5/6NB and RPN Buddy Assembly

This morning 5/6NB students, along with their reception buddies from Mr Norris’ class put on an extravaganza of learning based on the provocation of the book Gus the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon. The students connected the story with our own context here at Holy Family with strong links to literacy and STEM learning.  If you were unable to make it, there will be a secure link sent to your email shortly that will provide access to the recording.

Have a look below at some photos captured from the performance.

Well done to all of the students, their efforts across the last two weeks has been commendable.





56 NA & RMR Catholic Identity Day

Here are some amazing pictures from Catholic Identity Day.

Our Class joyfully celebrated and explored this wonderful day with our Buddy Class, RMR.

We went to the bottom of the oval to enjoy nature. Where the trees are. Spend a little time exploring and noticing the ecosystems surrounding the tree. Then, with buddies, we wrote pledges to our World to keep it safe. The pledges were written in green and blue pieces of paper, traced over their hands and using them to create the shape of our World.

Welcome Back!

Hi Families of 5/6 NA & NB,

I hope you all enjoyed a well deserved break!

We will be looking at Roald Dahl in our Author Study for Writers Workshop this term and I am looking for our class to have as many copies of the books possible! So, if you have a copy/s (old or new) at home and are willing for your child to bring these in for class use that would be wonderful! If you are happy to help out please ensure that you have written your child’s name in the book and I will ensure they are taken care of in our classroom.

I look forward to seeing all your happy faces back on Tuesday!

Miss Apolloni & Mr Bartold

Readers Workshop – Forum

Today 56NB visited the Forum, located in Curiosity. We visited for a readers workshop lesson. Each student was able to engage in their independent reading in a comfortable environment of their choice whilst 1:1 teacher reading conferencing took place. It is so exciting to see the ongoing development for a love of reading this year.


Holy Week

Each year at Holy Family the students are asked to present their interpretations and learnings to the rest of the school for one of the days of Holy Week.

This week our classes teamed up with year 2 classes to create illustrations that are presented in the format of an iMovie. The students have worked with incredible teamwork to produce illustrations for Palm Sunday (Jesus Entering Jerusalem) and Holy Monday (Clearing the Temple)

Below is the presentation that 5/6NB and 2EF created.

Palm Sunday and Clensing of the Temple.56NB and 2EFmp4

Student Leaders in 5/6NB

On Thursday Hayley visited another class to share a book she recently authored. To provide some context, Hayley had been working tremendously hard to complete this work over a number of weeks. I was proud of the commitment and determination she showed in order to publish this book that when it was completed I invited a colleague who had previously had Hayley as a student in her class to view how amazing her work was. They visited our class and were so inspired by Hayley’s book that they were provoked to use it as the basis for a health lesson.

Hayley created a fantastic book about emotions, called ‘This Book is About Emotions”. Hayley read her book to the group and answered the various questions they had to ask  about her book.

One student asked, ‘how did you draw the circles so neatly and the same on each page?’

Another student asked her about her  colouring techniques.

Others were interested to hear where Hayley’s inspiration and ideas came from.

This lesson was a big success and every student was full of excitement! The whole lesson was created with inspiration from Hayley’s book. Hayley was very proud, as was I and my colleague.

At the conclusion of the lesson and upon her return to class, it was explained to the children that just like Hayley, they too may be the inspiration for a lesson taught to younger students one day. One younger student was blown away by this idea and commented, ‘I don’t think that could ever be me,’ but what he doesn’t realise is the incredible growth Hayley has shown. The idea of this lesson taking place would not have seemed like a possibility for Hayley either.

At Holy Family we make this possible!


Below are some excerpts from Hayley’s book along with her in action!