.

See you all at carols tomorrow night! 

TINSEL Tuesday December 3 – Week 8 Term 4


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This morning we celebrated the End of Year Mass as a whole school community. We reflected on the year through photos, farewelled our graduating year 6’s and participated in a special Mass.



Today we completed a 3rd math learning assessment. The assessment had a range of different skills that we have covered across the whole year. The children have enjoyed completing these being able to show off their different math skills they have learnt.


Today for mindfulness we read the story ‘The First Christmas’.


Provocation: Imagine you are Mary and both the Angel and Joseph have text you! What would you reply? What did they say?

FUNKY Friday November 29 – Week 7 Term 4

Time to get funky… it’s FRIYAY!

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We started our day with a place value Kahoot. The children then worked through some place value activities. The children were refining their skills in how to work out where numbers are in hundreds, tens and ones.


Miss Battifuoco is a whizz at different fitness games to get our heart rate up. Today she introduced a new game to us called ‘Ant Attack‘.


Today the children wrote a letter to God. They were able to write prayers, questions or simply have a conversation. They wrote some really beautiful things. Click on the images to read what the children wrote.


This is our second to last gratitude writing for the year. It has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn how to write and draw reflecting on things they are grateful for. We hope that after the year ends the children can continue to weekly reflect creating an attitude of gratitude throughout their life.





Our dining hall Christmas celebration is changed to next Wednesday instead of Thursday. Everything is still exactly the same children will need to bring fruit, recess and no lunch on Wednesday. 

Thursday will be a normal day. 

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to celebrating with the children. 

WONDER Wednesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

What a day to wonder, it’s Wednesday 

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Today is the last day the children will borrow for the year. Their books will need to be returned for the end of the year next week.

The story we read today was ‘The First Christmas.’

The First Christmas - Anonymous

Thank you to Holly and Anna who read the story to us.

What was the story about?

  • Angok – It was about three kids
  • Jevan – It was about Christmas and Jesus being born
  • Lynn – It was about the first Christmas
  • Aurora – It was about how it was the first Christmas and how Christmas started. It told us that Jesus’ birthday is on the same day as Christmas
  • Bianca – It was the first Christmas


  • Jasmine – We got to answer some questions about our art work that we made


What is Advent?

  • Krystian – On Christmas they light candles about Jesus. They represent emotions
  • Deakyn – There are feelings in the candles. Love, joy…
  • Cierra – Advent is when we light a candle eery week until Christmas
  • Libby – Advent is when you have candles and the 4 meanings are; peace, love, joy and hope and one for when Jesus is born
  • Jevan – Advent is where you light candles and there are three purple candles and one white for Christmas
  • Mia – Every Sunday we light a candle in church and on the last Sunday you light the last the candle


Following on from our learning about Advent on Monday the children reflected using art their interpretation of the advent candles. Here is the children’s interpretations…


The children were agents of their own mindfulness this afternoon when they had to choose how they would relax their body. There was a list of different choices that we have done over the year for them to choose from.


This afternoon we used all of our math skills in a whole class quiz.

Please remember to bring back excursion notes and pay for dining hall shared lunch.