BOOK WEEK 2019 Friday 23 – Week 5 Term 3






Who are you dressed as and why?

  • Angok – I am dressed as Superman because I like him
  • Mary – I am dressed as Elsa because I used to watch it a lot when I was younger
  • Aidan – I am dressed as Ash Ketchum because I like Pokemon
  • Makur – I am dressed as a soccer player because I like playing soccer
  • Dion – I am dressed as a football player, well crows because I like sports
  • Kurt – I am dressed as a Minecraft Creeper and I have played for a long time
  • Maddox – I am dressed as Hulkbuster because he is strong
  • Goku Do – I am dressed as Goku because he is in the Dragon Ball Books
  • Samurai – I am dressed as Flash because I like Flash
  • Raf – I am dressed as Charmander because I like Pokemon
  • Andy – I am dressed as a Panda
  • Keren – I am dressed as Thing 2 because I thought it was cute to match Kiziah
  • Mia – I am dressed as Hermoine Granger because she has a Dress on and I wanted to wear my dress
  • Ebony – I am dressed as angel
  • Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore – We are dressed as 2 of the 101 Dalmations. Miss Moore is so clever and made the t-shirts for us! How kind and now we can match all day 🙂


What is Jesus’ secret power?

  • Joey – He can perform miracles
  • Anna – He can forgive people easily
  • Rhoda – Jesus secret power is to perform miracles and forfive peoples sins
  • Bianca – I think he believed people
  • Jas – His power to heal people
  • Nevada – I think his power is to be kind
  • Ash – I think his power is helping people do good things
  • Anna – I think another one of his super powers is leadership
  • Aurora – I think Jesus’ super power is honesty because he can’t lie
  • Holly – I think one of Jesus’ super power is fairness
  • Jaiden – I think Jesus’ power is looking after the whole world
  • Jake – I think Jesus’ power is looking after everything that lives in the world and is in the world


Wow!!! We had so many amazing characters join us in class today for Book Week! Who can you see???

MINDFULNESS – Gratitude Writing 

We use Friday’s to reflect on the specks of gold from our week…


Provocation: Show us the different types of angles we have learned about…

Have a lovely weekend!











WHY we read WEDNESDAY August 21 – Week 5 Term 3

WHY do we READ? 

  • Kristina- Reading important because it makes you learn more things that are inside the book
  • Keren- It’s a good exercise for your body
  • Libby- I think its because when we have a book we then can remember the words when we spell and write
  • Ash- We read so we can read for our lives and we can enjoy reading
  • Raf- We need to read because for example if you are on facebook or someone is texting you you won’t be able to understand what they are saying
  • Krystian- Because when we get older our kids might say what does that say and we won’t know if we can’t read
  • Mia- Reading is a good thing because when you have a job and like a scientist you need to read experiments
  • Libby- It helps you learn about things like facts that you want to learn.
  • Noah- We read so when we are older if we are in a meeting we can read something if asked to
  • Tcross- Its important to read because it is an important exercise for your brain and your mind and it can help you to spell.
  • Frankie- We read because if we are reading a book that we really like and there is words we don’t know we will get confused.


Image result for bitsy the bat

This weeks story was Bitsy by Nicki Greenberg.

…Through the velvety night, in whispering flight, bats hurry homeward to hide from the light. Eager to huddle away from the sun, cosy and comfortable . . . All except one. Meet Bitsy, a cheeky little bat with daring dreams. Nocturnal Bitsy wants to discover what life is like when the sun comes up. But is the daytime ready for Bitsy? A joyous story about spreading your wings, meeting your monsters, and weaving the magic of friendship…

Thank you to  Rhoda who read the story for us in library.

Why do we think bats are nocturnal? 

  • Jasmine – I think when bats go in the day light it hurts their skin
  • Holly – I think they’re nocturnal
  • Bianca – I think the bats always go in the night and in the morning they sleep
  • Anna – I think they were born in nighttime and their parents tell them to stay in there and they got used to it
  • Ann – Maybe it is because people hunt for them in the day time
  • Makur – They hate morning because they’re scared if they fly they might get sun burn
  • Jevan – They don’t go out at day time because their skin is dark and gets hot
  • Aurora – I think bats get more hotter than animals even though they don’t have the fur coat because black attracts the sun


  • Aurora – We played a bean bag game with words

PRAYER – Bible Stories

We reflected together on what the story means and we even answered some of each others questions.

SHARED TEXT – 13 Storey Tree House

Today we continued on with our shared text- 13 Storey Tree House. We read chapters 12 and 13 and finished the story off. The children then completed an activity linking in with the poetry we have been doing.


Today for science we explored sinking and floating. The children did an experiment in small groups to test different items around the classroom and record whether they sunk or float. They then had to write a reason why they thought it may of sunk or float.

We then got together as a whole class group to discuss our findings and share our reasons. We then watched this video that explains why things float and sink.


This afternoon we continued our work with our buddies getting ready for our assemblies.


See you all Thursday 🙂 

Moon Lantern Festival


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.

At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on:

Friday 13 September

Students are invited to wear traditional or cultural clothing.

The 3JM and 2RG assembly will take place after recess at 11.00am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.

After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture. Please remember that this food becomes the children’s lunch for the day so keep this in mind when choosing what food to bring.

More reminders will be sent closer to the date.

MY fav book MONDAY August 19 – Week 5 Term 3

MY favourite book MONDAY 

Today is the start of Book Week for 2019



Today in music the children played rhythm detective and also made up their own beats.


This week for Prayer we will be sharing some of our favourite Bible stories.

  • Angok- God told Noah that he is a good person
  • Anna- God told Noah that he was the only person that respected God and he told Noah to build an ark for his family and animals so they were the only ones to survive the flood
  • Lynn- God told Noah that there will be a flood for 40 days and then it will end, then it ended and he sent a dove but it returned as there was no land so then he sent it again and found land and then he made it follow them
  • Iris- God made a flood for 40 days and people didn’t believe in God and didn’t believe the man who was telling them it was going to happen
  • Kristina- God told Noah to make an ark because there was going to be a flood for 40 days and Noah didn’t know how to make one so God told him how to make an arc
  • Ava- I think the story was trying to tell us that if you do good things good things will happen to you and if you do bad things bad things will happen to you
  • Nate- That they have to be a good person and if you don’t be a good person it is bad
  • Anna- Treat people as you want to be treated
  • Cierra- He was doing bad things to people as they were doing bad things back to him
  • Libby- The moral of the story is always believe in God
  • Aurora- The moral of the story is always to be reverent and respect God


  • Ava- Dear God.I hope that no country or any states are coming together to have a war or a fight
  • Ash- Dear God I hope China and India war stops because I heard on the radio they are fighting
  • Anna- Dear God please let the people in this world be safe and no be harmed
  • Aurora- Dear God please look after all the people and help them to use their character strengths and help them to learn



Today for mindfulness we had the story Alice in Wonderland and the Princess and the Frog.


Book Review for your favourite book! 


WOW we are 37th in Australia for fundraising for the MS Readathon!

Thank you to everyone for your donations so far. We are now busily adding all the books we have been reading and they should start to show on the fundraising page. Please encourage your children to keep reading at home and we can add their books on in the morning. 



FEASTING FRIDAY August 16 – Week 4 Term 3

Today it’s FRIDAY let’s FEAST

Image result for quote about sharing food


Today was a long assembly all about the Lion King. When we were eating our recess we reflected about the character strengths we saw in today’s assembly…

  • Will- I saw bravery when a reception kid came up to speak
  • Ava- The character strength I saw was zest and bravery. Zest when they were dancing and bravery for the new kids
  • Aurora- I really liked all the songs and dancing
  • Ash- I saw 3 character strengths- Bravery when the little kids tried their best to speak to everyone and another one was perseverance when they kept trying to dance and the last one was zest when they were dancing and using energy
  • Jevan- I saw bravery when they were dancing because the receptions did a really good job when they were dancing
  • Krissy- I liked it when they sung Hakuna Matata
  • Ava- I also saw creativity and humour – when the kids made their mask and when the kids were dressed up in their costumes
  • Tcross- I liked when they did all the dancing and singing
  • Annaliese- I liked the receptions dancing
  • Aurora- I also liked the theme of the assembly which was the Lion King


Today we went to the playground to have our fitness. Some children were doing time trials of the playground turning it into an obstacle course.


Wow! What an experience we had today at our first dining hall feast. I had some wonderful helpers who helped me to set up the centre, transforming it into our own dining hall.

The children all came in found their place and then waited to serve their lunch.

They served them selves some spring rolls for entree and then came up to serve their noodles for lunch. They all had a cupcake for dessert 🙂 It was so lovely to share a meal with our buddies all together.



Image result for born to be wild dvd

Mr Holmes who was in for Miss B today bought in a dvd for us to watch on animal sustainability. We watched the short film and then answered some questions…

What is the name of the famous actor who narrated the dvd?

  • Jadien- Morgan Freeman

Dr Birute Mary Galdika has studied what animal for almost 40 years?

  • Angok – orangutan

For over 50 years Dame Daphne Sheldrick has rescued and looked after what mammal?

  • Ash- Elephants

Daphe Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage sits in a corner of which National Park?

  • Makur- Kenya

What is a poacher?

  • Will- Human hunters

Why are baby orang-utan’s orphaned?

  • Joey- they are not strong enough to live in the wild
  • Jevan- they are taken from their families
  • Jevan- deforestation

How can we help these people who are trying to make a difference?

  • Joey- stop tearing down the forest
  • Ash- you shouldn’t take down the trees where people are living

What happened to the elephants tail?

  • Joey- hyena’s attacked its tail

Elephants have good….?

  • Mary- their families
  • Joey- tusks
  • Ash- they are very good drinking water out their trunks
  • Jevan- memory


Gratitude Writing 

What a wonderful busy week we had!


THIRSTY Thursday August 15 – Week 4 Term 3


Image result for food puns



Thinking Thursday

Think about a food you don’t like… how could you use a growth mindset to try it?

Why is it important to eat healthy/ mix up your diet?


This weeks art provocation is the book ‘The Dot’.

Image result for the dot

The children were all given a piece of paper with a random dot somewhere on their page. They then had to use this as a base for their art. This is what they came up with…

What was Vashti’s mindset at the start of the story;

  • Nate- She didn’t believe in her self that she could draw
  • Rho- She used a fixed mindset
  • Jevan – She used a fixed mindset because she said she couldn’t draw
  • Libby- She used a fixed mindset because she was saying she didn’t know how to draw or how to paint
  • Holly- She was using a fixed mindset because she said she could only draw a small little dot
  • Aurora- She used a fixed mindset because she didn’t think she could draw and she was not using enough creativity

How did mindset change;

  • Annaliese- She kept on trying and never stopped
  • Ash- She kept on trying to do what the teacher said and it actually came true and she was surprised
  • Nate- She started from a little dot to a bigger dot and then an even bigger dot and she kept going
  • Holly- She kept on trying and she had so many dots that she made an art show
  • Kurt- The teacher told her to preserve
  • Ava- She used a growth mindset by keep on trying and never giving up and she used creativity to make lots of dots and she used perseverance to keep going on making dots
  • Anna- She followed the teachers instructions and made a dot and then kept making more dots
  • Mia- She taught her self that she can become a real artist and used perseverance
  • Aurora- She followed the teacher and then the teacher kind of tricked her and then she saw the dot and Vashti started making more


Today Ash and Lucas and Mrs H shared about a special day that is today in their culture.

Rakhi is a day to celebrate brothers and sister. Rakhi is a day in Indian culture where a ceremony takes place and brother’s are given a special bracelet to wear as a reminder to protect their sisters for the following year.


Today we had the assumption of Mary Mass.


This afternoon we worked on angles again. The children had to create a picture with angles. They all did a great job.




TASTY Tuesday August 13 – Week 4 Term 3




The children practiced their reading skills by reading the stories they wrote in brain teaser to a partner. In this time they are able to hear whether their stories make sense when read aloud and are also able to share with someone else their creativity with story writing.


Prayer before meals… 

Round this table, here to pray
First we thank you for the day
For our family and our friends
Gifts of grace that heaven lends
Living water, daily bread
Countless blessings our God sends
Thank you, Jesus, for them all
For the great ones and the small
When we’re happy, when we’re sad
On the good days and the bad
We are grateful, we are glad

Why is it important to pray before eating?

  • Lynn- It is because you have to be grateful for the food you have
  • Makur- Bless the food
  • Bianca- You should be grateful for what you are given
  • Ava- You should be happy with what you are given because you get food and the homeless don’t get good
  • Aidan- You should bless what you get
  • Ash- You should be proud of what food you get and what you eat because some people don’t get that
  • Krissy- You should be thankful for the food you have been given and you can’t just put it in the bin or it is a waste of money
  • TT- You should say thank you and be grateful you even have food
  • Frankie- You should be grateful for the food you have because some people don’t get to eat dinner
  • Rho- You should be happy for what food you get and it doesn’t matter what it is but don’t waste it
  • Mia- You have to be grateful for what you go because your mum and dad might not always be able to afford it and the poor might like to eat it even if you don’t
  • Libby- Be very grateful because some people in the world only get one piece of food a day






What is poetry?

  • Jake- I think poetry is when your hand is on something and then you spin it around
  • Cierra- It is when you write to someone you love
  • Aidan- Poetry is rhyming to someone in a note
  • Ann- Poetry is when you write something like roses are red violets are blue
  • Ava- Rhyming song
  • Libby- I think it is a letter that you write to someone that rhymes and you write something nice about them

We opened dialogue about what we know about poetry and the different types of poetry. Today we are working on rhyming poetry. We used the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to unpack rhyme. We read the rhyme together and then picked out the words that rhyme.

This afternoon the children wrote a poem about food. They needed to try and include 6 lines and include rhyme.


FRI-YAY August 9 – Week 3 Term 3

YAY It’s Friday! 


ASSEMBLY – 5/6DE and R/1MP

If you were a toy, what would you be?

  • Samurai – A car toy because I could go fast
  • Will – I would be a plane so I could travel anywhere
  • Kiziah – I would be a teddy bear so I can get lots of cuddles
  • Andy – Pac-man
  • Jake  – I would be one-punch man
  • Cierra – I would love to be a cute little teddy bear because everyone would cuddle me
  • Bianca – I would like to be a little teddy bear
  • Libby – I would be a lucky charm, they’re like fortune cookies but come with bracelets
  • Noah – I would be a toy plane to travel anywhere I want
  • Jevan – I would be a toy jet so I could go somewhere very fast
  • Makur – I would be Thanos so I could rule the world
  • Mason – I would be a drone so I could fly wherever I want
  • Bella – I would be a Roblox toy because it would be cool being a toy from a video game
  • Mary – I would be a teddy bear so I am never lonely
  • Nevada – I would be a teddy bear so I can lots of cuddles and chill out all day
  • Angok – I would be Flash so I can be anywhere
  • Darcy – I would be Spiderman because he saves the day
  • Holly  – I would be a little teddy bear so everyone would want to cuddle me


We didn’t make it outside for fitness this today because of the weather. We have been doing an angle work out in the classroom. Try it at home. Make a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle with your body.


Today for prayer Ebony bought in a special coin for us to use. It has a prayer inside and we read it together as a class group.

Prayers for the weekend:

  • Akem- Dear God, I prayer that my baby brother stays safe in the holidays
  • Cierra- Dear God, please look after my aunty and uncle in Sydney because it is stormy over there
  • Anna- Dear God, I hope my dog is safe if she is still alive
  • Angok– Dear God, I pray for my friends because they are nice
  • Holly- Dear God, Please look over my teachers at the weekend and that they have a good sleep at the weekend
  • Ash- Dear God, I hope we have a safe holidays and a good week and good sleep on the weekend
  • Darcy- Dear God, I would like to see my mums dad and other brother
  • Lynn- Dear God, please take care of my teachers and family on the weekend
  • Bianca- Dear God, take care of my Grandpa
  • Jevan- Dear God, I pray for that my family and friends are safe and they have a nice weekend
  • TT- Dear God, I pray for 3IB 3JM to 3Jm to have a safe weekend
  • Iris- Dear God, please take care of my family
  • Mia- Dear God, please make my Grandma safe on the plane tonight and whilst she is away


We continued our learning about angles with a flip chart. The children had to recognise different angles and label them. They also had a go at drawing a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle.


Today for the investigations the children were able to work on different things they are interested in. They are agents of their own learning and practice mindful agency. Mindful agency is being aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner and able to use that awareness to take responsibility, to plan and manage learning processes.


Image result for gratitude quotes

On Friday’s we reflect on our week and find something we are grateful for. Today the children were grateful for a number of different things…



Have a lovely and safe weekend! 

Reminder-  Please return and pay for the Dining Hall Shared Lunch that will take place next Friday.

We need these back ASAP for catering purposes.

We are having some technical difficulties recording the books we are reading but we are still reading lots of books in class. 

WONDERFUL Wednesday August 7 – Week 2 Term 3

WONDERFUL Wednesday 🙂 


Today in library we read the story Joey and Riley by Mandy Foot. Libby read the story for 3JM and Anna read the story for 3IB.

The children summarised the book….

  • Joey– Riley and Joey did everything together and Riley got lost and then right at the end he. came back
  • Rho– In the story Riley and Joey were best friends and Riley was Joey’s dog and then the mum said that they were going to move into time and then his mum said he couldn’t bring Riley and he had to leave him at his pops house and then Riley got lost and then he came back
  • Angok – Riley found Joey
  • Kurt – I liked when Joey and Riley reunited
  • Bianca – I liked when Joey found Riley

Libby appreciated the illustrations in the story “I loved the pictures in the book”. Anna says, “I like the beginning, middle and end.”


  • Rho– today in Spanish we did stuff on colours and made this game where we had to say what our favourite colour was.


The Story of Mary MacKillop.

  • Anna -When I am older and have lots of money and I see someone poor or disadvantaged I will give them at least a few dollars
  • Libby – When I am older I will open a care home for people who have no homes and people who are disadvantaged
  • Mia– When I am older and have a job as a scientist I will give the poor a handful of money to buy a house
  • Annaliese– When I am a bit older and I see someone who needs it I will give them my money because I will to be nice to them and not let them feel left out
  • Nate– I could give people things if they don’t have any
  • Aurora– I could always use my manners
  • Lynn– I could make a store and sell some stuff and then the money I get I could give to the poor
  • Bianca– I will say thank you to people who give me stuff
  • Cierra– I could give people things I don’t want any more
  • Joey– I could be kind to people
  • Eva– I could always be honest and loyal
  • Rho– I could help people who are sick
  • Anna– I could open a store and make some money to donate
  • Mia– I could work at a money factory
  • Angok– Be kind
  • TT– I can provide food for the hungry people
  • Aurora- The whole school already does this when we donate the food to Fred’s Van
  • Ava– Help with the MS Readathon
  • Akem– When I am older I can make my own website for donations


Today we read chapters 8 and 9 for the 13 Storey Tree House.

Who were we introduced to in this chapter;

  • Darcy– Superfinger, his job was to help stuff

What happened in chapter 8?

  • Libby– they are trying to write a book and they get to distracted but then they finally get a story going


Image result for lets paint picture book

Today for our art lesson we used the book Let’s Paint as our art provocation. We read the story as a group and then the children had the opportunity to paint as their heart desires. The book was a reminder that there is no mistakes in painting!

…Whether you drip, dot, daub or carefully dab – there is a marvellous, messy world of art waiting to be explored. From exquisitely detailed paintings to crazy kaleidoscopes of colour, art is as essential as the air we breath and much more fun… 


Today for mindfulness the children were drawing in their new mindful drawing books.


Both classes began preparation for their assemblies. 3IB’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 7 and 3JM’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 8. We will be working together over the term to share our learning in preparation.

Have a lovely night with your families.