School Camp 2022

Hi everyone,

Our 2022 trip to Illawonga was a blast! We all shared our specks of gold and reflected on the experience. Here are some of them.

‘My speck of gold was the bus trip to the Murray River and talking to my best friend Katrina’ – Caroline

‘Trying new things and jumping in the foam pit’ – Vanessa

‘Exploring the cave and finding fossils’ – Kayden

‘Singing Ghost by Justin Bieber at Karaoke night’ – Ajoh

‘Eating my cake after everyone sang happy birthday to me’ – Josh

‘The crazy driving on the boat and getting splashed’ – Jacob

‘All the yummy food’ – Adau




Kind regards,

Mrs Elyshia Blackley and Mrs Jodi Giancaspro

Arcade Games

To end a very busy Term 1, 5/6EB and 5/6JG had the task of using the engineer design process model to plan, create and re-imagine a working Arcade Game.

Here are the end results…

We were extremely proud of their creativity and efforts in completing this.

As a celebration we ended Term 1 by playing each other’s Arcade Games.

Jen Aranyi Art and Character Strength Jars

It has been a great start to the year in 5/6EB  and 5/6JG. We have been very busy learning and have produced some fantastic work. In Art this term we have been studying an assortment of artist with varying skills, like Dr Seuss and Beatrix Potter. We created these beautiful watercolour landscapes inspired by Jen Aranyi. These became beautiful worlds within a jar and inspired us to create our character strengths jar which are a wonderful reflection of our strengths and personalities.


Thursday Week 1

Thursday Week 1


Good Morning everyone,

Please follow the link to view todays powerpoint which includes our schedule, learning intentions and success criteria, among other things. Remember 8:50AM check in via Teams call. We can’t wait to start a new day of learning. Remember to have your breakfast and find a comfortable learning area with all the resources you may need. See you soon.

Kind regards,

Mrs Blackley and Mrs Giancaspro


Well Done to 5/6EB and 5/6JG on Online Learning Day 1!

Dear Parents/Carers/Students,


We just want to say a huge congratulations to all of the students who were online and engaging in today’s learning. We really appreciate your support, patience and understanding as we work through this time together. Whilst we had a few ‘technical issues’ throughout the day, the resilience and perseverance that students showed was terrific.

We look forward to seeing students online again tomorrow morning at 8.50am for our morning check-in.

Kind Regards,


Mrs Giancaspro and Mrs Blackley

Wednesday 2nd of February

Wednesday week 1  

Good Morning,

We have uploaded the powerpoint that will guide today’s online learning as a tool for both parents and students. Please click the link above to access today’s powerpoint.

Dear students, please remember to be courageous and bring your growth mindsets with you as we embark on online learning. We are going to take things nice and slow today so we can all be our best. A great idea is to get a notebook or a piece of paper and write any useful hints down (like how to access you work) so that you can be all ready tomorrow. A lot of this will be new to most so be patient and kind to your classmates.

We can’t wait to see you at 8:50 this morning. Remember to be in an open space and ready to learn with everything you may need; A fully charged laptop, pencils, paper, etc.

Kind Regards,

Mrs B & G


Home Learning Information

Dear Parents/Caregivers


Welcome to the 2022 school year.


As you all know, this isn’t the beginning of the school year that we anticipated. We plan to use this time to get to know our students, goal setting, introduce the year 5/6 curriculum and teach ICT capabilities. We will aim to make this process as user friendly as possible so students can work independently each day. We would like this experience to be as easy as possible for you and your child. Our plan is to use Microsoft Teams as the only source of communication for students. Teaching, resources and support will all be delivered through this one application.


Please be mindful and ensure that your child is in an open area. We will be online every day marking the role at 8:50AM in line with the school day. Please support us by having your child ready to learn in appropriate casual clothing i.e., not pyjamas (school uniform is not necessary).


Starting this Wednesday the 2nd of February at 8:50AM a meeting will be scheduled on Teams, this will be sent via the student’s school email, please ensure students are on time and are in a comfortable learning space. If possible, please check that your child is able to access Teams as soon as you can on their laptop, please let us know of any technological issues before Wednesday the 2nd so we can best support you. The school day runs from 8:50AM to 3:00PM, but we plan to take things slow and provide optimal breaks and support. We know online learning isn’t the easiest way to communicate so we have tailored our lessons to support our diverse learners.


Kind regards,


Classroom Teachers

Elyshia Blackley and Jodi Giancaspro