Art Notice

Dear parents and families,

This afternoon for art we were working with air-drying clay to create our own critters. You may notice that students have some clay on their uniforms from this activity. In the event that your child/children have come home with clay on them, we firstly apologise; secondly, it is easy to remove when still wet or once it has dried. If the clay is still wet it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. If the clay has dried, it can be scraped or brushed off. It is then recommended that the clothes be washed (in warm or cool water) and laundry detergent.

The students are looking forward to sharing their creations with you, once they have finished decorating them next week!

We hope you have a safe and restful weekend!

Miss H and Ms Ana

Sporting Schools SA

Good evening families,

In Weeks 3-6, Sporting Schools SA will be visiting Holy Family and working with the Year 4 cohort during their Monday P.E lessons to run volleyball sessions.

As 4AH have their regular P.E lesson on a Tuesday, we please request that these students wear their sports uniform on both Monday and Tuesday in these weeks.

4PN are only required to wear their sports uniforms on Monday, as per usual.


Kind regards,

Miss Amie Hockenhull

Parent Information Presentation

Good evening families,

Thank you for attending our Parent Information Evening tonight; it was a pleasure to meet and speak with those of you who were available.

To access the presentation from our session, please click on the link below. If you have any issues in accessing the presentation, please contact myself (Amie Hockenhull) or Mr Tyler Price. And if you have any further questions regarding any routines or events occurring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again,

Miss Amie Hockenhull, Mr Tyler Price and Mrs Elyse Nicosia