Number Line Fitness

On Thursday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to practice out integers knowledge on the courts. Have a look at the amazing fun we had practicing our knowledge below using the courts and mini-whiteboards to create a giant number line!

5/6 LF and EP term 3 learning

Hi families and welcome back to term 3!

We trust that you had a restful and enjoyable break over the holidays.

As a teaching pair we have been very pleased with the way the students have returned to the classroom, this week.

We have decided to provide a bit of a write up around our learning plans for the term:


Students will be learning about shape, angles, the Cartesian plane and data across the term.

We will be spending one double lesson per week focused on specific number skills to revisit concepts we covered earlier in the year.

Shape = A large focus around nets, elements of shape (edges, vertices and faces) and 3D shapes
Angles = Elements of an angle (what angle is it? the degree of the angle etc)
Cartesian plane = transferral of shapes across a Cartesian plane, co-ordinates and some grid referencing linked to mapping
Data = creating data specific questions, comparing 2 data sets, creation of data representations

We may potentially extend data for some of our year 6 students into mean, median, mode and range (but this will be decided as we move through the concept)


Reading = a large focus on inferencing, decoding and comprehension questions. We will be incorporating a larger aspect of group work throughout reading to promote oral language and idea generation amongst peers.

Word study = we are looking at grammar and punctuation. We will also delve into some aspects of functional grammar and sentence structure to support writing. Vocabulary sessions will also be included to support students in expanding vocabulary use through written and oral opportunities.

Writing = our term focus will be around information reports and informative writing. We will also be doing work on narrative writing, where we will be going a little bit deeper into unpacking known structures of narrative writing and how we can use this to enhance our own storytelling.


A focus on the 1800’s Australian history and the 1900’s Australian history, with the gold rush and federation of Australia being significant points of interest. Students will be tasked with creating narrative recounts from the perspective of people living in these eras.


Earth and space science = students will be tasked with expanding their knowledge of our solar system. students will create a plan for a colonisation of one of the planets within our solar system, linking to researched elements students will incorporate how the colonisation of a planet would occur, what would be beneficial and compare it to events taught through history lessons to link to Australian history.


Students will continue working with Mrs Blackley and have started the term working on Makers Empire


We will continue to work across the crossway curriculum in the teachings of Jesus. We will continue to conduct student led prayers and incorporate value discussions and lessons as required to promote positive and respectful relationships.


The continuation of the child protection curriculum will occur during health lessons. These include things like ‘trust networks, safe relationships, levels of power in relationships, the body etc’


Students will be involved in drama activities, culminating in the creation of a performance that they will both script and perform.

Spanish and P.E lessons will continue to run as usual across the term.


Students have been provided with 2 optional homework projects to work on across the term. These are certainly not compulsory but the request was made by several students and so we have created these projects. The projects are not extension work and will not be work missed by students who do not complete them, however, will act as consolidation for those students who do choose to complete the activities

Other learning:

Fitness activities will occur on Tuesday mornings, where students will be involved in some element of running.
Positive messaging will continue to be a consistent theme, where students write positive messages to other members of the class. These messages are then displayed and most importantly are regularly looked upon and appreciated by those who receive them.

Additional exciting news:

  • Miss Papillo and myself will be engaging in discussions with an expert in ‘2 way learning’ to look at how we can further imbed Aboriginal perspective into our science learning.
  • student crossing monitors will begin over the coming weeks
  • Book week in week 5
  • Both classes have their buddy class excursions (week 8 and 9)
  • Students will be involved in learning and creating sock balls for socktober

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Papillo or myself.

Kind regards,

Elia Papillo and Luke Flanigan


ELC Kinship Tree

As part of Refugee Week and NAIDOC Week Alive (ELC) kindly invited us to participate in their Kinship Tree. This is a large tree made from branches to be displayed at Alive’s entrance permanently. Children from Alive have worked throughout the week to decorate a leaf which will be laminated and tied onto the tree. The leaf itself isn’t the symbol, it is the concepts of a community/family tree.

Our 5/6 students have the lovely opportunity to work along the children by cutting out their own leaf shape, writing/drawing their family. Have a look at the pictures below!

Refugee Week & NAIDOC Week – Share a Meal, Share a Story

This week at Holy family as a school community we are acknowledging Refugee Week and NAIDOC Week. The theme for Refugee Week 2022 is Healing. Refugee Week is an important opportunity for us all to experience and celebrate the rich cultures of refugee communities through theatre, music, dance, film, food and other kinds of events that take place all over Australia – and beyond. This diversity creates an eclectic and diverse celebration appealing to all ages. NAIDOC Week is another national event which celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is celebrated by all Australians is a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Below are some photos of our Share a Meal, Share a Story lunch experience with our buddies, it was a beautiful day to get outside and chat with those outside of our classroom community about their stories.

Catholic Identity Day

On Friday the 1st of June Holy Family celebrated Catholic Identity Day which is a whole schools event to share and celebrate our faith. The theme this year was the Pope’s encyclical of Laudato Si that teachers us all to care for our planet. 5/6 EP and 5/6 LF along with our amazing buddies 2MA and 2AH planted native plants provided by our local council, have a look at the amazing photos below.

Robot Fractions in Numeracy

Our 5/6 students were challenged with a Low Floor High Ceiling Numeracy Investigation looking at fractions, this task gave all students the chance to be successful learners! Students were given the criteria to design a Robot which then needed to be labelled and deciphered using the concept of fractions. Students worked hard to implement their prior knowledge of fractions and continuing their learnt knowledge of this concept throughout the task.

Learning Intentions

Students can notice factors and multiples and understand how to use these to evaluate the size of a given fraction.

Students can use critical and creative thinking to explore addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator using manipulative, diagrams, and number lines.

Success Criteria

Students will know how to represent equivalent fractions using multiplication and division and will use this knowledge to write fractions in their simplest form.

Students will understand that improper fractions and mixed numbers are different ways of representing a mixture of whole numbers and parts and they will be able to convert between the two.

Students will know how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

Chocolate Fractions in Numeracy : Low Floor – High Ceiling!

Happy Monday!

Have a look at our wonderful learning experience in numeracy this afternoon with support from Mr DePalma our numeracy coach! Students looked at a challenge about chocolate and using their knowledge of fractions students had to imagine (if necessary!) that everyone involved in the challenge enjoyed chocolate and want to have as much chocolate as possible.

Task Linked Here:

Learning Intention: I can demonstrate the ability to justify decisions in numeracy. I can compare the value of fractions.

Success Criteria: I will apply my learnt knowledge of fractions to compare the three options of chocolate sizes given.