Learning intention: Students will think and act scientifically by engaging in learning opportunities that elicit prior knowledge and misconceptions

Success criteria: to use the materials to make Mr Bean’s missing shoe.

This term in science the students will be focusing on materials, their uses and properties. We began by making Mr Bean’s missing shoe. The students had to choose from a range of materials to make their shoe as effective as possible. The results were amazing with some even wearing the shoe they made for real!


We also followed up this idea in the MUDLA and looked at the various materials used in there to house the living things. We made many discoveries and thought scientifically about why some materials such as glass are used to make aquariums.

Term 3 learning- Mathematics

Learning intention: Students will describe and continue number patterns resulting from performing multiplication.

Success criteria:

  • I can find patterns in numbers using circle dot patterns and groups
  • I can use a decagon and the units digits of numbers to show multiplication patterns of numbers
  • I can write number sentences using multiplication to show what a larger number could be given a smaller portion of that number

This term in maths, students will be investigating number patterns using addition and multiplication. the learning intention will be for students to ultimately use algebra to solve problems using growing patterns which use addition, subtraction and multiplication.

In week 1 students looked at number patterns. How big numbers are made up of smaller ones and how we can use visual dot patterns to help us identify factors and multiples of numbers. Students had to colour code dot patterns to show how smaller numbers can make bigger ones, identify which portions of numbers can make up larger ones in a game called ‘What could it be?’ and explore the relationship between numbers using multiplication and a decagon to see which numbers made similar patterns using star shapes. Students made some interesting findings and wrote some deep conjectures on what they discovered.


Monday- week 2

Today we continued our investigation of number patterns by partitioning numbers to make other numbers and find unknown quantities. In this task students had to shoot 24 basketballs into 8 different rings set up as a square like in the picture. We noticed that the sides of the squares always had to add up to 9. We shared solutions as we went and looked for patterns.

Task: Shoot the hoops

Learning intentions:

  • Students will understand that number sentences and word problems are related so they can   write number sentences to represent and answer worded problems.
  • Students will know of and explain different strategies for finding unknown quantities in number sentences (for example; partitioning)

Success Criteria:

  • I can… arrange 24 in different ways using addition using 8 numbers
  • I can…make sure each side of my square adds to 9
  • i can notice patterns within the square of ‘rings’


Students shared their solutions as we investigated during the lesson

Welcome to 2022!

Good morning Parents/Care givers,

As you already know, our names are Mr Nicholas De Palma and Miss Alicia Burdon. We are your child’s teachers for Rooms 13 and 14.

Coming Monday the 14th of February, we are so excited to see your children back in their classrooms for face-to-face learning. Overall, we are very impressed with everyone’s attitudes, patience and effort that we experienced as their teachers while conducting online learning.

Just letting you all know that week 3 is a very busy week for us! As you are aware, on Monday, it is our first day of face-to-face learning so students are encouraged to arrive at school by 8:50am and either be picked up or in OSHC at 3pm when the school day ends. Please make sure you have an agreed on location with yourself and your child for pick up. On Mondays for this term, both 4AE and 4ND students are recommended to come in their P.E. uniform as they have their P.E. lessons with Mr Daniel Pearce.

Our big notice for you all is that, also during week 3, our classes have their joint Assembly presentations. Our theme is based around online learning and your isolation talent. Unfortunately, due to the current situation we are not able to have parents come on site to see the presentation but please be assured that we will be filming it and posting it to a secure link that we will send out to you when it is available.

It has been a great start to the year and we are excited to see what’s in store for us and your children next!

Kind regards,

Nicholas De Palma – 4ND class teacher
Alicia Burdon – 4AE term 1 class teacher