Gardening in 3MO!

This term for science  we have been looking at living and non-living things.

This week we joined Mr McCarthy again to do some planting, watering and weeding of the garden beds.  The children have loved learning about living things and how we care for them!


4AB & 3MO Assembly

Dear families and caregivers of 4AB and 3MO,


Tomorrow morning (Friday 7th July) is our assembly! As it is NAIDOC week we have created an assembly with this as our theme.  Our students have worked hard throughout the week to create something quite special, so we would love to see you there if you are able to make it!


4AB & 3MO classroom teachers

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews

Dear families and caregivers of 3MO,

This is a reminder that we have parent/teacher/student interviews coming up next week in week 10.

Thank you to those who have booked in a time to meet with me, I am looking forward to chatting with both you and the students! This is a great opportunity for us to meet and talk about how your child has settled into our classroom together and to discuss how they are progressing both academically and holistically.

If you have not yet had a chance to book in a time, I encourage you to follow the link in the email sent out previously, or feel free to email me if you have any trouble with this.

I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Kind regards,

Kate Holmes


Dear families of 3MO,

Friday was our first day of being a complete class! How excited the children (and myself) were to know they finally have a teacher to spend the remainder of the year with.

We had a great day getting to know one another and figuring out what our classroom will look and feel like. I am excited to continue that today and throughout the week as we settle into our routines and work with one another.

I had the pleasure of meeting some families on Friday and would love to continue to meet you all throughout the week. Please feel free to come and chat to me in either the morning before school or at the end of the day.  Throughout the week I will call anyone I have not yet had the chance to meet!

Have a fabulous Monday!

Miss Kate Holmes