FUNKY Friday November 29 – Week 7 Term 4

Time to get funky… it’s FRIYAY!

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We started our day with a place value Kahoot. The children then worked through some place value activities. The children were refining their skills in how to work out where numbers are in hundreds, tens and ones.


Miss Battifuoco is a whizz at different fitness games to get our heart rate up. Today she introduced a new game to us called ‘Ant Attack‘.


Today the children wrote a letter to God. They were able to write prayers, questions or simply have a conversation. They wrote some really beautiful things. Click on the images to read what the children wrote.


This is our second to last gratitude writing for the year. It has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn how to write and draw reflecting on things they are grateful for. We hope that after the year ends the children can continue to weekly reflect creating an attitude of gratitude throughout their life.





Our dining hall Christmas celebration is changed to next Wednesday instead of Thursday. Everything is still exactly the same children will need to bring fruit, recess and no lunch on Wednesday. 

Thursday will be a normal day. 

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to celebrating with the children. 

WONDER Wednesday November 27 – Week 7 Term 4

What a day to wonder, it’s Wednesday 

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Today is the last day the children will borrow for the year. Their books will need to be returned for the end of the year next week.

The story we read today was ‘The First Christmas.’

The First Christmas - Anonymous

Thank you to Holly and Anna who read the story to us.

What was the story about?

  • Angok – It was about three kids
  • Jevan – It was about Christmas and Jesus being born
  • Lynn – It was about the first Christmas
  • Aurora – It was about how it was the first Christmas and how Christmas started. It told us that Jesus’ birthday is on the same day as Christmas
  • Bianca – It was the first Christmas


  • Jasmine – We got to answer some questions about our art work that we made


What is Advent?

  • Krystian – On Christmas they light candles about Jesus. They represent emotions
  • Deakyn – There are feelings in the candles. Love, joy…
  • Cierra – Advent is when we light a candle eery week until Christmas
  • Libby – Advent is when you have candles and the 4 meanings are; peace, love, joy and hope and one for when Jesus is born
  • Jevan – Advent is where you light candles and there are three purple candles and one white for Christmas
  • Mia – Every Sunday we light a candle in church and on the last Sunday you light the last the candle


Following on from our learning about Advent on Monday the children reflected using art their interpretation of the advent candles. Here is the children’s interpretations…


The children were agents of their own mindfulness this afternoon when they had to choose how they would relax their body. There was a list of different choices that we have done over the year for them to choose from.


This afternoon we used all of our math skills in a whole class quiz.

Please remember to bring back excursion notes and pay for dining hall shared lunch. 

MOOD Monday November 25 – Week 7 term 4

MOOD Monday

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  • Anna – A mood is like your emotions and how you feel
  • Holly – So you can be happy
  • Lynn – You might feel sad or surprised and that is your mood
  • Libby- A mood is when you might feel happy, sad or surprised
  • Nate- A mood is when you are feeling angry, happy or sometimes sad
  • Cierra- A mood is when you can feel an emotion
  • Mia- A mood is when you have emotion
  • Akem- A mood is when you have emotion like a happy feeling you are kind to people and a angry feeling you would be crazy

Provocation: How can you steer your mood into a better one?

  • Iris – Reading a book
  • Holly – By doing all the stuff I like and that makes me happy
  • Anna – Thinking good thoughts
  • Nevada- By believing in myself
  • Kurt – Going into a peaceful place
  • Deakyn – Thinking about good things from the past
  • Ann – Hanging out with friends and playing Roblox
  • Aidan – By blading with my friends
  • Ebony – Hanging with my friend and family
  • Jake – Think about good things and seeing Mickey Mouse
  • Jevan – Helping other people out because that makes me happy
  • Darcy – Doing nice things and thinking about smiling
  • Makur – Think about doing nice things
  • Andy – By playing
  • Ava – Remember my uncle bringing me things from Japan
  • Bella – Doing chores for my family
  • Rhoda- My reading books and playing with my friends
  • Cierra- By thinking happy thoughts and always smiling
  • Libby- Thinking about all the things that make me happy
  • Mia- Thinking about good things and reading books that are my favourite
  • Akem- By doing finger breaths because they control my mood
  • Liz- Thinking of something exciting that is happening
  • Raf- Playing with my dad and my friends
  • Kristina- By going into a peaceful place and not thinking about bad things
  • TT- By calming my self down and maybe even try to solve what is going on
  • Keren- I can think about good memories and happy things
  • Joey- Playing with my friends
  • Mary- By saying positive things to my self to fix the problem and reading books
  • Dion- Thinking about the good things and not the bad things
  • Frankie- Thinking about good things
  • Nate- By thinking about things I like
  • Lucas- Reading
  • Noah- Helping my mum dad and sister
  • Lara- Making up quickly if I fight with my family
  • Eva- Hanging out with friends and family and putting a smile on my face
  • Jaiden- I can make my self be happy
  • Annaliese- When people say sorry it makes me happy
  • Krystian- When I talk to my friends and play



This is our school.

Let peace dwell here.
Let the room be filled with contentment.
Let love abide.
Let there be among us care of all people, love for one another and love for life its self.
Let us remember that as many hands build a school so many hearts make a home.
God Bless Our School.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Ava- Dear God, please look after my whole entire family, Amen
  • Kristina- Dear God, thank you for my friends. Amen
  • Lynn- Dear God, please let the bush fires end in Sydney, the fire fighters are using so much stamina, Amen
  • Mia- Dear God, thank you for the school so we can learn stuff and make friends, Amen
  • Aurora- Dear God, thank you for my mum and dad because they do lots for me and when we found out I needed to get my tooth removed I knew it would be a lot of money so I am grateful my dad goes to work to earn money for me, Amen
  • TT- Dear God, thank you for moods and feelings because if we didn’t have any moods or feelings we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves, Amen


  • Darcy- I made a Christmas present house, I made a tiny one then a big one with Jaiden
  • Jaiden- Me and Darcy made a small Christmas present and Christmas house
  • Jevan- Me and Jake made a Christmas town and it had different houses and a workshop
  • Mia- In investigations, me and Keren discovered about all the planets and we learn’t new things
  • Annaliese- Me and Bianca made a box and we put a door and made these letters and put sticky tape and stuck it onto the thing


Today for mindfulness we did some reading.


This afternoon we explored Advent. The children learnt what Advent means, the significance and use of the candles of Advent in the lead up to Christmas. They then had to share their learning in their own way. Some children choose to write, draw, type, make iMovies or use other digital technology programs.


THINKING Thursday November 21 – Week 6 Term 4


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Today we brought back our Thursday Think Outside the Box Brainteaser. The children had to use the image below to create a new picture but it couldn’t be a Christmas tree.

This is what they came up with…


Today we continued our drama experiences. The children did a warm up activity where they had to say their voice in a monster voice around the circle, they all then said hello in a robot voice. We then played a game of walk across the circle. The children put up their hand if they wanted to have a turn and then crossed the circle in different ways. For example like a ballerina, like an astronaut, bird, car and so on. We then played a game of charades. It was a lot of fun.

We saw a lot of patience and perseverance as the children stepped out of their comfort zones to act in front of the class.


Round 2 of Sprint Dodgeball. This time it was 3IB’s turn to kick and 3JM’s turn to field. Here are some snaps of the children during the game.


Today for prayer the children came in to a provocation on the board. We want them to be reflective during prayer and think about the person Jesus was and the qualities he displayed.

ART – Sunflower Art 


We read the story Lemonade in Winter for mindfulness today.

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MATH- Vertical Subtraction 

This afternoon we continued our learning with vertical subtraction and the children used their subtraction skills to answer lots of vertical sums.



Please remember to pay for dining hall lunch ($5) on the app or bring in the money to school and return the excursion note.


TRUE TUESDAY November 19 – Week 6 Term 4

TRUE Tuesday 

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Who can tell me what a procedure is?

  • Jaiden- step by step

Where can you find them?

  • Nate- When you are making a table or Lego
  • Libby- You can find them in a cook book
  • Iris- Recipes
  • Jake- Building a house

Today the procedure we will be looking at is ‘How to tie your shoe laces!’. Miss Battifuoco showed an example of the procedure including pictures and videos, the rest was up to us 🙂 


Today Miss B invented a new game for fitness. We played 3Jm vs 3IB in a game of sprint dodge ball. One team would roll the ball to the other and they would have to kick the ball and then sprint between two cones. The fielding team would then have to try to get the person who was sprinting. Today we got to play one round and will hopefully play another tomorrow or Thursday.


Nate and Will conducted our prayer reflection today. Nate spoke and will scribed.

Nate – What was the song meaning in the video?

  • Krystian-It was about love courge
  • Ava-Nothing can get to your and hope
  • Akemjot-The song was about love and kindness
  • Mia-All dreams are wonderful
  • Anna-I think the video was about teamwork because the dear helped the sheep and the bunny get up

Prayers for today:

  • Jake- Dear God, thank you for this world because if we didn’t have planet earth we would be flying in space

MATH – Vertical Subtraction 

We introduced vertical subtraction and the children had a go at some different sums that challenged their skills. We will continue this learning this week.


Typing Club.


This afternoon the children did a math assessment that focused on a range of different skills we have learnt this year. This enabled them to recap these skills and use them in different number and worded questions.


Bucket Filling for FRANKIE!

  • Holly- You always have a smile on your face
  • TT- Since I first met her she is very funny and has lots of humour and lets everyone in the game
  • Aidan- You are a good girl
  • DD- You are generous and kind to your friends
  • Rhoda- You are kind and beautiful
  • Eva- You are beautiful, lovely and kind
  • Libby- You are a beautiful, kind, loving and amazing friend
  • Lara- You are a wonderful friend


PHYSICAL EDUCATION WEEK November 15 – Week 5 Term 4


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11 -15 November 2019

Physical Education is important every week, but this is the week to celebrate it!

This week it has been physical education week. Physical Education Week promotes the importance of Health & PE in the Australian Curriculum, and highlights the importance of Health & PE to the learning and development of children and young people. All students have a right to receive quality physical education teaching and learning programs.



  • Nate- It was cool and the kids who never got to do an assembly like the receptions that have never done an assembly before got to do one
  • Mia- I thought it was very good because the receptions got to try their parts
  • Tcross- I think it was fun and magical.
  • Aidan- I think assembly was fun because at the end we saw everyones assembly
  • Lucas- I like the assembly because it showed everyone’s assembly in 2019
  • Jake- My favourite part of the assembly was the end because we saw our assembly and I saw my self
  • Noah- I thought it was fun because two boys were fairies
  • Annaliese- I think the assembly was really good because it has Jesus and God in it and it was really good
  • Frankie- I like the assembly because they showed everyone’s assembly
  • Akem- My favourite part of the assembly was the start when they elves were dancing on the screen
  • Anna- My favourite part of the assembly was at the end when I saw my self

MATH- Vertical Addition 

We continued our skills with vertical and addition and the children were challenged with some tricky sums.


Prayers for healthy bodies:

  • Rhoda- Dear God, Thank you for my healthy body that helps me to do anything I want
  • Mary- Dear God, Thank you for my healthy body because if I didn’t have a healthy body I couldn’t do anything
  • Lucas- Dear God- Thank you for my healthy body so I can do running and other stuff
  • Raf- Dear God, thank you for my healthy body because if I didn’t have a healthy body I wouldn’t be able to do any sports or activities
  • Jas- Dear God, thank you for our healthy bodies because some people have allergies or illness that can’t go out with their friends so we are really lucky
  • Holly- Dear God, thank you for our healthy bodies because some people can’t go out side because they are sick
  • Angok- Dear God, thanks for me having a body
  • Dion- Dear God, thank you for my healthy body because it keeps me fit
  • Ann- Dear God, please help us to have a healthy body and they can’t go outside that much
  • Makur- Dear God, thank you for my legs and my hands, Amen
  • Kurt- Dear God, thank you for my healthy body because if I didn’t have a healthy body I wouldn’t be able to do sports
  • Cierra- Dear God, thank you for my healthy body because if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be able to have the chances that I do now
  • Maddox- Dear God, thank you for making me strong
  • Mason- Dear God, thank you for my strong body because if I didn’t have a strong body I wouldn’t be able to do fitness


Today the children started the research on their personal projects. They had to revisit the questions they created last week and then start with one of their first questions. We went through a way to research to find information and then how to put it into their own words. The children worked hard today, pushing themselves with their writing and inquiry skills. We will be continuing on with these projects over the next two weeks where they children will then present their findings. The children have a choice of how they would like to present their research projects. Some have chosen Word, Active Inspire, Key Note, Powerpoint, Canva and posters.


For our physical education today we went outside and had a game of T-Ball.


Have a lovely safe weekend with your family!




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Dear parents and caregivers,

This year for our end of year shared lunch/class party students in 3JM and 3IB will be invited to a Christmas Dining Hall. Students will be fed a wholesome lunch whilst celebrating the year we have had together. We aim to set this up as a long table lunch with some Christmas surprises. The cost will cover preparation of the lunch.

Date: Thursday 5 December 2019 (Week 8)

Lunch Menu

Bread Roll

Main (Protein and Veg)


Cost: $5.00

What students should bring on the day:

Plate and Fork (non-disposable)




Please note payment is due by Wednesday 4 December and can be made at the front office by cash, EFTPOS or through the Qkr App.

If you child has any dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian please advise by return email or at the school office.  These can also be advised during the payment process on the Qkr App.

WORLDLY Wednesday November 13 – Week 5 Term 4

Let’s look after our world, it’s Wednesday

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Today in Spanish the children did some art. The year 3s continued their learning on the Art style Surrealism. They were reminded of Salvador Dali’s famous artworks for inspiration, with particular focus on The Persistence of Memory (the melting clocks). In their Visual Art Diaries, they were invited to create their own ‘Surrealist’ drawings, using some of Dali’s strange techniques, such as making unusual objects melt or float, combining random things together, or creating a new species by putting different animals’ body parts together (like Dali’s spider elephants!). A small group was guided who wanted to learn how to draw a melting clock, while the rest of the class let their imaginations run wild with their Surrealist, fantasy drawings!


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‘Sarah’s two nativities’ by Janine M. Fraser and Helene Magisson.
In Sarah’s house the Bible and the Koran sit together on a shelf – two books bursting with stories. Sarah loves the nativities best – the stories her grandmothers tell at Christmas about the birth of Baby Jesus.
Thank you to Akemjot and Ashvarn for reading the story for 3JM today and Bianca and Jake for reading the story for 3IB.
How did your feel during or after the story?
  • Krystian- Happy and Sad. Happy because some of the story was happy and sad because some of it was sad.
  • Noah- I felt calm because I got to listen to a story from the bible.
  • Lucas- I felt relaxed, when the story was being read.
  • Jaiden- I felt calm because the story was about the bible.
  • Tcross- I felt relaxed and I enjoyed it because they were talking about God.
  • Nate- I felt calm because it looked like it was in a dream.
  • Akem- I felt calm because when I was reading the story it was a good story with happy thoughts.
  • Ash- I felt positive mind when I was reading and I quite tried my best to speak loudly when I was reading.
  • Deakyn – I felt relaxed after the story
  • Lynn – The person was telling the story about Jesus
  • Makur – It was about Christmas and Jesus


During National Recycling Week we wanted to open dialogue about our earth and how important it is to protect it.

Prayers for the earth;

  • Bella- Dear God please make sure our earth is healthy and clean, Amen
  • Lucas- Dear God, please tell everyone to not litter so we can have less pollution, Amen
  • Eva- Dear God, please make sure everyone takes care of the world and the trees, Amen
  • Nev- Dear God, please help us to look after the earth, Amen
  • Ash- Dear God, please make our world more better and air more better and use less cars, Amen
  • Keren- Dear God, please help us take care of the earth, Amen
  • Raf- Dear God, help the people to not litter and we use less cars and the doesn’t get hotter and destroy our world, Amen
  • Mason- Dear God, please look after the earth or it won’t be here in the next billion years, Amen
  • Jevan- Dear God, please stop the pollution and stop the cars using so much gas, Amen.


Today for fitness we did a circuit around the oval 3 times. The first two times we did it as a class and the last lap the children were able to go at their own pace. We emphasise the importance of fitness to increase our heart rate and help our bodies to stay fit and healthy. Building stamina the children had to try their best to keep up and push themselves to keep going. Here is the circuit we did today and some happy snaps of the children in action.


Miss Battifuoco introduced a lesson about heat after we came in from fitness. A perfect opportunity when our bodies were hot and heat was created from running in the circuit. She opened dialogue with the children about what creates heat, types of heat, sources of heat and how we measure heat. This is where the children are able to share what they alre(natural/ electricity and power), examples of things that change with heat and a challenge to sort heat sources into sun, chemical reactions, earths interior, friction and electricity.



It is National Recycling week so we thought it was a great opportunity to recap our knowledge around what we can and can’t recycle and the importance of recycling for sustainable living.

We started by opening dialogue about what recycling is;

The children then went off to critically think about how they already recycle and what they can do moving forward to improve on what they are doing to help our planet earth. This meant thinking about how they can recycle different things in different areas of their home. Two extension activities were to create a poster to teach someone how recycling and a recycling sorting activity.