TREMENDOUS Thursday October 17 – Week 1 Term 4

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Welcome to Tremendous Thursday! Today our motto is…

Thank you so much for those who have brought in a plant for donation today. Spring Fair is this Sunday!


This mornings mindful moment involved taking 5. Taking 5 minutes to prepare ourselves for the day. Using our 5 fingers to help us. We traced around our fingers taking breaths in and out. We then used adjectives to describe how we were feeling about the day;

  • Nevada – Calm
  • Jas – Tired
  • Anna – Ready
  • Maddox – Good


Time to get our mathematic brains thinking! Each Thursday we will be completing a numeracy based Brainteaser which focuses on all the numeracy skills we have learned this year! We use this as a time to check-in with each student surrounding different concepts also.




  • Joey – Long hair
  • Krystian – Very nice
  • Holly – Honest
  • DD – Son of Mary
  • Jevan – Kind and Loving
  • Raf – Never ending love
  • Nevada – Kind
  • Jake – Almost 2020 years old
  • Ava – Wooly because of the Lamb of God
  • Eva – Positive
  • Cierra – Energised
  • Nate – Long beard
  • William – Generous
  • Samurai – Kind
  • Deakyn – Passion
  • Holly – Never fights
  • Makur – Nice
  • Kurt – Bravery!


We continued on with our Spring Fair Investigations. These investigations touch on various different curriculum areas and draw on various of our 100 languages. The. children did a wonderful job in using their agency to complete as many activities to the best of their ability both today and yesterday…








We practiced our Typing skills using an online program called Typing Club again today. We are practicing placing our fingers in the correct position for specific keys.


This afternoon we completed our own Narrative stories. We discussed what we could include in our stories and the correct structure to make it a success. Seeing as there is no school tomorrow, students have taken their stories home to complete, edit and share with you!

  • Ava – I am writing a scary story!
  • Angok – Mine will be about soccer
  • Krystian – Mine has Roblox in there
  • Aidan – My story is about Pokemon
  • Samurai – My story has a sad kid because he has no one to play with and then he gets happy and plays
  • Jevan – It is about earth
  • Darcy – It is about a magic hand
  • Annaliese – Mine is about the tree that took over the world
  • Frankie – Three girls get lost at the Spring Fair
  • Mason – My story has Minecraft in there
  • Libby – Mine is about a girl that is allergic to water and the sun

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Sunday at the Spring Fair! If not, school re-commences on Monday! 🙂

TEAM Tuesday October 15 – Week 1 Term 4

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Dr. Seuss Quotes-Fun Quotes-Kid quotes-today was good today was fun tomorrow is another one.

Welcome to Term 4 Tuesday October 15!


Last term we introduced Literacy Rotations on a Tuesday morning in which students work in groups on various different literacy based activities for 10 minutes each. These activities connect to the learning we have done or are currently completing in class. The context of the activities links perfectly with what is happening in school life. As a whole class we have decided that success of our rotations last term means that we will continue this term!

Todays rotations included; 

1. Guided writing with teacher – Using prepositions to describe where Miss B was hiding the ball! Can you see it in our pictures?

2. Punctuation and Grammar mat on laptop

3. 60 second read with questions on laptop – Trick or Treat Comprehension

4. Preposition oral language with partner – Students worked in pairs to describe where they were putting the cube using prepositions we learned yesterday


Dear Lord,

We ask that you be present in this space.

Lord, as we prepare for the coming of a new term make us ready, attentive and available to hear you.

Thank You for the gift of being able to rise each day with the assurance that You walk through it with us.

Thank You for the gifts of creativity and uniqueness, and the energy to put them to good use.

May all that we are today, all that we try to do today, may all our encounters, reflections, even the frustrations and failings all be place in your hands.

May the work we do and the way we do it, bring new hope, new life, and courage to all we come in contact with this term. We thank you, Lord.

We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Filling buckets and sharing our Character Strengths

Today we shared our Character Strength post-it notes from our wall. These were written by us, for us, last term. If we received a special Character Strength note, we placed them in our bags to share with someone at home. As a class we discussed how we can use our Character Strength wall this term. We are on the look out to hear and see different examples of Character Strengths and record.


What is division?

  • Jake – Division is like times tables but the opposite
  • Cierra – Division is about making everything fair
  • Joey – Division is dividing
  • Aurora – I think division is when you split up numbers to make it fair for everyone
  • Andy – Division is splitting up
  • Ann – Division is when you share but everything has to be equally

Introducing…. division with donuts!!

To begin our learning we played a special game in pairs. We used donuts to show how to equally share sprinkles! Together we divided different amounts of sprinkles on the donuts and then recorded this on our laptops. Tomorrow we will extend this learning by beginning to write our division number sentences.

PE LESSON – Preparing for Sports Day next Friday!


‘Miss Battifuoco, Miss Moore, how do you type so fast????” This term we will be learning new and exciting skills surrounding typing and our laptops. It is a special and important skill to be able to type quickly but also accurately. We will be using Typing Club to strengthen our skills! Today we learned the correct way to place our fingers on a keyboard and which fingers should be pushing specific letters.


Are you wanting to go to the HFCS Spring Fair? Wanting to convince someone in your family? We have just the arguments for you…


Thursday we need to please bring in a plant for Spring Fair! This allows us to wear casual clothes 🙂 Have a happy night!

FUNKY FRIYAY September 27 – Week 10 Term 3

Welcome to FriYAY September 27!

Can you believe it is our last day of Term 3! 

Image result for last day of term



Together we pray,

We thank you Lord, for this term.
For the challenges, the successes, and the mistakes from which we have learnt.
Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends.
Give us strength and courage to do what is right: to be witnesses of our faith.
Help us to be a good Catholics these holidays, to appreciate what others do for us, to give time and effort to help others.

To be peacemakers in our family.
Keep us safe in our activities; give us good rest and good fun.
Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.
We thank you for our classmates, teachers, parents
And a community that cares for us.
May we always be conscious of God in our lives.


  • Libby – Dear God, hopefully I have an amazing holiday and I get to see lots of movies and I will be ready to be back next term
  • Anna – Dear God, I hope that my team wins the amazing race
  • Holly – Dear God, please look after my friends and family in the holidays. Amen.
  • Ava – I hope that Pika Power wins either first, second or third because we tried our best.  Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, please look after my baby brother and my whole family to make sure they are happy, healthy, and always kind. Amen.


We worked together to clean up our classroom environment ready for Term 4!



  • Will – I am grateful for the trees because they give us oxygen
  • Eva – I am grateful for having sleepover
  • Ash – I am grateful for all the sport carnivals we have and a happy fitness we have
  • Jaiden – I am grateful for my family because they love me and support me
  • Jake – This term I am grateful for this school and my friends
  • Kristina – I am grateful for teachers because they teach me how to learn stuff
  • Anna – I am grateful for the sleepover
  • Darcy – I am grateful for the sleepover and playing with my friends in challenges
  • Dion – I am grateful for the sleepover and all the sport I played
  • Krystian – I am grateful for the sleepover because it was so much fun
  • Bella – I am grateful for the sleepover and doing the amazing race
  • Holly – I am grateful for the sleepover because we had fun and played with different friends
  • Cierra – I am grateful for all my friends and teachers for doing stuff with me and helping
  • Bianca – I am grateful for the sleepover and the amazing race
  • Maddox – I am grateful for my friends
  • Angok – I am grateful for the sleepover
  • Annaliese – I am grateful for my friends and teachers
  • Keren – I am grateful for sleeve because I get to hang out with my friends
  • Raf – I am grateful for the sleepover because of the amazing race and we get to watch a movie and see a magician
  • Francesca – I am grateful for the sleepover and amazing race
  • Ann – I am grateful for the sleepover and all my friends and teacher
  • Deakyn – I am grateful for the sleepover because I had so much fun and I went hypo doing the challenges!
  • Jevan – I am grateful for the sleepover because I got to play with all my friends
  • Ava – I am grateful for Anna because she helps me when I am sad
  • Noah – I am grateful for MITIOG so we can learn
  • Aidan – I am grateful for the sleepover because we got to have pizza
  • Akemjot – I am grateful for the sleepover because I love the magician tricks and I love Home Alone at night
  • Joseph – I am grateful for the sleepover because I like the magician and watching Home Alone
  • Aurora – I am grateful for the sleepover and the amazing race and having 2 new students
  • Iris – At this school I like how we get to have laptops and we get to do investigations
  • Kiziah – I am grateful for my friends because they help
  • Lucas – I am grateful for all the fitness we do
  • Ebony – I am grateful for the sleepover because I got to sleep with my friends
  • Lara – I am grateful for my friends
  • Rhoda – I am grateful for all of this term and doing T-ball with Ryan and Yang
  • Mary – I am grateful for the amazing race because I like how I got to do stuff with my friends and my team
  • Jas – I am grateful for wearing pyjamas


We said goodbye to Term 3 with some physical activity in the sun! 

Have a lovely, safe, happy, humorous, creative, kind and well deserved holiday break! See you on Monday October 14 ready for Term 4!


Our sleepover was a total, humongous, huge, big, SUCCESS!

We arrived at school, dropped our bags and set up our beds. Next up, we were briefed on The Amazing Race and put on our team Bandanas.

We have been discussing Collaboration and Teamwork all week – this prepared us perfectly! 7 activities, 5 minutes at each – game on! Each team moved around each challenge with a recording sheet in hand.

Here are the teams!!


We saw SO MANY Character Strengths on show during the activities…

It was then time to tuck into our delicious pizza dinner. We sat and ate with one another and talked about Specks of Gold from our day and term.

SURPRISE!!!! There’s a magician in town. We were greeted by Ace who had set up an incredible Magic Trick Show! He taught the children some new tricks and showed us plenty of magic!

After being totally amazed and captivated by Ace the Magician we were lucky enough to enjoy an ice-block for dessert 🙂 The children were then gifted a torch each and we turned off all the lights inside and went on a hunt for Miss Moore’s keys in the dark. Anna was able to find them 🙂

Tummy’s and hearts full, we prepared our selves for bed. Such independent thinkers we are! We brushed our teeth, put on our pyjamas and lay in our beds ready to watch the movie we voted for during the week – Home Alone!

We showed incredible growth mindsets to sleeping away from home! We woke in the morning with energy for the day and an appetite for breakfast!

Thank you so much for an amazing night! We had so much fun, the language of Character Strengths, acts of kindness and pure joy were something that Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore will remember forever.

We-Work-Well Wednesday September 24 – Week 10 Term 3

Welcome to We-Work-Well Wednesday! 

Another quick reminder that Thursday is our Sleepover and Friday is Pyjama Day – perfect timing really! The end of this blog post has all the finer details you will need 🙂 


  • Makur  – We had to play Kahoot


We started our morning with a lovely story to end our term 3 visits to the library which explored little acts of kindness and friendship.

What can we learn from the story?

  • Holly –  It doesn’t matter what you give to other people. It just matters that its not a thing!
  • Jake – I think the book is supposed to be telling us that if somebody is alone and if they have a house that’s really creepy it doesn’t mean you just stay away
  • Aurora – I think the story is trying to teach us, dont judge a book by its cover. It was nice inside so it doesn’t matter what they look like


How did Jesus show collaboration?

  • Lucas – He washed his followers feet
  • Joey – He used collaboration by inviting them to do dinner and washing their feet
  • Aurora – Jesus shows collaboration when he lets all of his followers follow him like a big group
  • Libby – Jesus shows collaboration by letting his followers follow him and giving them food and washing their feet
  • Kurt – Jesus shows collaboration by allowing his followers to have dinner with him and he will wash their feet
  • Aidan – Jesus shows collaboration by him washing his disciples feet
  • Ava – Jesus shows collaboration by doing something like a good deed for his disciples and he tells them that things he did were examples of thing they should do for other people like friends
  • Jake – Jesus shows collaboration by choosing his followers and letting them follow them
  • Akemjot – Jesus shows collaboration by washing his disciples feet and inviting them to the dinner
  • Bianca – Jesus shows collaboration by washing the disciples feet and having dinner with them


Today we head outside in an attempt to increase our running stamina! It was the perfect conditions – sun was shining and our growth mindsets were in charge! We gave it our best shot and when we returned back to class we created our own graphs to show our efforts over time!


Continuing our learning surrounding by Past and Present, today we looked at Sports through time. 

  • Jevan – Soccer boots were bigger and heavier
  • Cierra – The netballers have long skirts
  • Darcy – The tennis rackets are smaller

Technological Advances in Sport – Score Review!

Provocation: Choose a sport that has changed over time. How has it changed? What would you do to improve the sport?

  • Jevan – I would add a robotic goalie to soccer and have a magic ball
  • Bianca – I would change the colour of the water for swimming to match the swim suits
  • Samurai – Did you know that soccer is more than 300 years old?
  • William – I can make the sport better by making lighter shoes
  • Aidan – I would add a turbo power pool for swimming
  • Darcy – Motorbike racing. I would design a new bike with extra engines
  • Anna – I would make the soccer field smaller to make it easier
  • Jake – I would make boxing better by using different gloves like made out of plastic
  • Nevada -I would make the netball ring really sturdy so that when you shoot a goal it doesn’t move



This afternoon we spoke about our safe feelings and emotions. We discussed with a partner how we might feel in the following situations…


We completed a Y-Chart about what feeling safe looks, feels and sounds like. We then discussed people that we feel safe with and completed our own Safety Hand.

Please check our seperate post for all the finer sleepover details! Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

MATESHIP Monday September 23 – Week 10 Term 3

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Welcome to Week 10! Yes.. Week 10! Our last week of Term 3.

Just a reminder that this Thursday night is our School Sleepover. 3 sleeps!

Students will go home from school on Thursday at 3pm, shower, have a snack and return back to school at 5pm in comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity.  The evening will be spent sharing a meal, participating in organised entertainment, watching a PG movie and then sleeping in the Hall.

Upon waking on Friday morning, students will pack their belongings, have breakfast and go to class as usual on Friday.  On Friday, the school is having a fundraiser for the upcoming Spring Fair where students can wear pyjamas for the day with a gold coin donation.

Students will need to bring to the sleepover:

  • Something to sleep on eg. an already blown-up mattress, camp bed or yoga mat
  • Some bedding or sleeping bag and pillow
  • Pyjamas, teddy (optional), slippers or thongs
  • Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/hairbrush/hair ties)
  • Reusable plastic plate, bowl and spoon to use and take home
  • Refillable drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch for Friday (canteen order optional)


On Thursday for sleepover we will be working together in teams to complete some different activities. Because of this we are going to recap what we know and have learnt already about collaboration and teamwork. We first opened dialogue about what collaboration means…

The children then completed a series of activities on their laptops exploring what it looks and feels like when working in a team and what the positives are. Here are some of their responses…


Today for prayer we talked about the importance of encouragement when working together as a team.

  • Joey- Encouragement is when someone is doing something and they might find it difficult, but you can say to them you have got this or other things to make them feel more confident
  • Frankie- Encouragement is when you tell the truth to someone, like if they are doing a bad job you can help them and tell them how to do it
  • Libby- Encouragement is when someone is doing something, if they are doing a bad job you can say keep trying, if they are doing a good job you can say well done
  • Aurora- I think encouragement is when you have to tell the truth, so if someone is doing something that isn’t as good as they hope it is you can say keep trying and if they are doing a good job you can keep practising as you can always improve
  • Ava- Encouragement is when you see someone who has done something that is great you can say something nice to them
  • T- I think encouragement means when you support someone in your team or group or all different types of people
  • Mia- I think encouragement means that when someone can’t do something you can convince them that they can do it
  • Raf- I think encouragement means, if someone thinks they don’t know something you can make them feel more confident

  • Aurora- I am pretty sure Clive said you have to tell the truth
  • Anna- I think Clive said that you have to tell the truth, if you want to be like God then he tells the truth
  • Libby- I think Clive said about God, that God is proud of us because he made us

  • Cierra- Dear God, I can encourage people at netball when they are trying to shoot a goal and I can say you can do it.
  • Aurora- Dear God, please help me to encourage people when we are working in teams and tell them that they are trying their best and help them to build up their confidence
  • Jake- Dear God, I can encourage people by being nice to them and when they achieve something I can say great job and they will feel prouder
  • Mia- Dear God, I can encourage people when we are dancing by telling people its a great move.
  • Tcross- Dear God, Please help me to be encouraging on Thursday and any other day



Today was our final T-ball clinic for the term. These clinics have been excellent to teach the children new skills and then use them in a positive way as a team when playing a game. Thank you to Baseball SA for providing the clinics for the children.

LITERACY- Adverbs 

Today we recapped what adverbs were building upon our grammar work over the last 3 weeks using nouns, verbs and adjectives. We explored what adverbs are and then how they are used within sentences.

The children then completed different activities using adverbs on a Flipchart.


TENSE Tuesday September 17 – Week 9 Term 3

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to Tuesday September 17!

Today we continue on with our theme of Past-Present-Future for the week.


This morning we continued our second week of Literacy Rotations;

  1. Guided Writing with the teacher – we focussed on nouns, verbs and adjectives!
  2. Guided Reading as a group – after reading, write down any verbs that you see in the book!
  3. History ICT Activity – sort the different things into things from the past and present. Why do you think these things change?
  4. Verb Sort – sort the verbs into past or present verbs

We worked in groups to complete all of the rotations this morning. Thanks Mr Coad who helped us out 🙂


Jesus was a man that existed many years ago on planet Earth. What do you think he might have looked like? 

How many years ago was Jesus on the earth?

  • Libby –  It think it was something BC

How many years ago was Jesus alive?

  • Jake- 2019 years ago
  • Annaliese – 200 years ago
  • Ava- 100055 years ago
  • Ann- 125 years ago

Where did Jesus spend most of his time?

  • Aidan- Jerusalem

Adjectives to describe Jesus…

  • Mary- Long hair
  • Maddox- Man, he would have brown hair
  • Andy – Tall
  • Krystian- Magic
  • Kurt- White clothing
  • Raf- Long hair
  • Eva- Blue eyes
  • Bella- Kind
  • Darcy- Healing
  • Jaiden- Shaved beard
  • Mason- Helpful
  • Samurai- Beard
  • Dion- Creative
  • Noah- Old
  • Lucas- Honest
  • Rho- Miracle maker
  • Makur- Smart
  • Jevan- Loving
  • Willian- Generous
  • Ebony- Brave
  • Nev- Long brown hair and short brown beard

The children then closed their eyes and used their imagination to picture Jesus standing in front of them, they prayed to Jesus to look after their loved ones and people they care about.

MATHS – 10x tables bring it on! 

Together we had a quick re-cap of the times tables we have already focussed on – 2, 3 and 5! It was then time to test our selves with a Kahoot surrounding the 10x tables!

Once completed, we answered some open ended questions on our laptops about the 10x tables.


  • Ava – We did Tball a proper game
  • Maddox – I hit it far



Speaking of all this history and thinking about the past and present, our literacy focus this week is TENSES!

We had a little warm-up tense game as a class.

Our independent activity this afternoon was all about sorting and fixing tenses to make sentences and words make sense! The more practice we have, the better our understanding and writing will become!

Have a happy, sunny afternoon!

WONDERFUL Wednesday September 11 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday September 11! 

Sun is shining, we are smiling – what’s not wonderful about that?!


Today we read the story ‘Allergic Alpaca.’ 

Before the reading took place we looked at the front cover and title of the story and used our prediction skills to guess what the story might be about.

  • Andy – Food
  • Jas – I think the alpaca was allergic to apples
  • Bianca – I think he was allergic to vegetable and tried it 
  • Ava – I think that the alpaca will find out what he’s allergic to
  • Aurora – I think the book is about where he doesn’t know he’s allergic and then he goes to the apple tree and tries to pick apples

After Cierra and Jasmine read us the story, and thank you girls for doing so, we talked about what the moral of the story might be.

  • Aidan – The alphabet
  • Anna – No matter what, even if you’re allergic nothing can stop you from doing something
  • Libby– I think they were trying to show that somebody was allergic to something that everyone else liked.
  • Cierra– The Alpaca was allergic to the apples and everyone loved them and then they all said they would chop it down for him and they all said no
  • Mia– If someone is allergic it is not nice to just chop a tree down if everyone else likes it
  • Ash– It was about someone being allergic to apples. If someone is allergic you can’t just destroy it but they should just stay away from the apples


  • Makur – We learned different colours


For our prayer today we practiced our reading parts for tomorrow’s mass. Our mass is at 11:30am in the classroom. All are welcome! 


3Jm used the time after recess to meet with their buddies to practice for their assembly this Friday. In the meantime, 3IB continued on with some word work! 

Our focus was adjectives. William and Jake shared that an adjective is a describing word! We worked through some open ended activities using adjectives and creating our own!


3IB also used this time to practice our times tables online using Prodigy and! 


Miss Battifuoco showed us a video of the Moon Lantern Lion Dance to prompt our thinking to use some adjectives.

Why is there a lion?

  • Anna –  They are a sign of celebration 
  • Nevada – Doesn’t the red mean good luck?

Provocation – Write 3 complete full sentences about the Lion Dance including your best adjectives! 

Have a lovely afternoon enjoying the sun!

Moon Lantern Monday September 9 – Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Week 8!

This week we celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival!

On Friday at 9am in the hall 3JM and 2RG are leading the Moon Lantern Festival! We will all get the chance to dress in traditional clothes and share in a shared lunch also. We are asking that all students bring in a small plate of savoury food to share from their culture


  • Makur – We got to practice with the recorders


  • Holly – I can spread kindness by helping people
  • Aurora – This happened this morning because my brother stole 3 lollipops from the show but I let him have one
  • Ava – You can spread kindness also by doing something for others and give it back to you
  • Anna – You can spread honesty by not lying to anyone like your parents or friends
  • Bella –  I can spread honesty by convincing people to tell the truth
  • Anna – I can spread kindness by helping mum with the chores
  • Kurt –  I can spread honesty by using bravery so I tell the truth
  • Bianca – You can be kind to someone by letting them have a shot at something
  • Aidan – I can spreads honesty by not lying and being honest
  • Nevada – You can spread kindness by helping people and always trying to be a good friend
  • Ebony – I can spread bravery by being brave and saying ‘I can do it’
  • Jevan – I can be respectful by respecting elders and young people
  • Cierra- I can spread kindness by being kind to everyone
  • Eva- I can be honest by never lying
  • Mason- I can be respectful by being nice and not being mean
  • Nate- I can spread kindness by not being mean and respect people who are talking and don’t talk over them if they are talking about something important
  • Joey- I can be honest by, if you have done something and you know you have done it you can say it
  • Frankie- I can spread kindness by letting everyone into my games at recess and lunch


How does Jesus mirror things like kindness, bravery, respect and honesty?

  • Jake – Jesus was being kind to others and they followed Jesus and they copied what he was doing for themselves
  • Libby – Jesus’ is very honest because he doesn’t lie that much and some people lie a lot and shouldn’t
  • Nate – Jesus was showing respect because he was praying to God every night that he ate
  • Kristina – Jesus was helping his dad make some stuff because Jesus’ dad was a carpenter
  • Bianca – Jesus was being kind to others because the people got wood he put it there on the floor and Jesus helped him
  • Krystian – Jesus was being kind by helping his fiends and his brothers and his dad working on tables
  • Nevada – Jesus was being kind because he always puts himself in front of others
  • Jevan – Jesus is brave and kind because he helps because even if they’re bad and have lots of sins
  • Kurt – Jesus is respectful and kind because he is learning about God and reading books
  • Mia – Jesus is respectful by helping elders and younger
  • Ava – Jesus was being respectful because the two fathers were really nice to him
  • Tcross – Jesus was being respectful by reading Bible and believing that God is real and made him a good role model for other people
  • Aurora – Jesus is honest because he is reverent and learning about God
  • Samurai – Jesus was kind because he was helping people


Time to raise our heart rate and enjoy the sunshine…



  • iMovie
  • iStop 
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Researching a topic
  • Comic creating 
  • Project research 
  • Garage Band
  • Scratch
  • Samurai – I played with the magnets. I used Love of Learning
  • Francesca – In investigations, me and Anna were on Gacha Life and we used Creativity
  • Noah – In investigations, I drew two lanterns and I used Creativity
  • Joey – In investigations I played with the magnets with Rhoda and I used Creativity and Perseverance to make it not full
  • Jake – In investgations me, Kurt, Jevan and Nate we all made a lantern video and we used Creativity
  • Tcross – In investigations me and Kristina made a house and it was Lego and it was Moon Lantern Themed. We used Perseverance to make it stay!


Today’s T-Ball Clinic build on the skills we have learned over the past couple of weeks. The focus today was hitting!


3JM worked on some noun work this afternoon. They worked through some activities and then had to write sentences that included specific nouns. 3IB wrote a few sentences about their weekend and found the nouns within!

Have a happy, sunny afternoon! 🙂

3IB Assembly Day September 6 – Week 7 Term 3

3IB Assembly Day

Image result for what makes you happy





Miss Battifuoco and Mrs Handforth were totally bursting with joy, happiness and pride during the whole entire assembly. So many growth mindsets, so many Character Strengths, so many Learning Powers!!!

  • Joey – I saw Aurora and TJ use Zest when they were breakdancing
  • Aidan – My favourite part was us doing the dance and I used bravery for my speaking part
  • Libby – I saw bravery when Aurora were doing breakdancing because its actually really hard to do it
  • Ashvarn – My favourite part was when Kurt was doing the piano. I really liked when he played the Hallelujah
  • Aurora – My favourite part of the assembly was when me and TJ were breakdancing and the final dance where my shoes lit up when I stomped
  • Iris – I was really scared on the stage
  • Raf – My favourite part was when Kurt and Jasmine were playing piano and I hadn’t heard them play before
  • Deakyn – My favourite part was when Miss Battifuoco was doing the donut eating competition
  • Anna – I used teamwork when I was helping Miss B take the table for the donut eating competition
  • Noah – I saw creativity when the boys were using Minecraft
  • Kurt – I used bravery when I played the piano because I was scared when I was talking and I just tried my best
  • Nevada – I saw lots of bravery when everyone was doing their speaking parts
  • Bianca – In the assembly I was so nervous but I took a deep breath and lost everyone in the hall and I wasn’t scared
  • Ann – I used creativity when I was trying to draw the Gacha Life Character
  • Cierra – My favourite part was seeing everyone smile and cheering on my friends!
  • Holly – I used bravery when I was doing the dance and doing the speaking part


Today we had a presentation about living safely with pets. The host spoke to the children about all the different rules when being a pet owner and how to be safe around different animals. At the end some children got to safely have a pat with Teddy the dog. This presentation is a free initiative by the government and we are grateful for them coming to speak to the children.

MINDFULNESS – Gratitude Journal 

Today the children reflected about what they are grateful for this week. Have a chat to them tonight to ask them what they are grateful for and maybe you can share something you are grateful for.

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MATH- Multiplication

This afternoon we continued our practise with our 2 and 3x tables. It will be good for the children to continue this on the weekend. They have a new laminated chart they have been given this week to read at home.


We have been working hard all week at getting our heart rate up. We have been talking about how to keep our heart healthy and happy and the importance of exercise in our daily routine. We finished our day with some movement to get our hearts racing.

Lynn is off to Lebanon tonight and we wish her safety with her journey and hope she has a happy holiday.