MAGNIFICENT Spring MONDAY September 2 – Week 7 Term 3

How magnificent, Spring is here!

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I am grateful for Spring because….

  • Mary- I am grateful for Spring because it makes me happy because everything is growing and more animals are coming out
  • Iris- I am grateful for Spring because it is just right
  • Cierra- I am grateful for Spring because you get to have fun times with your family
  • TT- I am grateful for Spring  because it is very good weather and all the flowers are growing
  • Deakyn- I am grateful for Spring because nature grows
  • Aidan- I am grateful for Spring because the weather is nice
  • Anna- I am grateful for Spring because the Adelaide Show and Spring Fair is on and the weather is just right
  • Aurora- I am grateful for Spring because it is not to hot and not to cold and the flowers grow and we get to plant more flowers
  • Nev- I am grateful for Spring because all the flowers start to grow
  • Rho- I am grateful for Spring because all the flowers grow and we get more oxygen and its not cold like winter
  • Keren- I am grateful for Spring because new plants grown and trees grow
  • Jevan- I am grateful for Spring because of the animals because they always come out
  • Ash- I am grateful for Spring because you can go and explore nature
  • Mia- I am grateful for Spring because I have lots of stuff coming up in Spring
  • Libby- I am grateful for Spring because we get to play outside more because the rain bell doesn’t go as much and we get more fresh air
  • Maddox- I am grateful for Spring because its not too hot
  • Ava- I am grateful for Spring because it has beautiful flowers and I get to experience the excellence and beauty
  • Nate- I am grateful for Spring because its not too hot and its not to cold its just right
  • Aurora- I am grateful for Spring because we have our assembly
  • Noah- I am grateful for Spring because there is not that much rain


  • Joey- Dear God, Thank you for mum. I am grateful for my mum because she is nice. Amen.
  • Raf- Dear God, I am grateful for the trees because they help us breathe.
  • Anna- Dear God, I am grateful for the school because  I have friends and teachers that help me
  • Mason- Dear God, I am grateful for my family because they are always kind to me
  • Kiziah- Dear God, I am grateful for my friends because they always play with me


Today the children became very creative as they carefully crafted their lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival.



This afternoon we went over the spelling of some common words that we always use in our writing.


This week we continue our T-Ball Clinics. Here are some snaps of the children learning their new skills.

FATHER’S FRIYAY August 30 – Week 6 Term 3

Welcome to FATHER’S FRIYAY August 30!


  • Noah – I saw Zest when the boys played soccer!
  • Anna – I saw Creativity when they were using their 100 languages
  • Holly – I saw Bravery and Zest when they were doing the dance
  • Aidan – I saw Bravery when the little kids were doing their speaking parts
  • Darcy – I saw Creativity when the boys made a Red Stone in Minecraft
  • Nate – I saw Bravery because the little receptions had their first assembly
  • Krystian – I saw Creativity when the build an elevator in Minecraft
  • Mia – I saw Social Intelligence when the big kids were helping the little kids

Provocation: How did you use Stamina this week? What do you want to focus on increasing your stamina in for the coming weeks?


Together we shared the Lord’s Prayer. We discussed why we might say this prayer and who the ‘Father’ actually is.

  • Anna – God is the Father of everyone
  • Joseph – God is the Father of Jesus

We listened to some calming music and sketched a picture of our own dads to share with them this Sunday. Some of us chose to draw pictures of other special males in our lives like uncles and grandpa’s!


How will you use stamina in your investigations?

  • Aidan and Deakyn – We are going to paint Nemo
  • Keren, Keren – We are going to draw Anime
  • Mary and Kiziah – We are making a house using boxes
  • Andy – I am going to make something for my dad
  • Cierra, Tcross, Eva, Kristina – We will play mums and dads
  • Bianca, Ann, Bella, Jasmine – We want to paint
  • Dion and Jevan – We will make an iMovie about soccer outside
  • Anna – I am going to make a flower hair tie
  • Libby and Aurora – We are practicing a dance


I am grateful for my dad because…

  • Darcy – My dad is kind to me and he is nice to me
  • Ann – I am grateful for my dad beau he works so hard for me and my family to stay alive
  • Bella – My dad is always so kind to me and helps me
  • Holly – Dad always picks me up
  • Frankie – My dad is so kind to his family
  • Libby – Daddy helps me learn
  • Anna  – Dad is super!
  • Raf – Dad gives me Pokemon cards!
  • Mary – I am grateful for my dad because he is always nice to me
  • Will – My dasd is kind
  • Kurt – My dad will always help me!


Today we practiced our two times tables! So many of us are asking to practice every day. We had a little mini-quiz to help us recall the number facts.


We ended our day in the sunshine! Heading out for fitness and physical activity is something we place a strong focus as the benefits are huge! Vitamin D, smiles, laughter, gross and fine motor skills, collaboration – how could we not?!

To all our dads, young and old, new and experienced, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY for Sunday!!!

THANKFUL Thursday August 29 – Week 6 Term 3

We are thankful for all the men in our lives, Thursday 


$100 Word Challenge


MATH- Multiplication 

The children worked on their multiplication skills with a range of different x2 sums on a flip chart.


What is a child?

Today for prayer we read the story What is a child? This story celebrates how special children are and how their uniqueness makes them shine! We discussed as a group why children are special.

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  • Frankie- Children are special because they come up with creative ideas
  • Aurora- Children are special because they have special talents that’s adults can’t do
  • Ava- Children are special because we are who we are and no one can change us and everyone has one thing that they love
  • Darcy- Children are special because the parents would be happy that they had them and made a family and could watch them go and raise money
  • DD- Children are special because they sometimes help the hurt people and homeless people
  • Dion- Children are special because sometimes they help their parents
  • Maddox- Children are special because they learn
  • Andy- Children are special because they are grateful
  • Lara- Children are special because they are creative
  • Makur- Children are special because they can run fast
  • Lucas- Children are special because they can do stuff adults can’t
  • Noah- Children are special because they can learn different things to the parents
  • Cierra- Children are special because they can sometimes do better stamina than adults
  • Anna- Children are special because they are more flexible than adults
  • Lynn- Children are special because they let you remember stuff and they sometimes can be helpful
  • Raf- Children are special because they learn and they can sometimes know things that adults don’t
  • Ash- Children are special because they can have a talent and help the world be a better place
  • Kurt- Children are special because when they learn new things they can make technology better
  • Aurora- Children are special because have a very big imagination
  • Joey- Children are special because they can come up with ideas faster than adults
  • Jake- Children are special because they can make the future a better place
  • Bianca- Children are special because when they are learning things they might go to uni and learn more
  • Ava- Children are special because they can learn new things and they might have more opportunity than their parents
  • Joey- Children are special because they can do things better than adults



Students will view videos relating to Positive Reflection. The Crows players feature heavily throughout the videos, which provide an introduction to the program, an in-depth explanation of the Positive Reflection 5 Positive Places and a brief viewing of the Crows in Schools Activity Book that each student will receive. Following the 5 Positive Places videos, students will be asked some quiz questions with a range of Crows prizes to be given out. The students will also be treated to a fun and amusing appearance from our club mascot, Claude the Crow 



Spring Fair Casual Day

Tomorrow is a donation day for Spring Fair. We are collecting second hand books/dvds/games etc in exchange for wearing casual clothes. Students can make a gold coin donation if they don’t have any items to donate.

Father’s Day Stall

Father’s Day stall tomorrow in the Café

Gifts are from $1 – $8. Children will go with their class to purchase a gift. 






WHACKY Wednesday August 28 – Week 6 Term 3

Welcome to WHACKY Wednesday August 28!

Thank you to those who have returned both their MITIOG permission note and our School Sleepover note and money. Just a reminder that these are both due to be returned 🙂


Today our focus story was ‘Arthur and the what if’s’ by Heath McKenzie. It focuses on courage and bravery as well as giving things a go – perfect for our class!
  • Libby- I think the moral of  the story is that you don’t have to be so silent and you can spread your instrument or voice and people will love it
  • Mia- The story was about, you don’t have to hide something you love and you don’t have to be scared about it
  • Krystian- The story was about hope, because the dog played the violin when he really wanted to infant of the whole city
  • Jake – He was probably saying it doesn’t matter what other people think about things and what you make its just about what you feel
  • Ava – I think he was trying to say there’s nothing good or bad you’re always the person you are
  • Anna – The moral of the story is be brave but its your choice but it is your choice!
  • Iris – I think that he kept making positive choices!


  • Makur – We made Father’s Day cards!


How do you think Port Adelaide’s pre-game song effects their stamina and feelings? 

  • Joey – I think it might make them feel like people in the crowd are giving them courage
  • Kurt – I think they feel energised and have high stamina!
  • Tcross – I think they feel positive and excited
  • Ava – I think the song give them luck and tells them to never give up and use perseverance and team work and make the game fair
  • Libby – I strongly believe that they might have lost the game last time they might have courage to win this time!
  • Krystian – They feel hope because the people are cheering them on and feel hope that they might win
  • Ann – When the crowd is cheering them, they will get more stamina and using team work!
  • Frankie – I think it makes them feel proud!
  • Anna – I think it makes them feel happy because the crowd is cheering them on and they know that people are supporting them
  • Ashvarn – I think they’re doing it for the crowd so they can make a happy crowd


Last week we finished reading our shared text together. Today, we reflected through a book review! 


We used a class Kahoot to practice our two-time tables! We are going to be practicing these every chance we get 🙂


Some of us chose to create things for our dads, use and code the Sphero’s, paint lanterns, use drawing tutorials to practice skills, create dances for assembly and much more!

How did you use your stamina in investigations? 


This afternoon both classes met with their buddies in preparation for our assemblies coming up next week for 3IB and the week after for 3JM!


Thank you for a lovely day of learning and investigating! See you tomorrow 🙂

TERRIFIC Dads Tuesday August 27 – Week 6 Term 3

Dad’s are Terrific, Tuesday 



Each day after recess we come straight in from recess into our prayer space. We have tried to make this a special time to calm our bodies after recess and being a time to pray together. We have been talking a lot this term about being reverent within this term. This comes with being deeply respectful to each other and allowing each other the time and space to pray. We have been using different calming music to settle our bodies after recess before we pray.

To continue on with our prayer from yesterday about stamina today we sat with our eyes closed and thought about stamina in an area we want to get better. We posed the question; How can God or Jesus help you to get better with your stamina?

  • Angok- Reading, God might be with you to read more books
  • Rho- Listening, By listening to other people when they talk
  • Libby- Writing, by being quiet and thinking in my head to be quiet so no body will distract me
  • TT- Running, God and Jesus can help me by believing in me
  • Holly- Meditating- God can help me by keeping me calm
  • Bianca- Being kind to one another, Be listening to other people and focusing
  • Ebony- God can help me to try new foods
  • Aurora- Sleeping, God can help me sleep by having a lot of energy and then calming me down
  • Nate- By trying new things
  • Anna- Writing, God can help me by making everyone invisible so I can concentrate
  • Mia- God can help me by being confident to try new foods

MATH – Multiplication 

Today we are introducing our multiplication learning for this year. We started by opening dialogue about what multiplication is and what the children already know.

This video breaks down what a multiplication sentence is and what the different parts mean. We stopped the video on the different sums and we talked about how the answer was calculated. For example 2 fish in each bowl and 4 fish bowls = 8, or 2 x 4 = 8.

The children used their books today to work on their two times tables. They had the task to write different multiplication sentences.


Today we relaxed with some mindful music and focused on our breath.


We started our lesson refining our poetry skills with Ronald the Rhino! We had a mini lesson where the children had to rhyme a series of different words. We used this as a warm up before completing some poetry about our dads. As a group collectively thought of words that we can use to describe our dads. We then gave an example of how to put these words into sentences that rhyme. The children worked hard on their poetry skills to create a poem for their dad.


Reminders- Please return Sleep Over notes ASAP with the payment of $20. 


MALE Monday August 26 – Week 6 Term 3

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Week 6!

This is our last week of the MS Readathon! We are still aiming to read as many books as we can in the home stretch and raise as much money as we can 🙂 This Sunday it is Father’s Day so this week  our  learning focuses  around male figures in our lives! On Friday we have a Father’s Day stall where we can bring $2-$10 to buy a gift!  


Last week we introduced the idea of Stamina. Stamina is how long we can be focussed on something but to have stamina also shows perseverance.

We responded to some open ended questions about stamina and had a long thing about what we want to increase our own stamina in!

  • Iris wants to increase stamina in running!
  • Jevan wants to increase stamina in running
  • Ava wants to increase stamina in being a mum to her toys
  • Bella says you can increase stamina by having a growth mindset
  • Maddox thinks he has good stamina with writing!
  • Nevada thinks she can increase stamina by working hard
  • Ebony wants to increase stamina in trying more food!
  • Samurai wants to become a better fighter!
  • Anna says that if you practice something every day you can get better stamina!

3JM discussed what stamina is and how we can make it stronger…

  • Lynn told us about a song that talks about Stamina! Have you head the song ‘The Greatest’ by Sia? Have a listen like we did! Great observation Lynn!


How does Jesus and God show stamina? What do they have good stamina in?

  • Joey – Jesus has stamina in performing miracles and God had stamina in creating the world
  • Aidan – Jesus had stamina in curing people
  • Mia – Jesus had stamina in healing people that were blind and God had stamina in making sure Jesus was safe
  • Angok – God has a stamina to not lie
  • Kristina – God has stamina by not sleeping because he’s watching over people in all over the world
  • Anna – Jesus has stamina in performing miracles and God has stamina in creating stuff
  • Ava – Jesus and God work together in team work to take care of this world that we live in
  • Bianca – Jesus has stamina by caring at night and looking after us

After Lynn told us about the song ‘The Greatest’ we listened as a whole group for Prayer.

What do we have stamina in?

  • Mason – Writing
  • Mary – Dancing
  • Samurai – Playing
  • Jaiden – Eating donuts
  • Darcy – Building stuff on Minecraft
  • Eva – Reading
  • Ebony – Writing
  • Kiziah – Reading
  • Will – Running
  • Maddox – Reading
  • Frankie – Read
  • Bella – Gaming!
  • Tcross – Being kind and honest
  • Cierra – Helping others


During investigations we were given some Father’s Day Provocations! We created cards, puppets, portraits, comics and presents for special males in our lives. These are top secret so no photo giveaways today! Once finished we had some time for investigative play! 


Baseball SA are going to be visiting our school each Monday to help us learn new T-Ball skills! Today was our first session…


After practicing our letter writing a few different times this term, this afternoon we took the time to write a letter to a special male in our lives.

Have a lovely sunny afternoon! See you tomorrow 🙂 

BOOK WEEK 2019 Friday 23 – Week 5 Term 3






Who are you dressed as and why?

  • Angok – I am dressed as Superman because I like him
  • Mary – I am dressed as Elsa because I used to watch it a lot when I was younger
  • Aidan – I am dressed as Ash Ketchum because I like Pokemon
  • Makur – I am dressed as a soccer player because I like playing soccer
  • Dion – I am dressed as a football player, well crows because I like sports
  • Kurt – I am dressed as a Minecraft Creeper and I have played for a long time
  • Maddox – I am dressed as Hulkbuster because he is strong
  • Goku Do – I am dressed as Goku because he is in the Dragon Ball Books
  • Samurai – I am dressed as Flash because I like Flash
  • Raf – I am dressed as Charmander because I like Pokemon
  • Andy – I am dressed as a Panda
  • Keren – I am dressed as Thing 2 because I thought it was cute to match Kiziah
  • Mia – I am dressed as Hermoine Granger because she has a Dress on and I wanted to wear my dress
  • Ebony – I am dressed as angel
  • Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore – We are dressed as 2 of the 101 Dalmations. Miss Moore is so clever and made the t-shirts for us! How kind and now we can match all day 🙂


What is Jesus’ secret power?

  • Joey – He can perform miracles
  • Anna – He can forgive people easily
  • Rhoda – Jesus secret power is to perform miracles and forfive peoples sins
  • Bianca – I think he believed people
  • Jas – His power to heal people
  • Nevada – I think his power is to be kind
  • Ash – I think his power is helping people do good things
  • Anna – I think another one of his super powers is leadership
  • Aurora – I think Jesus’ super power is honesty because he can’t lie
  • Holly – I think one of Jesus’ super power is fairness
  • Jaiden – I think Jesus’ power is looking after the whole world
  • Jake – I think Jesus’ power is looking after everything that lives in the world and is in the world


Wow!!! We had so many amazing characters join us in class today for Book Week! Who can you see???

MINDFULNESS – Gratitude Writing 

We use Friday’s to reflect on the specks of gold from our week…


Provocation: Show us the different types of angles we have learned about…

Have a lovely weekend!

TRUST your reading Thursday August 22 – Week 5 Term 3

Hi all! Welcome to…

Trust your reading Thursday August 22!


Some games or apps tell stories. Write or create an advertisement for your favourite game!

  • Dion – I love Fifa and you can play with your friends and play soccer
  • Raf – I did Super Smash Bros. I play it on Nintendo
  • Darcy – I like Minecraft because you can build stuff and go on adventures with friends
  • Samurai – My favourite game was Star Wars and I play on PS4!
  • Noah – My favourite game is Jump Force! You can do missions and do multiplayer with friends
  • Keren – Aqua is an app I play on my mums phone. It’s like a real waterslide!
  • Aurora – My favourite game is Monopoly! I like it because if you’re 8 you can buy stuff when you’re only 8 so you pretend you’re an adult!
  • Nate – I play Forza Horizon! It is a racing game but you can do anything
  • Mia – I play at my uncles house Super MarioKart and you get to race people
  • Anna – My favourite game is Roblox because there are lots of games inside like inside one game!
  • Joey – My favourite game is Injustice. I play that on Play Station. It is a superhero game and you choose characters and you get to choose a place to fight in the place

Once we finished our advertisements we had some time to practice our reading! It is so super important that we are reading each and every day. We are trying to increase our reading stamina. Today our goal was 10 minutes of straight reading but we couldn’t quite reach it. That’s okay – there’s always tomorrow! And the next day… and the next!


Today for our art study we are exploring famous artist Frida Kahlo. We read a story about her life and how she became an artist.

Image result for Frida Kahlo book

The children were able to choose a Frida portrait to recreate. They were given 5 different images to choose from and then had a go at drawing them on brown paper, creating an outline and then adding some colour. Miss Moore gave an example of how she used a growth mindset to have a go at the activity.